What are people saying about Laura's books?
"The one constant between the three vastly different Laura Kaye books I've read is this: they've reached into my heart and squeezed. Her books are full of sweeping emotion that run the gamut and her characters are so believable that I can't help but be drawn into their lives, feeling for their loves, their pains, their miseries, and their joys. Her books are a sure bet for emotionally satisfying entertainment." 

     ~From a review of North of Need by One Good Book Deserves Another
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Jill Smith, RT Book Reviews Magazine, 4.5 / 4.5 STARS! and TOP PICK! "There is a sinister and desperate edge to this tale that will keep readers glued to their seats. Kaye has dark romantic suspense nailed!"

Raonaid, Romance Junkies, 5 STARS!: "I fell in love with Shane's character at the end of Hard As It Gets and continued to fall further under the man's spell in Hard As You Can. What I liked most about the story, aside from the romance, is the sense of camaraderie and friendship between Shane and his teammates. Reading the men's interaction, their banter and words, had me giggling and smiling. Hard As You Can easily surpasses the expectation Hard As It Gets began."

Shayna, Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads, 5 STARS!: "With amazing characters like this, and an intense storyline that will keep you guessing, Hard As You Can is the perfect read for a romance junkie like myself. This has everything you could ever want in a romantic suspense and more. If you are looking for a story that will melt your heart and make you jump up and cheer, Hard As You Can by Laura Kaye is the perfect addition to your bookshelf. I’m counting down the days until I can get back in bed with the men of Hard Ink."

Candace, From NC to DC Book Blog, "Laura Kaye cannot write the Hard Ink novels fast enough. I have been reading a lot of book series lately and this is one of the best I have read. The characters are well developed and the underlying storyline is well thought out and moves along at just the right pace that leaves you wanting more. Hard As You Can is a must read."

Cat, Booktopia, "Romantic suspense is usually about the alpha heroes who do all the grunt work to protect their heroines, but I have a soft spot for Crystal, who isn't physically strong but has the guts to do what it takes to keep herself and her sister safe, even if it means turning her back on love. This one is a real page-turner!"

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Publishers Weekly. "Sizzling romance. The intriguing tattoo parlor and military background will appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Lindsay McKenna."

Jill Smith, RT Book Reviews Magazine, 4.5 / 4.5 STARS! and TOP PICK! "Joining the Avon ranks is hot new star Kaye, who kicks off a suspenseful and electrifying new series featuring tarnished soldiers trying to regain their stolen honor. The collision of Nick and Becca's lives makes for sizzling danger with a spicy edge. Kaye is one to watch!"
Mary Chelton, Booklist. "Kaye's depiction of sexual tension and her sex scenes are masterful, and this will appeal to fans of Maya Banks' KGI and Julie Ann Walker's Black Knight series."

Lois Dyer, Bookpage Magazine, 5/5 Stars!: "A well-structured plot, interesting details of life at Hard Ink Tattoo and lots of steamy sexual tension between a very likable hero and heroine add up to a winner for Laura Kaye. Hard as It Gets is the first in a planned series centered around five former Special Forces soldiers and will undoubtedly have readers eagerly anticipating the next book—Hard as You Can is due to come out in late February." 

Elizabeth, HEAs Are Us, 5/5 Stars!: "I absolutely LOVED this book! It captured my attention from the first page and had me holding on to the very end. The writing was superb, the story was executed brilliantly! This is my first Laura Kaye read and I have to say that after reading this book, I am officially a fan. An excellent read and a must read for anyone who enjoys complex mystery...with hunky tattooed guys."

Bridget, The Romance Reviews, 5/5 Stars and Top Pick!: "Laura Kaye is rapidly becoming one of my favorite contemporary authors, and this opening of her Hard Ink series is only further proof that she is a rising star not to be missed. Intense, heartfelt, funny and packed with tension, this book was an immersive delight from beginning to end and I cannot wait for more....Kaye has created a steamy, surprising and totally engrossing romance, but she also crafted an absorbing mystery, with plenty of suspense and intrigue. If the debut is any indication, this is going to be a series to remember!"

Amy, Magical Musings, 5/5 Stars!: "Hard As It Gets is a fantastic start to a new series titled Hard Ink. The story itself moves along at a great pace and the balance between the romance and suspense part of the story is done very well. The characters are so well developed and really drive the story....Becca is probably one of my favorite heroines ever....Hard As It Gets is an engaging love story with heart racing suspense and heart warming romance. It is well balanced for those that like to read contemporary romance but also has enough action and suspense for those that like romantic suspense. You won't be disappointed. I look forward to reading the others in the series!"

FranJessca, Book Lovin' Mamas, 5/5 Moons!: "THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!! Laura Kaye did a fabulous job on the first book in the Hard Ink series and the introduction to the characters of the series will win your heart over. Hard As It Gets is a very action-packed, suspenseful book that will take you on a ride through a world where ex-soldiers put their skills to the test again. I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend it to readers that love romantic suspense and contemporary romance elements."

Heather, Affaire de Coeur, 5 / 5 Stars!: "The amazing Laura Kaye launches her "Hard Ink" series with this awesome tale. If the idea of seriously luscious love scenes gets your blood pumping and you don't mind some salty talk, this is your book. The plot is brilliantly crafted, full of twists and turns and brimming with palpable danger. Best of all, there's a generous cast of delicious heroes, all of whom will hopefully get their own stories soon."

Leah, Eye on Romance, 10/10 Overall Rating!: "Laura Kaye's newest book starts the Hard Ink series with a bang. This book is a true romantic suspense novel and not just a romance story that contains some suspense. I loved every heart-pounding moment of it! I also really love that this is the start of a new series. I can't wait to see what Laura Kaye has in store for the rest of Nicks' team."

Alyssa, Hesperia Loves Books, 5/5 Stars and Favorite Read of 2013!: "Wow...just wow!!! Hard As It Gets was absolutely phenomenal! I have been a fan of Laura Kaye's contemporary romance work since reading Hearts in Darkness, but after reading Hard As It Gets, I now have a new favorite."

Vanessa, The Jeep Diva, 5/5 Stars!: "Laura Kaye hits one out of the park with Hard As It Gets. The chemistry between Becca and Nick lights up the page, and their bedroom play is scorching hot! Kaye does a masterful job of balancing the romance with the pulse-pounding suspense of the plot that keeps the pages turning at a rapid pace. A captivating couple, engaging secondary characters, and an intricate plot make Hard As It Gets a not-to-be-missed beginning to a new series."

Becca, My Life with Books, 5/5 Stars!: "I love Laura Kaye, there is no doubt about that. I have read every one of her books. And this book just set the bar higher. I'm not just talking the romance, because as always she doesn't disappoint in that category. I am talking the suspense, the drama, and the all around atmosphere she creates. She just proved hands down she can switch genres without missing a beat! I was on the edge of my seat and you would have had to pry this book out of my hands."

Jennyfer Browne Author, 5/5 Glorious Stars!: "The chemistry between Nick and Becca is scorching. Laura never disappoints her readers in the HOT and STEAMY department. These two sizzle on the pages. Their relationship and the mystery interwoven in the storyline is scintillating and intriguing. While this story could easily stand alone, I am so very excited for the rest of the series."

Brighton, Dear Brighton, 5/5 Hearts!: "I am going to proclaim Becca right now to be one of the best heroines of 2013. I loved everything about her. I love Nick as much as I do Becca. The action sequences had me holding my breath and Laura Kaye does a spectacular job bringing the moments to life. The tensions and emotions run high and she delivers tenfold each time. It was just the right balance of hot scenes, fast action and big suspense. Laura Kaye is proving to be a queen of all genres."

JG, Deluged with Books Cafe, 5/5 Stars!: "Hard As It Gets was one spectacular ride. Laura Kaye pens a story that is not only a romance between Becca and Nick, but is also about the brotherhood between Nick and his comrades. One book you simply must read. A romantic thrill ride, intense, erotic, action packed. A book guaranteed to keep you reading until the end."

Christina, A Bibliophile's Thoughts on Books, 5/5 Stars! "As you're reading, there are times when you think you have the whole story figured out, but then something else happens to change all that. There are twists and turns, some expected and others that are a complete surprise. Hard As It Gets had a very well-balanced storyline that I enjoyed immensely. I am really looking forward to what happens next in this series."

Melissa Kendall, Author, 5/5 Stars!: "I've been a long time fan of Laura Kaye's work and this book only reinforced why I read anything and everything she writes. I love it, absolutely LOVED it. The perfect combination of sexy romance and edge of your seat mystery and thrilled. The kind of book you just can't put down. A spectacular read."

Nancy, Once Upon a Happy Writer, 5/5 Stars!: "My reaction, the second I finished this book was: Holy. Hell. That was awesome!! The chemistry between Nick and Becca is phenomenal. Kaye has a definite talent when it comes to sexual tension; she wound Nick and Becca so tight, my Kindle almost imploded. What unfolds in this book is a crazy, fast-paced suspense that had me on the edge of my seat. The world building was amazing, the plotting perfect, and the characters fun, smart and believable. A great, smart, fun, sexy, suspense read. Highly recommend."

Book Whore, The Book Vamps, 5/5 Stars!: "Holy hotness, I loved this book! There is this incredible and constant push and pull between Becca and Nick. It's hot and steamy. Hard As It Gets is all that and then some. Sit back in the chair and prepare for a tattooed heart courtesy of Nick Rixey."

Desiree, A Love Affair with Books, 5/5 Hearts!: "This was my first Laura Kaye book and I was definitely not disappointed! A brilliant and suspenseful plot with twists and turns, questions and answers and some seriously hot scenes, easily made Hard As It Gets a 5 heart read!"

Alison, Book Addict Mummas, 5/5 Stars!: "This book is a sexy, suspenseful read, one that I couldn't put down. I love romantic suspense books when they include sibling/comrade banter, so damn funny and there is plenty of this in here. The growing love between Becca and Nick is wonderfully shown throughout the book. A wonderful 5 Star read which I have no problem recommending to others.

Michelle, Ms. Romantic Reads, 4.5 - 5 Stars!: "Hard As It Gets has cemented my belief that Laura Kaye can not write a book that is anything but fantastic. The first book in her new series combined many of this author's staples: excellent writing, realistic dialogue, likable characters, hot but flawed heroes, and the women who make them want something they never knew they needed. If you buy any book this year, pick up this Hard Ink novel. I promise, you won't be disappointed."

Liz, A Tasty Read, 5 Stars!: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nick Rixey...Oh Mama! From page one, you are sucked into the suspense of the story and then when Yummy Nick Rixey walks onto the page...MEGA are sucked in even further and if the suspense doesn't kill you...the sexual tension will!! Laura Kaye is making her way up the list of favorites of mine, and I HIGHLY recommend that you grab this one, cause in my humble opinion, this is a MUST READ of 2013!!

Kristin, These Pretty Words, 5 Stars!: "A twisty-turny trip filled with surprises and mysteries. It's definitely one that will grab you and pull you from one end of the book to the other, then make you want to start the ride all over again. The dark topics and suspense keep you on the edge of your seat while the slow-burn romance makes you want to sink into the pillows and savor each word on the page. The relationship between Rixey and Becca grows from a place of trust and hope without any formulaic outside influences trying to tear them apart. Perfection. A phenomenal five-star read filled with romance, action and hot moments sure to get your heart racing. A must-read for 2014."

Melissa, Save Your Money for Books, 5/5 Stars!: "I wish I had the funds to purchase Hard As It Gets and share it with every romance lover I know! I LOVED this book, it is my new favorite book of 2013. I read this book the day I received the ARC and since that day I have already read it twice. Nick and Becca have AMAZING chemistry, this interactions will have you blushing, they are so hot together...scorching hot! Laura Kaye knows how to write a sex scene, that is for sure! The plot is full of action and will have you quickly flipping the pages to see what comes next."

Jillian, Read-Love-Blog, 5/5 Loves!: "This kickoff to the Hard Ink series is a stellar one. If you love a suspense filled with emotion, mystery, lots of heated moments and super sexy tattooed ex-Special Forces soldiers, then by all means, get this book on your to-read list! You won't be disappointed!"

Straight Shootin' Review Blog, 5/5 Stars!: "Whoooo boy. What we have here is a great new series to look forward to. Nick Rixey and his band of ex-Special Forces guys are going to be a lot of fun to read about, if the first book is any indication. Action packed and so freaking sexy. Becca and Nick were so stinkin' hot together...I loved it! I had a book hangover after I finished it."

Kelsey, Kelsey's Corner Time Reviews, 5/5 Stars!: "I've read almost every one of Laura's books and this one reminded why. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Hard As It Gets. The only complaint I have is that I have to wait for the next book in the series. One of the best things is that it's not just a romance novel. There is a real story there, a mystery of sorts, and it keeps you engrossed the whole way through. I highly recommend Hard As It Gets."

Kelly, Perusing Princesses, 5/5 Crowns!: "Hard As It Gets is everything I long for in a book. It incorporated every element that makes a good story work. It's intelligent, with faultless plot and great flow. The characters are strong, likable and most importantly, believable! To say this book compelled me from page one would be an understatement!" This isn't just another contemporary romance with a broken hero, this story is so much more than that. Laura Kaye has delivered an exceptional story with honesty."

Slick Reads, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews, 5/5 Stars!: "An outstanding offering, I don't know how she'll top it. This book has it all; incredibly diverse and well rounded characters, a suspenseful plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, sexy and steamy moments you won't soon forget, conflict worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, and a love story that endures despite it all. Days after reading it, I'm still thinking about it and already anticipating the next book. I love romantic suspense and this author has just proven that she can write it masterfully. Hard As It Gets was impossible to put down. Well done Ms. Kaye!"

Tabby, Tabby's Tantalizing Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "I was left completely speechless by Hard As It Gets. This was the first book I have ever read from Laura Kaye and it in no way will be the last. I feel like I was on a roller coaster ride that I never wanted to end. The sexual tension and attraction is white hot, and will melt the panties off of anyone who reads it. If this book says anything it is that the Hard Ink series is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the romance world."

Zany Rin, Zany PNR Addict, 5/5 Hearts!: "As Nick and Becca track down lead after lead, clues aren't the only things that issues, inner demons, heightened suspense, and sparks of sexual tension reveal a story that is well-paced, intensely passionate and sizzling with heat. Kaye does an amazing job in setting the scene and pulling a group of misfits together. I am extreme excited to see what's in store for them as the adventure continues in Hard As You Can."

Jessica, Bottles and Books, 5/5 Bottles!: "Hard As It Gets is adventurous, sexy, and passionate. I can honestly say that Hard As It Gets is one of my favorite books of 2013. I love everything from the characters to the plot and setting. I am anxious awaiting Hard As You Can."

Louisa, Louisa's Reviews, 5/5 Stars!: "Hard As It Gets is one of those little gems that sucks you in instantaneously from page one, and puts you under a spell for its duration. I was utterly in awe. This is one of the most phenomenally written romantic suspense novels. Laura Kaye's descriptiveness is poetic and the love that she depicts between these two characters is utterly stunning. Filled to the very brim with suspense, stunning characters and a storyline that is so captivating and phenomenally constructed that you are left on the edge throughout. I could not put this book down. I cannot recommend highly enough."

Angela, Under the Covers, 5/5 Feathers!: "I feel like I hit the jackpot on this one. Nick is hot, full of military background, and he is an honor to goodness great guy! Their romance was sweet and the sexual tension between them high. I was intrigued the whole length of the book and really enjoyed the storyline. Hard As It Gets was an excellent read. This may be Ms. Kaye's best work yet!!!"

Christi, Smitten with Reading, 'A'!: "I'm so thrilled to say that this book lived up to my anticipation of it. I really didn't think it would because I've been waiting for this book for so long! There was so much that was incredible. GREAT firs novel in the series. I highly recommend it."

Felicia, The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog, 4.75 / 5 Stars!: "Hard As It Gets was a fantastic read that made me start counting down to the next Hard Ink novel. Hard As It Gets is a really good mystery that appears to start out as a missing person case but soon morphs into much more. I enjoyed the action, the sleuthing, and the fact that our leads were in real danger. In terms of characters: Holy freaking hotness! Nicholas Rixey was just HAWT! I was in love with Nick almost from the beginning. He was just the right amount of damaged alpha and protective male. I also really liked Becca. She was strong, driven, and willing to do whatever to help her brother. Together they were a great couple! Also the rest of the guys = SWOON! Final Thoughts: Stalking Hard Ink #2! That is all!"

Happily Ever After, Night Owl Reviews, 4.5 Stars & Top Pick!: "Laura Kaye had me hyperventilating from the beginning with the thrilling, alpha heroes of her Hard Ink Series! This novel is hot! I loved every minute of it!"

Renee, Renee Entress's Blog, 4.7 / 5 Stars!: "This book is a rollercoaster ride of action and passion. I love the characters. You get a feel for them all. Together all the guys are freaking hilarious. Very hot and sexy read!!"

Steph, Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust, MUST READ: "This book has it all: romance, hot heroes, smexy stuff, scary stuff, family stuff, and buddy stuff. It's all wrapped up in an emotional, edgy, smart, well-paced book where every scene has a reason to be there. It's pretty much a MUST READ for any lover of contemporary steaming hot romance."

Amy, Unwrapping Romance: "Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye is action-packed, angst-filled, funny, sweet, and so full of sexy hot men that you will never want it to end. Laura kept me on the edge of my seat one moment, laughing another, and sighing with the emotion and joy of other moments. I so enjoyed the entire group of characters that make the Hard Ink home theirs throughout this intelligent, exceptional, exciting, and dangerous steamy hot contemporary romance. I highly, highly recommend Hard As It Gets!"

Arianne, Provocative Pages: "My first Laura Kaye book and I'm blown away!!! Where do I even start gushing about this book? Do you know that feeling when you're itching to stop whatever it is you'redoing and just go back to reading the book you're currently into? Well, that's how it was for me with this book. I enjoyed the action in this story. Who doesn't want to read about how badass these men could be on a mission? Totally sexy and lethal."

Liz, Fictional Candy: "The heat in this book was freaking awesome! Laura Kaye definitely knows how to write a toe-curler. What Becca and Nick share is emotional and raw and beautiful and sexy and hot and sweaty. It's terrific. I loved every minute they shared together, and that is why I am a bit sad for this book to end. I loved this couple so much."

Annie, Fresh Fiction: "The combination of artistic ink paired with incredible suspense is lethal and will definitely be having readers beginning for the next book in the series. Hard As It Gets is a promising start to an intense and sexy series."

Grace, Sweet Spot Book Blog, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "One irresistible story! Holy hotness of Alpha-heroes! You'll be craving book 2 (Hard As You Can) right away. I love the rush one gets when reading an edgy romantic-suspense novel. I devoured this book completely! Plenty of steam, action, mystery and HOT men!"

Kelly, Books-n-Kisses, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "This was a great start to a new series for Laura Kaye. There is an awesome cast of characters in this book and I am already looking forward to the future books. I really enjoyed the book and am very much looking forward to the next in this series."

Amanda, Where the Night Kind Roam, 4.5 / 5 Flames!: "Laura Kaye is the author of one of my favorite books ever, Hearts in Darkness, so I had high expectations for this book going in. I mean really?! Laura Kaye, tattoo artists and military men, sounds like a recipe for all sorts of hotness and I was not wrong in this assumption....All the characters were interesting in their own right and added to the story. Becca and Nick have plenty of passion between them to keep the pages scorching hot....I really enjoyed this book, this story, and am looking forward to what is to come."

Beth, The Indie Bookshelf, 4.5 / 5 Stars! "Doing the happy dance right here baby. Yep. It's that good. H-A-P-P-Y DANCE. I have read severl of Ms. Kaye's books and I have come to the scientific conclusion that she is a mind reader. Pure Science. What other explanation is there for her to know exactly what I want in a read? She hits all the marks: Sexy, damaged her. Yep. Strong heroine...she's there. Actual plot with twists and turns and ins and outs (wink wink)...oh yeah!

Same Book, Different Review, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "On this was a fantastic read! I was wowed throughout the entire book. This is one of those perfectly blended books. Just the right amount of heat, suspense and thrilling story all rolled up into one gripping book. Ms. Kaye writes a refreshing and thrilling book that I will be suggesting to everyone! Go forth and buy it!!"

Autumn Ann, The Book Trollop, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "Dear Alpha Gods everywhere!!! This book was exciting, mysterious, and left me turning the pages trying to figure out what was going to happen. I loved the building relationship with Nick and Becca. The steam action in this book was OMG HOT. God, when Nick talked dirty... He made my heart race, have butterflies, and become horny all at the same time... Wooo baby."

Barbara Ann, Sun Mountain Reviews, 4.5 / 5 Shining Suns!: "The attraction and chemistry between Nick and Becca is one of the key aspects in making this a great romantic read. I enjoyed the deep connection that forms between them. Their private moments together are passionate, steamy, and also very tender. The story is paced very well with plenty of action, suspense, surprises, and romance to keep me interested the entire time. This is a series I plan to continue and encourage you to check out!"

Margreet, Ripe for Reader, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "I am tickled PINK!!! I am SO flipping excited to have a new series that is hot as hell, jam-packed with slightly dark and damaged but completely delicious Alpha males, working in the shadows on the side of justice, but not necessarily law!! top it off, they do all this based from a tattoo shop from all places!!! I've read Laura Kaye books before...and enjoyed them, but let me tell you...this one tops them all, head and shoulders! A tantalizing love story wrapping in a high suspense conspiracy!!"

Misty, Misty's Book Bin, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "Edgy, fast paced and oh so steamy. Has everything that a well written contemporary romance should have. Ride along with Becca and Nick on this fantastic thrill ride, their chemistry simply explodes off the pages with plenty of heart and sizzle. The suspense in the story is tight and keeps readers going. The action starts from the first chapter."

Sara, Crystals Many Reviewers, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "Oh holy hotness. I am NEVER disappointed in Laura Kaye's heroes. She is one of the few authors that can pull off the alpha male character; he managed to be controlling and bossy but never veers into douchebag territory. Yet another thing that Laura Kaye excels at is the chemistry and tension between her characters. She builds the characters and makes them and their actions believable. This book basically has it all: sex, danger, sex, tattooed Alpha males, sex, strong heroine, sex, and mystery. I was completely and utterly under the spell of the sex in this book. My husband thanks you, Laura."

Debbie, Keep Calm and Read Romance, 4.5 / 5 Crowns!: "When it comes to writing delicious Alpha male military heroes, Laura Kaye knows how to do it right. Boy oh boy was Hard As It Gets good. Laura Kaye definitely had me gripped to the story in Hard As It Gets. It was the perfect blend of mystery, thriller, action, and a smexy romance. A fantastic introduction to a new series from one of my favorite authors."

C.S., Where's My Muse?, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "A great start to a new series. Laura Kaye has written a compelling read that keeps the reader's attention. Great characters, plot twists, and shoot 'em up action mixed with sexy times that will knock your socks off. I will be waiting anxiously for the next book."

MinnChica, The Bookpushers, B+!: "I am so glad that I picked this book up! There ws so much at play here, so many characters, and yet I love it all and never once felt lost. The romance was so well done, especially given the level of conflict between Nick and Becca. The dynamics between all the secondary characters was so complicated, and I am anxious to see how it continues to play out. I am desperate for more in this series!"

Amy, So Many Reads: "Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye is a fantastic start to a new series. The story moves along at a great pace and the balance between the romance and suspense part of the story is done very well. The characters are so well developed and really drive the story. Nick and Becca's romance is very entertaining to watch unfold. An engaging love story with heart racing suspense and heart warming romance. You won't be disappointed."

Booktopia Romance Newsletter: "This book has: tattoos, big, tough men (in more ways than one), drug smuggling, kidnapping, and a three-legged dog....Becca and Nick are hot together! Nick is a part-time tattoo artist, and the scene where he draws on Becca made me swoon. If you love tough heroes who know how to protect their heroines without being domineering, you should give this series a try!"

Melissa, Insert Clever Quip Here: "The book rocked! I am so completely sold on the series, it's going to be a trial to wait until March 2014 for Hard As You Can. The writing flowed nicely from scene to scene, and I am really love Laura Kaye's "voice" when she writes a story. She pens exceptionally hot tortured heroes. An entertaining story worth reading."

Ambur, Burning Impossibly Bright: "Hard As It Gets was full of action, but it was also full of character growth, and some seriously amazing chemistry between the two main characters, Becca and Nick. This book is more than just about sex though. I loved that the characters' connection was so real. I could completely believe and understand their strong attraction for each other and enjoyed the progression of their relationship. The romance was fantastic, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series."

Heather, Books, Books & More Books, 4 Stars!: "Her writing style uniquely blends all the best contemporary elements. Now that she has introduced this reader to Nick and his comrades I have a new group of SEXY Alpha Heroes to OBSESS over. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Anna, Herding Cats and Burning Soup, 4 Stars!: "Damn but Kaye did it again! Hard As It Gets was a freaking smorgasbord of sexy and just impossible not to love. I'm telling you. Whew. Total *girly swoon* An abundance of tattooed military men, hot romance, exciting can't-turn-the-pages-fast-enough suspense, and make you *snort* humor made for a damn fine read."

Kimba, Caffeinated Book Reviewer, 4 Coffee Cups!: "Hard As It Gets is a romantic suspense with smokin' hot ex-military men and tattoos. Need I say more? I devoured it. With a compelling storyline, unique characters and a heated romance, this tale offered the perfect read. Fans of military men, wicked banter, tattoos, and action-packed suspense will enjoy Hard As It Gets. I cannot wait to dive back into this series. Addictive and awesome, this is sure to be a winner."

Autumn, Autumn Review, 4 Leaves!: "Laura Kaye has, once again, delivered one hot, steamy read! It was HOT! Kaye's sex scenes aren't just steamy though. She really creates seductive and passionate scenes that leaves you panting just a little bit more! Definitely check this one out if you like hot, tattooed, soldiers! "

DaVinciKittie, GraveTells, 4 Stars!: "Nick and Becca are both appealing, loyal characters who are really easy to like and root for. Put this one on your TBR right now--this is definitely a series to keep your eye on!"

Sailon, Tome Tender, 4 Stars!: "I wholly enjoyed Hard As It Gets. An action packed adventure that will rivet you to the pages and leave you wanting more. This is definitely a new series to be followed, Laura Kaye writes compelling characters, heated sexual chemistry and a mystery that will keep you guessing til the end."

Sheri, Cocktails and Books, 4 Stars!: "Darkly delicious and very sexy...very well done scenes between Becca and Nick that were hot and showed off their chemistry beautifully...I'm very much hooked on this series and will be anxiously awaiting the next book!"

Cori, Reading in Pajamas, 4 Stars!: "Hard As It Gets is the first book in a new sexy and suspenseful romance series by Laura Kaye. It kept me on edge from start to finish. The characters were compelling and the romance was steamy. I loved Rixey and Becca’s story! Laura Kaye created a great new series with hot special forces guys that includes plenty of intrigue, danger, romance and suspense. I can’t wait for the next book! I recommend this book for romantic suspense lovers."

Steph, Book-A-Holic Anon, 4 Stars!: "This was a really nice read and has me drooling for the next one in the series. These men are all going to have amazing stories and I can't wait!"

Romance Readaholic, 4 Stars!: "The sexual tension between Nick and Becca was undeniable. If you enjoy romance with action/suspense and great characters, I would pick this up. Looking forward to more of this series."

Kumiko Lei, Lost in a Book Blog, 4 Stars!: "Ok, so I'm star-struck. I am totally in love with every single man in this book. What I love the most is that these men came home on the brink of death and you find them here fighting to clear their name and save lives. As the first book in this series, Hard As It Gets is a great start. I can't wait for the next one."

Sunny, Love Affair with an eReader, 4 Stars!: "Laura Kaye knows how to write an alpha male - tough with a touch of vulnerability, broken and yet redeemable. In this series opener we get the added benefit of a strong willed, stubborn, and normal heroine. The chemistry between the two is scorching. The tattoo scene in the bathroom is heart-stopping and one of the most tender moments I've read in a long time."

Casey, Ramblings from this Chick, 4 Stars!: "A great read! If you are looking for a book with suspense and romance featuring some hot tattooed guys, this is definitely one you won't want to miss. I am anxious awaiting the next book in the Hard Ink Series.

Kathy, Inside of a Dog: "HARD AS IT GETS was an entertaining, spicy and thrilling story filled with hot romance as Becca and Nick fall in love with each other. It was also filled with strong friendships between Nick and his brother Jeremy and Nick and his Army teammates."

Foxy Roxy, Book Fri-ends: "Mixing military with tattoos gives this a double dose of hot man candy. There is action, tenderness, thriller, mystery, humor and even a serenade at one moment. All around good book and I look forward to reading the next book in the Hard Ink series."

Ann, Romancing the Readers: "Besides being well written, Kaye as filled the first book in the Hard Ink series with great, want-to-have heroes! I promise you'll be sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for the next book in the series, Hard As You Can, which is out 2/25/14."

Author Georgie Tyler: "Hard to put down, Becca and Nick's story draws you in from the get-go. Laura Kaye unravels this story brilliantly. A clever plot filled with tension and suspense conveys the themes of loyalty and camaraderie with finesse throughout its pages. The heat between Becca and Rixey flares from the first few pages. When this author writes sex, it's edgy and scorching hot! This book is no different. Rixey's my new book boyfriend!"

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Dee, Booze, Bookz, and Bad Boyz, 5 Stars!: "Laura Kaye's writing has a way of grabbing you from the beginning and pulling you in. The chemistry between Henrik and Kaira is unmistakable.....The sex factor is definitely 5 out of 5. Laura's always great at the sexual build up. You're really invested in the characters' relationship by the time the deed is done....Taken by the Vampire King is one of my favorite paranormal reads."

Steph, Fangs, Wands and Fairy Tales"If you like sincere, steamy, paranormal romance and a short read, then this new book from Laura Kaye should be on your MUST READ List."

Wendy, Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh My!, 5 Stars!: "I..AM..DYING...!"

Vanessa, The Jeep Diva, 4 Stars!: "This is the first of this series that I have read, but the story is completely self-contained and utterly engrossing.  The new to me vampire qualities and the setting in Norway was both well-defined and beautifully described....this is one seriously hot story that is even more appealing for the interactions and emotions that the two display in their concern and caring for one another. I now have to read the first two in this series as I wait for the next installment."

Chris, Romance Junkies, 4 Blue Ribbons!: "Laura Kaye writes the kind of authentic characters that you can really fall in love with....If you are looking for a quick read that will stir your soul, then you're going to want to grab a copy of TAKEN BY THE VAMPIRE KING today!"

Sandy, The Reading Cafe"Laura Kaye takes the reader on a fast paced journey...Laura pulls the reader into the storyline with an emotional tale of survival against the odds."


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Michelle, Ms. Romantic Reads, 5 / 5 Lip Bites! Top Pick of 2013!: "This book can be read as a stand alone, but I suggest reading them in order....I absolutely loved this story! Ms. Kaye has crafted a world that is filled with interesting characters and mythology....It isn't often that I come across a hero and heroine that I love in equal measure, but that was precisely the case with Laney and Chrys....The plot is a damn good one. It's fresh, exciting, and the author brings it to life with vivid descriptions that engage your imagination....If you're a fan of PNR and are looking for something fresh and exciting, Hearts of the Anemoi is exactly what you need."
Stephanie, Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust, Pick of the Week!: "Heartwarming and heart-wrenching; in South of Surrender, as always, Laura Kaye writes with her heart....While reading North of Need and West of Want would have you chomping at the bit for South of Surrender, it is a book that stands well on its own. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOUTH OF SURRENDER as a MUST READ for any lover of Paranormal Romance."

Autumn, New York Journal of Books, "a fast-paced thrill ride": "South of Surrender is a fast-paced thrill ride of a book....Laura Kaye definitely did her research in mythology and it shows. A purist won't find a lot to argue with and might learn a thing or two. It was also refreshing to find a heroine who is imperfect but strong nonetheless. Laney is no wilting flower, despite her handicap. The interactions between the hero and heroine aren't a mushy sop - both are strong-willed and sometimes funny....Ms. Kaye is a good writer, creating a strong storyline with interesting characters. Her narrative is compelling, even without the sex. This is a book well worth a beach read or a poolside dream."

Grace, SER's Awesomeness, 5 Magical, Heartbreaking, Pleasurably Romantic Stars!: "South of Surrender is likely my favorite of the series thus far. Owen, Megan, Boreas, Zephyros, and Ella all return and play major roles. A lot more of the plot occurs in the Realm of the Gods. Laura Kaye does a beautiful job creating this fantasy world for her fans. The way she incorporate the natural elements into the mythology is very enchanting. This story does turn darker and becomes highly emotional and heartbreaking as something epic is built-up for the next book. South of Surrender exceeded all my expectations! I cried and fell in love with the characters. I adored every single moment!"

Shonna, Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh My!, 5 Big Fat Stars!: "UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC...I am in awe and in LOVE with the world Laura Kaye has created....I hope this series never ever ends. This *placing my hand over the last page of the story* is what reading and enjoying a book is all about."

Michel, Hesperia Loves Books, 5/5 Stars!: "Laura has delivered a book that is not only a superb romance, but adds intrigue, suspense, and kick-butt action....Laura has a gift with creating characters that are memorable long after the last page has been read. She gives them personalities that are endearing, heartwarming, and beautifully flawed. The reader experiences every emotion and physical feeling the character is experiencing....Not only does Laura create wonderful characters, she weaves a well written story. There is sizzling sexual tension, erotic love scenes, emotional scenes, suspense, intrigue, humor, and a smooth flow to the story. I highly recommend this series!"

Jillian, Read-Love-Blog, 5/5 Loves!: "This, so far, is officially my favorite book in the series. Loved, loved, LOVED!...This story was told with such feeling and description that I honestly felt what Chrys and Laney were going through....The back and forth between loving moments, terrifying fight scenes and defeated sadness was done with the perfect amount of each that ultimately gave a delicious balance to the story...this story has everything I love in a book - I laughed, I had white-knuckled-ereader-gripping moments and I also cried...a lot. To me, that's what a great story does for a reader...takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. South of Surrender was that, and more."

Yvette, Nose Stuck in a Book, 5/5 Stars!: "Laura Kaye imagines new heroes and heroines who perfectly complement one another, forging deep emotional and physical connections in a remarkably short period of time. The disconnect Chrys and Laney feel from being different than their peers draws them together in a way that is both sweet and heartbreaking. As an author, Kaye has an amazing ability to create sympathetic protagonists who are adorably sentimental and unbelievably passionate....In all of the books I've read by Laura, she's proven herself to be especially adept at penning steamy romance, scenes, which are perfectly engineered for the specifications of each burgeoning couple. What I didn't expect were the elements of action dominating the final chapters of South of Surrender, demonstrating Kaye's talent for building suspense that left me with bitten fingernails and an impatient need to find out what happens in the fourth and final installment of the series."

Lynn, Urban Girl Reader, 5 / 5 Stars!: "This ended up being one of those books that you just can't put down because you don't miss to miss anything."

Lusty Penguin, The Jeep Diva, 5 /5 Stars!: "If you enjoy mythology, fantasy, and romance, you will thoroughly enjoy South of Surrender, a stunning paranormal thriller that demands attention from its opening sentence. Laura Kaye with her graceful storytelling voice creates her own uniquely perfect blending of the realm of the gods of wind with the modern world of man....Before starting this book, I was concerned that I hadn't read the other novels in the Hearts of the Anemoi series and that jumping in would be confusing. While reading, I happily discovered none of my concerns were valid....South of Surrender can definitely be read as a stand-alone novel. With its intriguing plot, fast-paced action, and engrossing romance, South of Surrender is impossible to put down."

Dee, Booze, Bookz, and Bad Boyz, 5 /5 Stars!: "Laura is fantastic at creating strong, capable heroines who are innately vulnerable. Laney Summerlyn is quickly losing her eye sight. But this doesn't prevent her from running her horse farm and writing a column for an international magazine for the blind. Basically, she's bad ass!...Chrysander Notos... *deep dreamy sigh* He's loyal, compassionate, and deeply scarred. He crashes into Laney's life, he is unable to tolerate being touched....The sex scenes in this book do not disappoint....Laura Kaye's South of Surrender is a fantastic paranormal read."

Sara, Picked By Poison, 5 / 5 Stars!: "So far of all the Hearts of the Anemoi series books, this one has me speechless!...Laura takes us to the next level in South of Surrender. We get the romance between Laney and Chrys and we also get into the battle of the Anemoi. I did not want to put this book down. In her usual fashion, Laura gets you hooked from the beginning. I was completely absorbed in the world of the Anemoi and the heartbreak, wonder and the fights! I cried at the moments I didn't see coming and I rejoiced at seeing Chrys and Laney get a HEA that was beyond what I saw coming. A full 5 stars for this gut wrenching, heart stopping, and smile-through-tears story!!"

L.V., L.V. Lewis, 5 / 5 Stars!: "This series is the most original I've read in a while in terms of mythology. The titles themselves are hands-down the most clever titles I've ever seen for a series! Kudos Laura Kaye for bringing readers of paranormal romance this wonderful experience....The plot is fresh, well-drawn and exciting. Kaye didn't just tell us a story, she showed us one that will make a reader feel like they have a front-row seat from which to witness everything....Kaye ended the story in exactly the place where it should have: leaving the reader wanting to read the final installment of the series, post haste. I don't do this often, but I gave South of Surrender Five Stars!"

The BookChick, 5 / 5 Hearts!: "I loved all the books in the "Hearts of the Anemoi" series but South of Surrender was THE BEST ONE, hands down. South of Surrender was intriguing, sexy, and an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. It contained amazing depth and a multidimensional power-packed plot....Truly, this story was an amazing read from beginning to end and I can't wait to see what happens next in East of Ecstasy."

Kelsey, Kelsey's Corner Time, 5 /5 Stars!: "I was completely absorbed in South of Surrender. I didn't want the book to end and I can not wait to see what happens in East of Ecstasy. This book is definitely one of my top 10 for 2013 and will probably stay in my top 5 for the year. I highly recommend South of Surrender."

Christi, Smitten with Reading, Grade A!: "Oooh, this was a good one! I truly loved Laney's character and the challenges that she's facing. It made this such a good book, because she is definitely an awesome heroine that you can look up to....I loved the way Laura Kaye put the story together....Truly, this was a great book. I ADORED the first book, but I think this is my favorite in the series....It's a testament to good writing when an author can make me cry and Laura always seems to manage it. I can't wait for the final book in this great series...LOVE!"

Melissa, Ramblings from this Chick, 5/5 Stars!: "I was thrilled to discover that I could easily follow this story without having read the previous two titles in the series. However, after finishing this book, I will definitely be picking up the previous books as well as checking out more series written by this author. Yes, I enjoyed this book that much!"

Iris, Cocktails and Books, 5/5 Cocktails!: "Every once in a while you read a story filled with characters that touch you and makes you want to care. This is one of those stories. Ms. Kaye has a fantastic way with words that draws the reader in from the very beginning and will not let you go....Although book 3 in the Heart of the Anemoi series, South of Surrender can easily be read as a standalone novel. With cameo appearances by the characters from the previous books and an action packed story line that seems to begin in the second book, you will definitely want to read the previous 2 books."

Sarah, Fresh Fiction: "SOUTH OF SURRENDER was filled with intrigue, passion, romance. Laura Kaye did a very good job on this book and creates a wonderfully engaging story that kept my attention from beginning to end."

Amy, So Many Reads: "Laura Kaye did a fantastic job of world building in South of Surrender. For someone who was not there from the beginning, I still felt like I could keep up....this book doesn't slow down, which I love. These are the types of books you read over again. South of Surrender is truly an experience like a ride you are on at an amusement park. Laura takes you on a journey where you experience so many emotions on opposite ends of the spectrum....I highly recommend South of Surrender. Now, I am off to go check out North of Need and West of Want."

Sandy, The Reading Cafe, "Laura Kaye has written a wonderful storyline of sorrow and pain; betrayal at the hands of family; and a love story that will see two broken hearts finding what they need to begin a new life together with one another. And in the end it is still an amazing story of family, heartbreak and love from the mind (and pen) of Laura Kaye."

Rebecca, My Life with Books and Boys, "This book goes down as a keeper and a repeat reader. And just cements in my mind why Laura Kaye is one of my favorite authors. No matter if she is writing paranormal, mythological or contemporary, she is the queen of romance."

DaVinciKittie, GraveTells, 4.5/5 Stars and a MUST-READ!: "Sweeping and unexpectedly poignant, South of Surrender is a pivotal chapter in the Hearts of the Anemoi saga. Chrysander is everything I hoped he would be and more, deeper in mind and spirit, and his lady is the perfect compliment. This is a "must read" for any fan of paranormal romance....a story that will break your heart and leave you wanting more, more, more!"

Anna, Herding Cats & Burning Soup, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "South of Surrender was everything and at the same time nothing like what I expected. As always with Kaye I know I'm in for an incredible ride that's well written, exciting, steamy and utterly captivating. I loved pretty much about these two characters. Laney really may be one of my favorite heroines...ever....And Chrys. He's sexy as hell and damaged in so many ways but he's a good man and doing everything he can to save his "unsavable" brother. And on to the steamy bits because OMG. This was hot! Once again Kaye blew me away. No matter the genre or type of characters she brings to the table, she does it with class, heat and undeniable heart."

Adria, Love Romance Passion, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "South of Surrender mixes Greek mythology with romance and weaves an engaging story that will leave readers wanting more. South of Surrender manages to merge Greek mythology and the romance genre into an interesting and effortless story of loss, betrayal, and love. As book 3 in a series, South of Surrender can be read as a stand-alone book but why deny yourself the pleasure of getting to know Chrysander's brothers?"

Mary, Vampire Book Club, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "As someone who has not read the first two books in the series, I loved that I was able to pick up South of Surrender and instantly know what was going on. The explanations of past events were concise and the introduction of characters was natural....When you are packing your beach bag this summer, be sure to throw South of Surrender in with your sunscreen."

Lisa, Night Owl Reviews, 4.5 / 5 Stars and TOP PICK!: "This could be a standalone but you should read the first 2 because they all tie in together. The two main characters are damaged but find each other and are better people because of it. South of Surrender is a great story of family, love and good triumphing over evil. I highly recommend this whole series of books and can't wait for the next."

Hobbitgirl, Literati Literature Lovers, 4.25 / 5 Stars!: "Kaye is able to spin a very beautiful tapestry in her paranormal stories about the Anemoi....Kaye blends romance, sibling angst, and mythology seamlessly into this story. What I like about the Hearts of the Anemoi, South of Surrender, is that despite the heroes being gods they are each vulnerable in their own way."

Angela, Under the Covers, 4/5 Feathers: "Kaye yet again provided another sexy Greek God with an emotional flaw then paired him up with a human who is physically disabled but strong willed and kindhearted. Though they are from opposites of the spectrum they are a perfect match....I really enjoyed watching Chrysander and Laney's romance unfold. I love that a simple and disabled human can teach a Supreme God a thing or two about love. Not to mention they were super hot together....Overall, another enjoyable read by Ms. Kaye."

Melissa, Insert Clever Quip Here"An engaging read that grabbed my attention from the start. I loved the characters and the action scenes with the raging storms. The intimate encounters were steamy, and the happily ever after was sweet. Definitely looking forward to reading more from Laura Kaye."

Bea, Bea's Book Nook: "The love scenes were hot, the relationships were believable, the world building was good, and the story is an enjoyable read. Kaye gives us action, romance, steamy sex, humor, gods, and other deities all mixed into a yummy confection."


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Annie, Fresh Fiction, "Kaye's writing is gripping, free-flowing, and so very sexy!": "I found myself devouring this book quickly. Kaye creates an impeccable hero in Brady Scott who possesses all the right moves that make women feel faint and a touch of darkness that is mysterious and enticing. The heroine, Joss, is a strong, independent woman who embraces her sexuality and doesn't let others push her around. She is an admirable character and someone who I wish I could call a friend....not a book you should skip out on!"

Heidi, The Readiacs, 5/5 Stars!: "Lord have mercy Laura can write! To date, I haven't been disappointed with anything Laura's published....Enthralled from the moment I started, I couldn't put it down. I love absolutely every minute of this story. One Night with a Hero isn't a must read - it's an ABSOLUTE read! You'll be better for it!"

Christi, Smitten with Reading, A+!: "I loved everything about the way this book was written. The story line was fabulous and let me tell are thrust right into the romance, but it works....Just so perfectly done for my tastes....seriously, I LOVED THIS BOOK!! Every scene. Every twist. Every emotion and angst filled moment. Everything. Just. PERFECT. Bravo, Laura Kaye!!! Definite contender for one of my Top Reads of the Year!!!"

Sara, Harlequin Junkie, 5/5 Stars!: "One Night With a Hero by Laura Kaye was a sexy, emotional and uplifting story about survival, hope, love and family that captured my attention when fireworks sparked between Brady Scott and Joss Daniels....a very satisfying read."

Cimmaron, Talk Supe, 5/5 Supes!: "Laura Kaye has really out done herself with One Night with a Hero. Ms. Kaye had me squealing from all the cute, sweet, and steamy scenes between Brady and Joss....One Night with a Hero is the perfect blend of a sweet and steamy romance with a mix of emotional turmoil and angst that makes the story real and tangible. Laura has a talent for creating likable and relatable characters that makes it hard for you to step away from the story until you reach the very end....This is the third Laura Kaye book that I have ended up loving and she's definitely made her way into my auto-buy author list."

Heather, Books, Books & More Books, 5/5 Stars!: "Once in a great while, a book comes along in the tributary of exhausted, unoriginal romance tropes that overshadows all previous attempts - this is such a book. After reading only a couple pages, I was so in love with Joss that I decided upfront it would be impossible to create a hero worthy of her. However, when Ms. Kaye designed Army Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott, who supersedes the stereotypical egotistical hero - she did just that. The story is told with an unheard of amount of heart-wrenching emotion.... There isn't anything typical about this romantic novel, even though you knew how it would probably end (with a HEA); it had some interesting and often twisted ways of getting there."

Rebecca, Guilty Indulgence Reviews, 5/5 Stars!: "Laura Kaye has one of those author's voices I fall right into. I could read everything she writes. Her stories simply feel real. This couple - Brady and Joss - were so adorable and hot together, I was immediately drawn in by the fun dialogue. With such natural and smooth scenes between the two characters, it was like watching real life...except better. Kaye writes from the heart and developed this rich story about characters that resemble everyday people, ones readers might be friends with. Readers will devour this book. It's as yummy as a candy bar...or 5 chocolate-dipped strawberries!"

Carin, Cocktails and Books, 5/5 Glasses!: "Laura Kaye has an amazing writing style that allows you to bond with her characters, she writes them so that you know them, you feel them, you hurt with them and are happy with them. Ms. Kaye takes a pair of emotionally damaged characters and brings them together in a way that when Brady screws up you feel like you can reach over and smack him in the back of the head and then go over an comfort Joss. This story while having some blazing hot sex scenes in some wildly unusual places is still tasteful while being stimulating. One Night With a Hero is a novel you can jump in and be a part of. A very character driven story with very well written characters."

Andrea, The Bookish Babes, 5/5 Stars!: "So...I finally know why everyone loves Laura Kaye's books...In short, One Night with a Hero was perfect. By perfect, I mean that I wouldn't change one scene, one moment, one word of this book....One Night with a Hero is a book that I can guarantee fans of adult contemporary romance will absolutely fall in love with. And though it was my first Laura Kaye book, it certainly won't be my last."

Kristin, Book Sniffers Anonymous, 5/5 Stars!: "Laura has done it again! I must say that I am in love with her Hero series. I loved the characters in this story....They were not one dimensional characters, they were real and their story made me both laugh and cry."

Lisa, Book Obsessed Chick, 5/5 Stars!: "If you like hot military men and even hotter love scenes, then this is the book for you. The roller coaster romance will not only leave you at the edge of your seat, it will also leave you breathless with the wallop of emotions being thrown at you...a love story of epic proportions wrapped up in a sweet and sexy package. You will not want to put this book down and it will leave you begging for more."

Grace, SER's Awesomeness, 5/5 Stars!: "Brady and Joss are so insatiable together! Their scenes together are super have been warned!...Kaye gives her characters a unique enough voice to set them apart from the rest. Combine that with her talent to create a love story so emotional that it tugs your heart, and a tortured hero that turns you into a puddle of good, and you've got yourself one fantastic, satisfying read!...I think Kaye's The Heroes books just might be my favorite of her series. Her heroes are simply irresistible!"

Jena, Shortie Says, 5/5 Splatters!: "I love everything about it...The chemistry between the two characters literally explodes off the page....This is a fantastic seductive fairy tale that I think anyone would enjoy. Definitely worth a read!"

Tee, A Diary of a Book Addict, 5/5 Stars!: "HOLY HEROES!!!!!!!!!! HOLY Sgt. Brady Scott! One Night with a Hero had me at the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. Many have I never read a book with so many ups and downs that had me thinking about things...Read this book because it is total EPICNESS and full of steamy scenes and just straight raw emotions!"

Evie, In Love with Romance, 5/5 Diamonds!: "I always enjoy Laura Kaye's books, especially her heroes. One Night with a Hero was no different. This is a complete opposites attract trope that will leave you wanting for more. Laura Kaye does that to you."

Ellen, Always YA at Heart, 5/5 Stars!: "One Night with a Hero is absolutely fabulous. Joss and Brady's relationship is one that will take you on an emotional roller's tumultuous, intense, passionate, and sexually sizzling. I loved everything abou tthis book and if you are a contemporary romance lover, then this is one book you won't want to miss."

Bec, The Romance Studio, 5/5 Hearts!: "Well-written and totally captivating just like the first of this series....What I enjoyed about this plot was how a night of such delight could turn the lives of two people so drastically for good and bad depending on whose point of view. The dialogue was very intense....Overally, Ms. Kaye has done a marvelous job of penning this novel which was extremely enjoyable to read and has me craving to read more stories for this series in the future."

Mary, RT Book Reviews Magazine, 4 / 4.5 Stars!: "Heartbreakingly realistic, with a plot that draws you in the second you pick it up....compelling and fiery hot."

Sandy, The Reading Cafe: "The storyline is fast paced, wonderfully written and the character development is perfect. The turmoil and angst is palpable and you are drawn into the roller coaster of emotions. Laura Kaye writes a dynamic story that will draw you in from the start."

Becca, My Life with Boys and Books: "I have so much to say about this book I don't know where to start. So I have to start here. Laura Kaye is an amazing writer who captures the feelings of returning military issues like none I have ever read. By combining potent, sexy love stories, with the emotions of issues face by those wounded in battle, and life, she has touched on my heart....I have read every single one of Laura Kaye's books. (No exaggeration!) And in my opinion this one is hands down her best. I tried as hard as I could to find one flaw with it, and I couldn't. For me it was near perfection. The best combination of erotic romance and real life struggle I have read in a long time."

Sarah, Feeling Fictional: "I would happily recommend both of the Hero books to any fan of contemporary romance who enjoys reading about sexy military men. One Night with a Hero is an utterly fabulous read and one that I can't recommend highly enough. I loved the relationship between Brady and Joss from the very beginning, their flirtatious banter had me laughing out loud and their chemistry left me needing a cold shower. This was the ultimate feel good book."

Stephanie, Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust: "The two stories out in the series are about contemporary military heroes and their lives stateside and would make a great Holiday gift for romance-loving friends with military spouses or veterans....The dialogue gives this story heart. The characters are alive with well-drawn personalities that aren't just the same-old, same-old. Laura writes with sincerity; you can feel it in the books....I highly recommend her books and One Night with a Hero is no exception. If you like a steamy romance with heart then this is the book for you!"

Sara, Picked by Poison: "Laura Kaye has done it again in this second of her "Heroes" series. I fell in love with military men all over again. Brady is captivating and complex in a perfect way. Joss is a true win in bad-ass chick skin. They fit together so well and to see their story play out, it melts your heart. Laura knows how to write a hero and make him feel like he's real. A perfect fun yet sexy love story you don't want to miss."

Lesley, My Keeper Shelf, Picked Brady Scott as her "book boyfriend"!: "One Night with a Hero has the hot schmexy moments, the OMG I can't believe you just said that you idiot man moments, the cry your heart out because he's damaged but trying really hard to do the right thing moments, and then some all-out romantic moments....If you like contemporary romance (which I clearly do!) then this would be right up your street."

Didi, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews, 4.5 / 5 Stars! "A True Gem": "One Night with a Hero is a wonderful story filled with rich, deep, and complicated characters. The writing is beyond superb and the story is filled with angst, love, some explosive sex, and most of all hope. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read more from this talented and exciting author."

Crystal, Reading Between the Wines Book Club, 4.5 / 5 Wine Glasses!: "Laura Kaye does it again, bringing to life a story full of heart and soul, with her latest release One Night with a Hero....A roller-coaster ride of hurt, heart break, fear, passion and love; Laura Kaye finds the perfect balance of sweet and sexy in One Night with a Hero....The characters are multi-dimensional, the plot moves at a well developed and steady pace, the story is believable, and Laura Kaye's voice adds magic to the pages. Reads, be prepared to be swept away! There is a reason why Laura Kaye is on my auto-buy list and this is a prime example why!"

Anna, Herding Cats and Burning Soup, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "Every time I pick up one of Kaye's books, I'm absolutely amazed with the world she creates. Kaye never fails to have me head over heels for her heroes and their heroines. One Night with a Hero kept me thoroughly entertained and left me squirming. Kaye writes some of the best intimate scenes out there that are so sensual, full of emotion and the perfect fit for the couple. If you enjoy incredibly sexy stories filled with equal amounts of heart and heat, One Night with a Hero is a must read."

Elle, My Life Through a Book, 4/5 Stars!: "One Night With a Hero was, damn, so good! Sexy, sweet, heartbreaking, endearing and all kinds of amazing (hello to hot cover!)....One Night With a Hero had me in a rollercoaster of emotions....One Night With a Hero was a great read. Steamy, sweet and heartwarming, a romance story you don’t want to miss."

Alyssa, Hesperia Loves Books, 4/5 Hearts!: "Once again, I am wowed by Laura Kaye and her amazing writing talent, after reading One Night with a Hero. The voice and realism that she gives her characters is just amazing! Her books suck me in and won't let go - even after I've read the last page. The chemistry between Brady and Joss explodes off the pages and you immediately feel the attraction and tension that emanate from them. One Night with a Hero is a must read for all fans of the Contemporary Romance genre."

Jen, Random JenDSmit, 4/5 Stars!: "Holy Hot Shit Batman! This book was goooooooooooooooooooood! I love these characters and their interaction so much. Of course this book is from Brazen, so it has steamy parts and WOW can Laura Kaye write that stuff! The scenes in this book are some of the hottest I've read in a while... They were delicious!"

Holly, SER's Awesomeness, 4/5 Stars!: "Something I love about Laura Kaye, her books really pull out the emotions in me. If you are looking for a sexy, sweet story with a hot soldier boy and a tattooed, pierced beauty who aren't quite as perfect as they seem on the outside but definitely need each other to fine their HEA, you will love this one!"

Sharonda, Salacious Reads, 4/5 Stars!: "I love Laura Kaye's writing. She is another author who writes emotionally torn-up characters so real that you just can't help but feel for them...wonderfully written...heartbreaking in some areas and tearful in others, but nonetheless well written."

Becs, Sinfully Sexy, 4/5 Stars!: "This was a lovely, sweet, and super steamy romance...very sexy contemporary romance, the story never once felt rushed, the characters are well developed and if you've enjoyed Laura Kaye's books before, you won't be disappointed with this one."

Tamara, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 4/5 Stars!: "I love the heart that Laura Kaye puts into her stories....One Night with a Hero is a deeply moving story of self discovery and the power of love. I highly recommend One Night with a Hero to all lovers of contemporary romance."

Thessa, SER's Awesomeness, 4/5 Stars!: "I love this author! Her stories are normally filled with hot Alpha leading males and are very, very steamy....Brady is all kinds of delicious. He's very sexy and very Alpha....It's flat out steamy. How could you not like this? I know I did."

Erica, The Book Cellarx, 4/5 Stars!: "Laura Kaye has done it again and has written another absolutely to die for romance. Once again, this is one emotional ride. I was so caught up in the story right away on page 1....I really need to make it a goal to check out all the rest of Laura Kaye's books, because if this is any measure of how awesome they are, I cannot wait!"

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Rockchick, Night Owl Reviews, 5/5 Stars & a RARE TOP PICK!!!: "The two main characters Ella and Zeph were so down to earth that it was impossible not to like them. The fact that Owen from North of Need played a minor role in the events that took place in West of Want was an added bonus....kept me guessing as to what he would do next. The pace of West of Want was absolutely perfect and incredibly easy to follow."

Lynn, Urban Girl Reader, 5/5 Flowers & 1st 5-flower review of 2012 (as of 7/13/12)!!: "As long as you like your sex hot, you’ll be very happy with this book....Laura had me so tightly gripped into the story....I actually liked this book more than her first book (but not by much). If you haven’t read North By Need, you will want to catch up on this great series...and pick up a copy of West of Want!" 

Heather, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "I've been eagerly awaiting the release of West of Want for over six months now, and I'm here to say that the wait was 100% worth it....I keep waiting to read a bad story from Ms. Kaye, but honestly, I just don't think it's possible. Her writing to me is flawless and almost poetic at times. West of Want does nothing but amplify my love for her work....It's a crazy passionate love story that will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning just so you can read that final page. Readers will definitely not be disappointed; West of Want is absolutely fantastic."

Becca, My Life with Boys and Books, 5/5 Stars!: "This is the Laura Kaye I love! Laura hit a home run with this book. She just cemented her place as one of my favorite authors in the romance genre and highlighted how versatile she is. If you read one paranormal romance this year, make it West of Want!!!"

Niina, For the Love of Reading, 5/5 Stars!: "Kaye has a talent with words and creating with them a believable world with sexy well built gods and women who catch their eyes - and that ladies makes West of Want such a great romance! I could go on and on how well written West of Want is, how engaging the story is and how you are so invested it hurts when our couple goes through a rough patch....The romance between Ella and Zeph has to be one of my favorites, it's right up there with Megan and Owen ( who does make an appearance! ) from North of Need and Rhage and Mary from Lover Eternal to name a few....It's no wonder people went crazy for this series, once you get a taste of Hearts of Anemoi you can't let go... and like many ladies I too cannot wait for South of Surrender to come out in 2013!"

Anna, Book Lovin' Mamas, 5/5 Moons!: "I absolutely adore this series! After the first book I knew I was going to enjoy this one but I didn't realize how much! This story is so beautifully written and full of emotion!...I definitely recommend this series to all paranormal fans out there. These books are unique and well written and the stories are some of my very favorites!"
Meaghan, A Bookworm’s Haven, 5/5 Stars!: "West of Want is a wonderful escape into a enchanted world that I loved being a part of. Laura delivers a heartfelt romance with a touch of magic that had me captivated from beginning to end.”

Cheryl, Fresh Fiction"WEST OF WANT is a beautifully written story about a love that knows no boundaries. Ella and Zephyros start the story two wounded souls who are lost and damaged and by the end of the story they are happy and have found their soul mates. The characters are well written and fully fleshed out. This is the second book in the Hearts of Anemoi series."

DaVinciKittie, GraveTells, "A Must Read" 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "West of Want had some serious heart...Laura Kaye either has a giant stash of super secret sauce or is simply a master at her craft, because just about every book I’ve read from her to-date has been a homerun, the Hearts of the Anemoi stories especially so."

Abigail, Romantic Times Magazine, 4 / 4.5 Stars!: "West of Want brings the human heartache of love and betrayal to epic heights in this turbulent tale of the West Wind and the mortal he falls hard for. The tempest of emotion swirling around the characters is surreal, intense and sensual — in short, exactly what a romance of the gods should be."

Kate, I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read: "The relationship between this couple was fast moving but sweet. The fact that both of these two had rough pasts made them perfect for each other....There were more obstacles for this couple to go through involving a dangerous character and I was surprised where Kaye took our characters. I loved how the book ended and I am very much looking forward to the next!"

Steph, Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust: "Laura always finds a way to reach into the heart of a story and bring it to life.  She gives her characters a full range of emotions and personalities and here puts in just the right amount of plot complexities....I can highly recommend WEST OF WANT to lovers of Steamy Romance."

Heather, Book Savvy Babe, 4/5 Stars!: "With her believable characters, touching romances, and sizzling heat, Laura Kaye continues be a favorite author of mine. I can always count on Ms Kaye’s books for a touching romance story that I fully enjoy. West of Want is the second book in The Hearts of Anemoi series, and I am an official fan of this paranormal/ mythological romance series....Paranormal Romance readers, I recommend giving this series a try."

Reading, Eating and Dreaming, 4/5 Stars!: "West of Want, the second novel in the Hearts of the Anemoi series by Laura Kaye, was another spectacularly well-rounded novel. This novel has it all: passion, personality, intriguing mythology, romance, true love, and hot sex! What more can a girl want? Both characters are full of depth, personality, and passion. The Hearts of the Anemoi series is a MUST READ."

Grace, S,E,R's Awesomeness, 4/5 Stars!: "What I enjoy about this series is the subtle way it pays homage to the environment and nature, and how it is woven into the story lines. The setting of Annapolis, Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay is both perfect and beautiful for Ella and Zeph's story. Emotional, sensual, heartbreaking, and magical, West of Want proves to be a worthy addition to the Hearts of the Anemoi series."

Angela, Under the Covers, 4/5 Stars!: "Ms. Kaye surprised me with this brilliant love story....I have another series and author to follow....Ms. Kaye starts out the book with a bit of suspense that kept me turning the pages nonstop. And the ongoing story of love, betrayal, family drama with the background of Greek mythology kept me interested throughout the book....Overall, the romance was great, H/h were great, sub-characters were great and story was great. Another great read."

Tanya, Novel Reflections, 4/5 Stars!: "Author Laura Kaye knows how to make romance as sweet as double chocolate brownies and seduction as warm as the wind the hero blows in on....the characters from the Hearts of the Anemoi series are characters that you can’t help but enjoy."

Shannon, Cocktails and Books, 4/5 Cocktails!: "Laura Kaye's Hearts of the Anemoi series gets better with each release. Laura creates characters who have to overcome emotional hurdles, but also display a strength of character that has you loving matter what they may have done. Zeph and Ella are not exception and the emotionally struggle they both struggle to get past have you cheering for them from the very first paragraph....If you love your heros with emotional angst, this is definitely one to pick up."

Tishia, Paranormal Opinion, 4/5 Stars!: "line-height: 18px;">Laura Kaye writes her characters as perfectly flawed, and impossible not to love. This book had a nice surprise ending that I wasn't expecting. There were no cliffhangers though, and it ended happily (just like I love). If you love paranormal romance, I highly recommend this series!"

Leslie, The Indie Bookshelf: "I would like to suggest that "Women's Fantasy" become a new genre, because that's exactly what you get with Kaye's second book, West of Want in her Hearts of the Anemoi series....if you love a good paranormal/fantasy filled with tons of steamy will be extremely happy you picked up this book! Kaye has produced another winner in her Hearts of the Anemoi series and I for one am glad she's not quite finished."

Christi, Smitten with Reading, B-!: "I really enjoy this series. I think writing about the elemental gods is completely creative and innovative....The book read well and was really interesting."

Amazon   B&N   Createspace: Print

Alyssa, Hesperia Loves Books, 5/5 Stars & a 2012 Favorite Read!: "What a fantastic read that has quickly landed itself on my Favorites of 2012 list!  If you are looking for a contemporary romance that has beautifully written characters, tons of sexual tension & a love story that will capture your heart – then look no further than Her Forbidden Hero."

Heidi, The Readiacs, "Definitely 5 STARS!": "Her Forbidden Hero is a tantalizing love affair....Laura Kaye is magnificent with the written word....You absolutely must read"

CozyReader, The Romance Reviews, 5 STARS & TOP PICK!: "Kudos to Ms. Kaye for writing this amazing love story because it became one of my top reads this year. The storyline in this book is so realistic and filled with so many raw emotions....If you are looking for a good, heartwarming romance to read, then this book is just for you."

Grace, S, E, and R's Awesomeness, 5/5 Stars!: "Holy hotness! A friends-to-lovers story one should not miss! I was left smiling so big my cheeks started to hurt!"

Tamara, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "I absolutely loved Her Forbidden Hero. A wonderful love story about overcoming a painful past and embracing life with a wonderful "make you cry happy tears" scene that makes Her Forbidden Hero a hit in my book. I highly recommend Her Forbidden Hero."

Crystal, Reading Between the Wines Book Club, 5/5 Wines - A Toast to Absolute Perfection!: "Her Forbidden Hero is just another fine example of why you’ll never be disappointed when you pick up a book from Laura Kaye!....Her Forbidden Hero had everything I look for in a book; compelling characters, profound emotions, romance and passion that you'll feel deep in your heart, sizzling love scenes, a plot that hooks from the start with writing that grips, and a story that will stick with you long after you've finished reading....I absolutely loved everything about this book....I’ll definitely be recommending Her Forbidden Hero to anyone who will listen!"

Heather, Books, Books & More Books, 5/5 Stars!: "Her Forbidden Hero met all my requirements for a heroic love story. Ms. Kaye is truly amazing; she blended unrequited love, tragedy, insecurities and emotional turmoil perfectly to generate an ultimate HEA."

Christi, Smitten with Reading, Grade 'A'!: "God, I really loved this book. I really do love me a wounded hero and you don't get many better than Marco. *sigh*...This is really just a fabulous book. I *think* it may just make one of my top picks for the year!"

Erica, The Book Cellar, 5/5 Stars!: "Anyone who loves contemporary romance needs to read Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye – it was an absolutely adorable, romantic story and I just loved every page of it....I fell in love with Marco and Alyssa’s story....I never wanted their story to end. This was my first Laura Kaye book, but it definitely will not be my last....Her Forbidden Hero is a book for my favorites shelf. I simply devoured this one in one sitting."

Evie, In Love with Romance, 5/5 Stars!: "Dear Laura, I think now I know the secret as to why your books are more than just AWESOME. Your heroes are simply IRRESISTIBLE. Your heroines ROCK. And the conflict is a rollercoaster ride, where at the end I find myself thinking, 'let's do it again!'"

Bec, The Romance Studio, 5/5 Hearts!: "This book tugged at the heartstrings for me and had me crying at various stages because the hero was such a tormented soul....The plot was highly enjoyable from start to finish, and together with an amazing dialogue brought these two strong characters to life. The sex scenes were fantastic and hot....Ms. Kaye has done an incredible job writing this story, of which I loved the ending and I can't wait to read more of her work in the future."

Jennifer, Romance Novel News!: "HER FORBIDDEN HERO satisfies with a tender and emotional romance that makes for a heartwarming read....It will absolutely appeal to fans of deep emotion in romances – especially those who appreciate tortured heroes. Marco’s devastated soul grabbed my heart immediately and still hasn’t let go."

Kristin, Book Sniffers Anonymous, 5/5 Stars!: "Now maybe because I am a Marine wife I really gravitated to this story....I thought Laura Kaye did an amazing job with the story. If you love a good romance then look no farther!"

Bobby, The Book Wenches, 5/5 Stars!: "Ms. Kaye has done an outstanding job of giving us a real and memorable love story that will leave us with a smile and perhaps even misty eyes. I truly enjoyed this book and will, as always, look forward to whatever Ms. Kaye has to offer her readers next."

McKenna, Book Lust, 5/5 Stars!: "If you want to read about a hero who will absolutely steal your heart, this is the book for you....I just couldn't put this down....sweet, and sexy, and warm, and heartbreaking all at the same time....Seriously. Read this one!"

Lindsey, United by Books, 5/5 Stars!: "Oh my, Laura Kaye! I read this in a day and it had my emotions all over the place....Marco was smexy...he stole my heart...I will confess to tearing up a bit towards the end of the book. It just means Kaye nailed it for me. This is the second book I have read by her. I haven't be disappointed yet....Kaye is an amazing writer and I am looking forward to my next adventure into her work."

Steph, Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust: "Laura Kaye has written a lovely heartfelt story with spot-on dialogue. The confused emotions her characters go through also feel absolutely right. I have been reading Laura for a couple of years now. Each book is better than the last. The difference is her genuineness, her sincerity....If you like steamy romance with true love and damaged, honor-led heroes, then this is a MUST READ! Really, it is. The only problem with this book is that I want more!"

Anna & Stella, Dual Review by Book Lovers, Inc., 4.5 /5 & 4.5 / 5 Stars!:
  • Stella: "Her Forbidden Hero was a wonderfully emotional story, the kind that takes you on an emotional roller coaster and leaves you all shaken up. Laura Kaye gifted us with a truly tortured hero whose inner demons and self doubt battles were heartbreaking to read. And a gentle soothing and healing love that makes you believe in hope and ever afters. I gobbled up Her Forbidden Hero in one day, but the story stayed with me far longer. It was a memorable love story with an unforgettable hero."
  • Anna: "Her Forbidden Hero is the kind of story that will stick with you for a number of reasons: great writing style, interesting setting, a sweet romance but more importantly, a hero whose story will just leave you breathless. Marco is simply that good and real a character. And just for him alone everyone should read this novel!"
Yadkny, Night Owls Romance Reviews, 4.5 / 5 Stars & a TOP PICK!: "This story is a full-bodied brew of emotional intensity....awesome storyline, fluid pacing, and characters with wonderful depth....As my first experience of this author's work, I definitely want more of the stories she's selling."

Alyssa, My Secret Romance Book Reviews, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "The perfect book...totally drool-worthy hero...packed with a lot of story, depth, and emotion...Laura Kaye definitely delivered!"

Kimmie, Kimmie's Bookshelf, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "I stayed up late into the night reading this one, because I couldn't put it down....Marco was a sexy tortured hero and Alyssa was a total sweetheart. I thought they were perfect for one another, and the chemistry between them was sizzling hot!"

Tori, Tori MacAllister Blog, "A Memorial Day Pleasure!": "Watching Alyssa awake a more carefree part of Marco is a joy, and one that has you flipping the pages, praying these two will make it to happily ever after. A full-fledged book for only $2.99 at with one of Entangled Publishing's killer covers makes this contemporary romance a must-read on everyone’s list."

Stella, Ex Libris, 4.5 / 5 Stars, Novellus Superbus!: "Her Forbidden Hero was a wonderfully emotional story, the kind that takes you on an emotional roller coaster and leaves you all shaken up. Laura Kaye gifted us with a truly tortured hero whose inner demons and self doubt battles were heartbreaking to read. And a gentle soothing and healing love that makes you believe in hope and ever afters. I gobbled up Her Forbidden Hero in one day, but the story stayed with me far longer. It was a memorable love story with an unforgettable hero."

Sarah, Feeling Fictional: "I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Laura Kaye's, this is the second story of hers that I've read and I just love the way she writes her characters...Laura did a great job of making me feel invested in these characters....I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Aly's brother Brady gets his own story and we might get to drop in on Aly and Marco again at the same time. I have no idea if that is something the author is considering or not but if she does release it I'll be first in the queue to grab a copy. In the meantime I'm looking forward to working my way through some of her other stories."

Becca, My Life with Books & Boys: "The first book I read by Laura Kaye was Hearts in Darkness. I thought at that time she could not create a better tortured hero than Caden. She had me hooked, and I have since read everything she has written. But the past day and a half I learned that she could in fact top Caden, and that his name is Marco."

Cimmaron, TalkSupe, 4/5 Supes!: "Her Forbidden Hero has all the elements that make for a great romance read: a sexy Alpha male, strong-willed but stubborn heroine, secret crushes, and painful dark pasts that keeps the couple apart or tears them up. Laura Kaye does a fantastic job of packing so much heart, emotion and passion into 146 pages (Kindle). She'll make you laugh, cry and fall in love right along with her characters."

Lexie, Poisoned Rationality, 4/5 Stars!: "Dear Laura Kaye, please stop writing novels that keep me from going to bed at night. I mean, I'm kind of a sucker for the damaged hero with a military past, but add in the best friend of her older brother?  Come on, that's just not fair....Kaye wrote just the right amount of Damaged Soldier and Optimistic Cheerful Girl Who Heals With Love for me."

Donna, Book Passion for Life, 4/5 Flowers!: "An intense, sexy and emotional ride and I loved every minute of it....From page one author Laura Kaye throws us into an exciting setting and turns up the heat within minutes....Her Forbidden Hero is a great read. With great characters and a great love story, it’s not one to miss."

Heather, Book Savvy Babe, 4/5 Stars!: "Author Laura Kaye doesn’t disappoint with her latest contemporary romance, Her Forbidden Hero....Laura does an excellent job developing her characters and endearing them to the reader....The romance and relationship between Alyssa and Marco is very believable, it is also emotional and sweet....I highly recommend to all romance readers. The story is excellent, and it goes by quickly because you won’t want to put it down." 

Anna, Books to Brighten Your Mood, 4/5 Stars!: "This is the first book by Laura Kaye I read, and now I can safely say that I fully understand all those people who praise and love her work. Her Forbidden Hero was simply amazing!...Kaye manages to make every single character in this story stand out....Her Forbidden Hero is a romantic title you don't want to miss."  

Sara, Harlequin Junkie, 4/5 Stars!: "A touching story of a tortured war torn hero Marco returning home injured from the war zone and reconnecting with his childhood friend Alyssa....A nice engaging read."

Lori, Lori's Book Blog, "Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye was a great little read... it was easy, it was lovable, it was touching, and most of all it broke me free of my reading funk! I love Laura's writing style...her stories are always touching and her men are almost always the kind you want to fall in love with."

Becky, Cocktails and Books, 4/5 Cocktails!: "If you are looking for a good heartfelt read this book is it. Once I started it I didn't stop til I finished it. It shows love with all it's ups, downs and everything in between. Real emotions."

Erin, The Autumn Review, 4/5 Stars!: "As far as sexual tension goes, this story has it in spades!...I really enjoyed this story, it was well-developed, the characters were likable, and it definitely kicked up the heart rate!! I give it a solid 4 stars and I look forward to reading more from this author!"

C.S., Where's My Muse?, 4/5 Stars!: "What I love and adore about Kaye's books is the emotional level in her stories---the highly developed three-dimensional characters and the intense connection between her hero/heroine. And HER FORBIDDEN HERO, her newest release from Entangled Publishing DID NOT disappoint."

Jenese, Readers Confession, 4/5 Stars!: "The sex is HOT in this book! It was a quick easy read, I read it in a matter of hours and I look forward to the next book in this series with Alyssa's brother."

Amazon     B&N     Harlequin

Evie, In Love with Romance, 5/5 Stars!: "OH.MY.GOD. Laura Kaye delivers as only she knows how....The sensual tension is... h.o.t. and the love making is... *sigh* Let me just say, I would've never thought biting would bring such bliss....Laura Kaye's fans will fall in love yet again!"

Crystal, Reading Between the Wines Book Club, 5/5 Wineglasses, "A Toast to Perfection"!: "I loved, loved, loved Seduced by the Vampire King!...Nikolai and Kate popped from the pages with depth and emotion while the story line instantly hooked. There was action, excitement, muy sexual tension and gratification, and all packed into a novella that was less than 100 pages! And I just adore the unique world/vampire society that Laura Kaye has created in this series; it will quickly draw you in form the start and even by the end you'll be clinging on the edge for more....I can't wait to read more books about these vampire warriors and their kings!"

Heather, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "Kaye has a way of sucking readers into her stories so much so, that you forget that they are only fictional. Seduced by a Vampire King is exactly that kind of story. From page one, I was hooked...It's truly a 'knock your socks' off kind of story that will leave you wishing you had your very own vampire king."

Michelle, Reading Lark After Dark, 5/5 Birdies, "Couldn't Put it Down!": "NGH. That was my first, anticipatory thought. (For those of you wondering what in the blue perfect hell that means/stands for, it's basically a noise of feminine approval and lust.) Anything Laura Kaye writes is hot and I totally fell in love with her vampires in In The Service of the King. Her men are men without being man children. (And that, kittens, is why it's fiction!) Nikolai is no different - A total Alpha male with a heart breaking dose of pain and anger over the death of his kid brothers."

DaVinciKittie, GraveTells, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "Laura Kaye is versatile, a master of infusing her characters with such depth and vulnerability, intensity and emotional range, that it’s impossible not to feel a connection to them....Nikolai and his Katya not only steam up the pages, they make you thankful for all the special people in your own life… friends, lovers, and family alike. Seduced by the Vampire King is emotional and endearing, and I didn’t want it to end!"

Wendy, Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh My!, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "I really enjoyed this book, from the first page I was hooked. I just could not stop reading." 

Sophia Rose, Delighted Reader, B+ Rating!: "This is a short novella that got off to an exciting start.  I was really eager to read this one after having enjoyed the first book in the series....Nikolai and Kate together are like a match to dried wood and their passion is on fire. So if you want a satisfying read that can be finished in one sitting and you like your vampires hot, give this one a try."

Carla, Book Monster Reviews, 4/5 Hearts!: "I really enjoyed this story. It was a quick read and I definitely recommend that you check it out. I also recommend that you read the first book in the Vampire Warrior Kings series, In the Service of the King because I loved that story. You just have to read them!!"

Sandy, The Reading Cafe: "Another wonderful short story in the Vampire Warrior King series by Laura Kaye. Kate and Nikolai’s passion for each other will have you wanting your own Vampire Warrior King and Laura’s passion for her vampires shows through."

Amazon    B&N    Harlequin

Heather, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "Shayla and Kael share an amazing amount of passion for each other. Their chemistry is off the charts....ITSOTK was just plain fantastic...The raw emotions developed in these characters creates a very worthwhile story. Normally I find novellas to be lacking in something, but In the Service of the King left me fulfilled as a reader....In the Service of the King should be read by anyone ready for a quick blossoming romance full of heat and fire!

Carla, Book Monster Reviews, 5/5 Stars!: "I LOVED this story.  Once I started it, I could not stop reading it until I was finished.  Even though it was a short story, I felt that it was not rushed.  I loved the chemistry between Kael and Shayla.  I also loved Liam, Kael's right hand warrior and the only person close to Kael.  I hope that he will get a story of his own.  My only complaint is that I wish this was not a short story because I would have loved to read a full length novel of Kael and Shayla!"
Steph, Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust, 5/5 Stars!: "Laura packs it full of steamy, hot vampire goodness that will have your mind between the sheets of a bed and not a book.  The characters are spirited and you definitely want them to hook up....I loved the descriptions of the culture of the vampires, the decor and costume. I also like that Laura makes even non-sex scenes feel erotic....Serious Hot Book.  Can't wait for the rest of the series!!"

Michelle, Reading Lark after Dark, Couldn't Put it Down! 5/5 Birdies!: "When I could form coherent thought again, I was once again wow'ed by Laura Kaye's skill and craftsmanship (crafstwomanship?) of story-telling.... Now, do I really have to tell you this book is H.O.T.? Look at the cover! It's a spine tingling, intense read and the only thing negative I can honestly saw about it was it was too short, and I want more, because I'm a total greedy wench."

Grace, S, E & R's Awesomeness, 5/5 Stars!: "If you like tortured vampires, then you must meet Kael the Fair!...In the Service of the King is a satisfying, sensual quick read for any paranormal romance fan!"

DavinciKitti, GraveTells, 4.5 / 5 Stars & a GT Silver Award!: "Ms Kaye knows how to write a gently commanding yet scrumptiously tantalizing hero. In contrast to the sexy king, Shayla is the perfect combination of sweetly submissive and confidently demanding. These two burn up the pages, even when they’re not in bed! The sex is SEARING. Achingly passionate and deliciously unbridled....There is an elegance to Laura Kaye’s writing, subtle descriptors and skillful turn of phrase, that enhance and imply and insinuate, all without leaving the text feeling bloated or flowery....Whether you’re already a fan of Laura Kaye’s passionate, heart-wrenching style or a new reader looking for your next fix, you absolutely must read In the Service of the come see what all the fuss is about and move this smokin’ hot novella right to the top of your TBR list!"

Becca, My Life with Boys and Books: "Laura Kaye has done it once again.  She has captured my heart and my imagination, leaving me breathless and in love with vampires. (Like I wasn't already before!) She has managed to take vampires to a whole other level and give her own unique take on their lives....I loved it! It served to further cement Laura Kaye as one of my new favorite authors."

Ndayeni, Random Book Musings, 5/5 Stars!: "I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick, satifying romantic read, especially if you're looking for a heaping dose of steam as well."

FranJessca, Book Lovin' Mamas, 4.5 / 5 Moons!: "I loved reading about the mating at the end of the book.  Definitely different to any other matings I've read in other books....I recommend this book to vampire lovers out there, to paranormal romance readers, and readers who just want to take a trip through Ireland with this delicious Vampire Warrior King....This is a must read so add it to your TBR list."

Heather, Book Savvy Babe, 4/5 Stars!: "What I really loved about this novella was the vampire culture....In the Service of the King is a quick read, but the story is well written, and the stage is set for future stories set within this world.  I would love to read more about this world in the future.  Paranormal Romance fans, I do recommend reading this novella."

Shannon, Cocktails and Books, 4/5 Cocktails!: "This was another interesting twist on a vampire story....amazingly written by Laura Kaye (as if she wouldn't) with wonderful characters that I've come to look for in her books."

Dolce Amour, BookedUp Reviews, 4/5 Stars!: "
Ms. Laura Kaye created a wonderful and torrid scene, when Kael claimed Shayla’s virginity....The scene was full of emotion, sentiment, and sizzling hot....I will check Ms. Laura Kaye’s next book in this series, because I like her style."

Crystal, Reading Between the Wines Book Club, 4/5 Wineglasses!: "Readers are treated to raw passion, blistering love scenes and an intriguing new world. A short and sexy paranormal romance/erotica novella that left me craving more, thankfully this is just the beginning of a series that promises to excite!" 

Alisha, Book Lovers, Inc., 4/5 Stars!: "A freaking sexy tale....I certainly recommend In the Service of the King as a quick, intense, and effective paranormal romance. It’s like a shot of hot, romance espresso."

Melissa, Books and Things, 3.5 / 5 Stars!: "I thought this was a very interesting set up for a paranormal erotica. I really enjoyed Kael who is brooding but caring hottie....You really get a "feel" *snicker* for the handsome and tortured brute. *sigh*....If you are looking for a fun short vampire erotica, try this one. I think you'll enjoy it!"

Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Books on Board
  • FF&P PRISM Award Winner for Best Light Paranormal Romance of 2012!
  • Book of the Year (2011) at GraveTells
  • Sizzling Read of the Year (2011) at SHBR
  • Book of the Month (12/2011) at GraveTells
  • Sizzling Read of the Month (12/2011) at SHBR
  • 5-STAR Gold Heart Award Winner at GraveTells
  • Romance Holiday Gift-Giving Pick at Paperback Dolls
Crystal, Reading Between the Wines Book Club, 5/5 Wine Glasses! - A Toast to Absolute Perfection!: "Too good to put down for more than a moment, I resented every interruption and am still thinking about it days later! Heart wrenching emotion and devastating loss was neatly balanced with a soul consuming love, sensuality and life altering decisions....Don’t let the Christmas/Winter setting fool you; any time of year is the perfect time to lose yourself in this fantastic romance. A superb start to a promising new series!"

The Captain, GraveTells, 5/5 Stars, GraveTell Fave, Gold Heart Award Winner!: "North of Need is a love story that will crawl inside your noggin and take up residence.  I challenge you to read it and not be in tears at least twice.  It is sad, but it is also uplifting and beautiful in the truths that it conveys about what love really is.  Real love, true love, means wanting another’s happiness and fulfillment even after we are gone.  It is seeking to help them continue to contribute to the world and experience its beauty....So, congratulations are in order for a certain author.  Laura Kaye, how does it feel to deflower The Captain?  You’re the first author to receive a Gold Heart Award from me!  Rock on with your bad self!  I am a virgin no longer. I am thrilled to say that North of Need is a GraveTells Fave! Give it, recommend it, shout it with a mega-phone!"
Meaghan, A Bookworm's Haven, 5/5 Stars!: "The mythology in North of Need was fascinating....I knew I loved this book because whenever I picked it up to read it I had a smile on my face. It is a great book to just get lost in for a while. The best words I can use to describe this book are: warm and sexy....That love seeps out of the pages and right into your heart....I am in love with this book."

Rockchick, Night Owl Reviews, 5/5 Stars & A RARE TOP PICK!: "
North of Need was sweet with some heat mixed in throughout the story. The motivation behind the actions of the main characters was very straight forward. North of Need is one of those books you can read and re-read."

Shannon, Cocktails and Books, 5/5 Cocktails!: "Laura Kaye is fast becoming one of those authors that I will immediately buy.  Why?  Because she creates characters that you can immediately connect with....A heartwarming story that will remind you how important it is to say "I love you" to those you love."
Tamara, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "North of Need was sweet, funny, sexy, and heart warming. Stock up on the ice cream before you read it, because you'll definitely be craving some Ben and Jerry's before you are through. Laura's writing is so wonderful, I swear I could see Owen's face light up with joy as he savors his "ice cream sampler"....Laura Kaye is at the top of my "must have" authors list."
Voted by Readers!
Sharonda, Sexxy Blogger, 5/5 Orchids!: "If you haven’t read North of Need by now…you need to be taking this one from your TBR pile and get to reading. If you haven’t purchased it yet, this one is a well worth the money. This is a heartwarming tale of love lost and then gained again. A story that will have you believe that even in the midst of heartbreak and sadness, you can love all over again....I loved this book from the beginning to the end."

Kate, I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read, 5/5 Stars!: "I am a first time reader of Laura Kaye's and I have to say this was the perfect book to start with, I loved it!...A comment about the romance…HOT! Owen radiated muscley-goodness and Kaye really created some fantastic visuals for her love scenes. Again I can't stress enough how sweet this couple was but their lovemaking was anything but innocent....I was very impressed with the research that Kaye did to encompass the mythology of her characters. I am definitely hooked now and I can't wait for #2!"

Rhianna, RhiReading, 5/5 Stars!: "It says something when I finish a book in one evening. It was too good to put down....Kaye manages to take a concept that could be very cheesy and blend it with strong emotional content, a fascinating mythology, and just enough action and physical intimacy to make the story flow perfectly. It isn't just any book that has tears sliding down my cheeks before the first chapter is finished....Quite simply, I loved this book so much I'm gifting it for Christmas!"

Niina, For the Love of Books, 5/5 Stars!: "This story made me feel good, lighthearted and happy like no other has before! If you want a happy, romantic, paranormal and scorching hot Christmas Holiday read - well this is it! Some of the scenes will sure melt more than just snow, wow!...The writing made it beautiful and I was fully invested in seeing them together at the end of the book....I'm so happy this is book one Hearts of the Anemoi series! Because then there will be more!"
Michelle, Reading Lark, 5/5 Birdies!: "I have read it a total of 4 times since I bought it....Megan and Owen are on a wild ride of fun, laughter, hot sex, and visceral emotions that tug at your heart of my favorite parts of NoN is the description of snow  - it's so vivid its practically tactile and I love that. That same quality also applies to the emotions of the main characters. I find  that to be true in all throughout Miz Kaye's writing, whether it's a widow and a snow god, two strangers in an defunct elevator or the vampire next door - there is so much heart in there. It just feels so real.....North of Need is a must have, guys and dolls!"

Rachelle, Rachelle's Window, 5/5 Stars!: "
This story is delightful, steamy, heart-tugging and satisfying. I promise you will love it. What's not to love about Owen Winters and his pure and open heart? and a story that'll turn holiday blues into holiday cheer?"

Shawnie, Book Connisseur, 5/5 Stars!: "Christmas miracles...Never have they been both sweet and sinful at the same time. Laura Kaye is one amazing story teller....This fast paced, emotional story where Frosty the Snowman meets the widow will take you on a personal journey and make you think about your own life. It is a fun, but serious story that is heartfelt and full of life's unexpected twists and turns. A must read for any paranormal, fantasy, romance readers who enjoy a fast story that will have you turning pages from the beginning to end....If you haven't started this series, by all means do so. You don't know what you're missing." 

Shonna, Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies!: "The only thing I regret about this book is that I didn’t read it sooner. The first word that comes to mind to describe Laura Kaye’s writing in this story is EMOTIONAL....A captivating, passionate, glowing love story that won’t leave your thoughts just because you turned the last page. From now on, every time I eat ice cream, I will think of this yummy read. Why? Get your copy and find out!"

Bobby, Book Wenches, 4.75/5 Stars!: "While I've enjoyed everything that I've read by Ms. Kaye, this one truly touched me. It made me smile, it made me cry, and it pushed all the right 'happily-ever-after' buttons for me....North of Need is exactly what I look for when I reach for a romance novel. Ms. Kaye has combined playful fun, deep emotion, and sensual romance with a generous helping of holiday magic to give us a story that will have us believing in miracles and happy endings."

Kay, Fresh Fiction, "A Truly Warm and Wonderful Story': "I absolute loved this tale of fantasy and love....Once I started reading I could NOT put NORTH OF NEED down. It's been some time that I have found a story that kept my interest so totally consumed. Laura Kaye is a very unique and imaginative writer with an exceptional gift for bringing the wonderful world of fantasy to life....I will be sure to read all future creations in this new and exciting world."

Barbara, Basia's Bookshelf, 'A'!: "It’s a cozy, sexy and sweet story. I needed to keep reading to find out if Megan could get over her past. I wanted Owen to have his happily ever after with her after being alone for so long – I cared about these two characters because Kaye’s writing drew me into their story. The paranormal story added some interesting twists, and the glimpses into the other Gods promises some very unusual stories to come. (There's a great epilogue too - something that's missing in a lot of romance novels these days!)"

Christi, Smitten with Reading, A-!: "Now this is a book that I can get behind. I truly loved this book with its sense of magic and whimsy for two people that have had enough heartache to last a lifetime....Owen is an amazing hero....I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. It would be perfect to read during the next snowstorm or through the holiday season curled up under a warm quilt."

April, My Book Addictions, 4.5/5 Stars!: "It is a fun but serious story that is heartfelt and full of life’s unexpected twists and turns....A must read for any paranormal, fantasy, romance readers who enjoy a fast story that will have you turning pages from the beginning to the end. North of Need is a wonderful fantasy Christmas story where if 'you only believe' anything can happen."

Susan, RT Book Reviews, 4/4.5 Stars!: "This is a fascinating, magical tale of the way our loved ones can watch over us after they're gone. An interesting group of gods and their subjects are introduced. The ending is a delight."

Felicia, The Geeky Blogger, 4.25 / 5 Stars!: "Really well paced, sweet, seductive, and did a great job of balancing romance/intrigue....The ending of the story is what really got me though. I LOVED IT! This is an example of a perfect ending!...This is the first time I have read Laura Kaye but I can tell she is going to be one of my favorites. Her ability to write complicated, damaged, yet inspiring characters was brilliant."

Heather, Book Savvy Babe, 4/5 Stars!: "The magic combined with legend in this book creates a very sweet and emotional read....The paranormal elements in North of Need are quite unique and interesting....North of Need is a very sweet romance with steamy attraction between the characters, powerful paranormal gods, and a bit of legend mixed in.  Paranormal readers, if you are looking for a good book to read, I recommend picking up North of Need."

Day, Paperback Dolls, 4/5 Stars!: "More than just a great idea, this author is able to pen fantastic emotions in her characters that will make even the coolest heart melt. When I find an author, no matter the genre, that is able to write a story with strong world-building and characters that make a reader feel for them and empathize with their struggles…I always return for seconds."

Julie, A Tale of Many Reviews: "I really enjoyed that the Anemoi were part of the story line.  I love Greek mythology....Megan and Owen were HOT together.  They were fun and lighthearted together and just seemed to be a good match....This book was just what I wanted for a holiday read.  It has romance, a little mythology, and lots of snow.  Unwrap this story for the holidays.  It might just give you a little more holiday cheer."

Aislynn, Stitch-Read-Cook: "I loved the chemistry between Owen and Megan - it sizzled!!  Laura did a fabulous job with the love scenes between these two love birds and had me fanning myself a few times - they were hot hot hot!! This was an incredible start to a new series and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the others as they become available!  Anyone who enjoys a dash of magic, with a hot sexy male lead and a funny, fiesty leading lady will love this book!"

Reading, Eating & Dreaming, 4/5 Stars!: "North of Need was exactly what I was looking for. It's passionate, romantic, heartbreaking, original and exciting. Oh, and it's sexy too...This novel made me cry and jump for joy. It's a wonderful paranormal romance novel, and I strongly recommend it."

Kendra, Reader's Edyn, 4/5 Butterflies!: "North of Need is a terrific story about loss and the human ability to cope....And do you want to know the best part? There is a whole series of gorgeous Gods searching for their special someone!...Mark your to-read piles now! Laura Kaye is, without a doubt, an author to watch!"

Erika, Bad Ass Book Reviews, B+!: "Finally, something different and interesting. I like to read contemporary romance every now and again, and North of Need was a little Contemporary meets a little magic....This novel was well written and captivating. Both the grief and joy leap off the pages."

Blue Shedevil, Rage, Sex and Teddy Bears: "Laura Kaye definitely brought out the big guns when plotting out the more amorous scenes in North of Need. The snow cone scene in the igloo, *sheesh* let's just say it's a good thing I wasn't reading this in public. And sneaky girl that she is, Laura even manages to work in a relevant message or two in this sweet story. Nicely done, Ms. Kaye. If you're looking for something that will help you wind down from the stress of the holidays and make your season a little brighter, you couldn't do better than this book."

Jane, CoffeeTime Romance, 4/5 Cups!: "North of Need is a book packed with emotion, and Ms. Kaye does an excellent job of relaying her character’s feelings....I am looking forward to the next book in this series!"

Tanya, Among the Muses, 3.5/5!: "Leaves you feeling a little warm and fuzzy. It's sweetly romantic, sprinkled with a healthy dose of sexiness. Who knew a snow god could warm up the pages!...It's a story about letting go of the past and learning to trust -- and fall -- in love again....Laura threw in a twist in the end that completely took me by surprise -- in a good way!"


Decadent Publishing       Amazon
Just Erotic Romance Reviews, 5/5 Stars!: "Just Gotta Say is one of the hottest books I've read in a long time! Ms. Kaye has packed one hell of an erotic punch in this searing 55 page story! From page one, Just Gotta Say is a playfully naughty yet sweetly sensual....The story is brilliantly written....Just Gotta Say may be short on pages, but it's long on indulgence…an intoxicating read you won't want to miss!"

Mrs. Aubergine, Books, Baking & Other Objects of Beauty, 5/5 Cupcakes!: "My review: *stares slack-jawed into the distance, blinking rapidly* OMG, Laura! That was erotica with a capital E! I don’t think I can review this without venturing into NSFW territory, but suffice to say one word: Foursome. ‘Nuff said. *blink* Awesome foursome. *blink*"

Stacey, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 4/5 Hearts!: "Just Gotta Say is a fast paced and very sexy story. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Laura Kaye injects enough to humor to make us laugh while still heating up the pages quickly and eloquently....I would recommend picking up Just Gotta Say if you love a sizzling hot story about finding yourself and where you belong."

Dianthus, Whipped Cream Reviews, 4/5 Cherries!: "If you like the idea of finding love in all the wrong places, with three gorgeous men who would do anything for you, and unbelievably hot sex with all three of them, than this is the book for you....Even though this story is short, it definitely packs a punch. This is definitely an author I am going to be on the lookout for when I make my next shopping trip for books. Laura Kaye made the reading fun and steamy while still being realistic. Amazing read!"

Saskia, Book That Thing, 4/5 Stars!: "Great chemistry between all the characters. Kaye made sure the characters were well developed even though it’s an erotic novella. Each of them had a distinct personality. I was able to see and get to know them as individuals which in turn made the schmexiness that much more sizzling.
Callie’s an immensely likeable person....Trust and sex were two very powerful elements of the plot. Put together…hmmmmm, what a turn on!"

Bobby, Book Wenches, 4/5 Stars!: "Ms. Kaye doesn't neglect the relationships between the characters but builds believable friendship and love among them....The moments of humor in Just Gotta Say had me laughing out loud, and the suspense towards the beginning of the story had me squirming in anxious anticipation....Overall this is a fun and most definitely hot little read."

Kelly, Books-n-Kisses, 4/5 Stars!: "This was a great, fun, very hot & sexy short read. Laura does a fabulous job of bringing us into Callie & the boys' world....I would highly recommend Just Gotta Say to everyone."

Stella, Book Lovers, Inc., 4/5 Bookies!: "Just Gotta Say is not simply an erotic ménage story, it is so much more than that: here the sex is based on friendship and trust and there is a strong romantic storyline as well. I very much enjoyed how after all the hotness and sensual scenes Laura Kaye ended the story with such a sweet ending. Left me smiling and feeling good. Verdict: The humour, the sizzling chemistry and the layered and exceptionally well developed characterisations make Just Gotta Say a wonderful erotica novella, one you shouldn't miss!"

Ivy, Manic Readers, 4/5 Stars!: "In my humble opinion, JUST GOTTA SAY is hottern’ the hinges of hell and tugs at your heart, the best of both worlds. If you want erotica with plenty of heart, soul, and heat you don’t want to miss this smoking read."

Blue Shedevil, Rage, Sex & Teddy Bears: "Laura Kaye, go on with your bad self! This is down right scrumptious. Nice and raunchy, with just the perfect amount of kink thrown in, and then add just a smidgen of romance to sweeten the deal and you have delightful perfection....You will absolutely fly through this short little tale of fantasies fulfilled, and if you're like me, you'll take a more leisurely journey the second time around. I guarantee there will be a second time around."

Wendy, You Gotta Read Reviews, You Need To Read!: "This is a perfect little ménage a quatre story....A sexy, raunchy quickie with just a splash of romance to help lighten the mood. It seems that Laura Kaye can write in just about any genre she chooses, and do it exceedingly well. I was very familiar with Laura’s less steamy works, and was pleasantly surprised by this book. It takes almost no time to read and it seems to just smolder off the page. Looking for something to brighten up those long and chilly Autumn nights. This will certainly do the trick." 

Night Owl Reviews, 4/5 Stars!: "This was a very erotic but very heartwarming story....It's not until this opportunity presents itself that Callie and Lucas finally give into their feelings. And when they do, it's completely electric and consuming. Add in the mix their two best friends (with a fledgling relationship of their own) and it explodes. This is a wonderful story that, after fanning yourself, has you smiling at the end."

Trish, Where's My Muse, 4/5 Stars!: "If you are looking for a quick read loaded with steamy sexy times and quirky humor (Yes, I laughed out loud in some parts) this is the book for you."

DUAL REVIEWED by Nese and Rachel at Siren's Song Reviews, 4/5 Stars!: Nese said: "Just Gotta Say by Laura Kaye is a sensual page-turner that will have you breathing hot and heavy and leave you with a satisfied smile on your face." Rachel said: "The writing was spot on with a flair for a very upbeat and fresh voice. I've read the book twice since loading it to my reader and I'll probably take another go. I find myself focusing on each one of the men with each read. That's the kind of story that really makes you love reading. Ms. Kaye, well done!"

The Wild Rose Press        Amazon

Marissa, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!:  "Forever Freed has something a little different....packed with memorable characters...very distinctive and well written....Laura Kaye pulls out all the stops to torment the characters before the ending and does it well enough that I really got into it. Don’t know about you, but I love it when the author can get me into a story or character enough to fully feel their emotions. Boy, did I this time....more than just a paranormal story, you get exceptional entertainment!"

Tishia, Paranormal Opinion, 5/5 Stars!"Really loved this book! I definitely connected with these characters....Forever Freed has everything I could want in a book all combined nicely in a pretty little package. It's about love, passion, family, forgiveness... It's a heartwarming story that will have you feeling just about every emotion there is. I laughed and I cried, which I don't do often."

Steph, Fangs, Wands, & Fairy Dust, "Highly Recommended!":  "The intimate scenes were really, really well written, explicit, and respectful to women. Occasionally the prose is actually transcendent....a good book that had me in tears from the elegantly scribed sorrowful passages....stayed up until 3:30 in the morning reading it because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep until I finished."

Melissa, Were Vamps Romance, 5/5 Stars!:  "Wow who knew such a heart-warming story could have you so on the edge of your seat. I absolutely loved this book! It pulled at all my heart strings, while kept me completely engrossed in the book....Oh please say there will be another one. I would recommend this to anyone to read!"

Rhonda, Vampire Romance Books, 5/5 Stars!"Laura Kaye’s Forever Freed is unlike any vampire romance I’ve read to date. With characters that grab you from the start this is a book that will stay with you long after you finish. Many times throughout the book the author had my heart racing, my eyes tearing, and my stomach fluttering. Laura Kaye has been added to my auto-buy list!"

Tasheka, Paranormal Romance Guild, 5/5 Stars!:  "I can't say enough how much I enjoyed reading this story....The writing flows seamlessly, the editing is great, and the story is engaging to the point I was unable to put it down once I got started....I highly recommend this story to anyone who believes in second chances at love and who likes paranormal romance."

Lindsey, United by Books, 5/5 Stars!: "Laura Kaye grips you in the first few pages of the book....By the middle of the book I didn't want to put it down to go to sleep. At the end I was tearing up cause I had connected so much with the characters. This book was well written and is definitely a book to read."

Book That Thing, 5/5 Stars!:  "The first person narrative was what captured my interest. To see everything happening from the vampire’s point of view was exciting and very insightful. I wish there were more books like this....I have absolutely nothing to criticize. Keep your tissues ready and read this book!"

Brandi, One Hundred Romances Project, 5/5 Stars!: "I can't remember the last time I literally wanted to curl up and just live in a book I was reading....The dynamic between the three [main characters] really tied this whole story together in a big beautiful shiny bow that makes it feel like a gift to be a part of....I would gladly lose sleep for them. And you should too."

Shannon, Romancing the Book, 5/5 Stars!: "Wonderfully written with an amazing cast of characters. This was definitely not like any other vampire story I’ve read. It will pull at your heartstrings and having you reaching for a tissue."

Bobby, Book Wenches, 4.75/5 Stars!: "Ms. Kaye handles the first person narration deftly. I identified immediately with the hero, Lucien, and was charmed by both his voice and his vulnerability....Forever Freed is about emotion – love, guilt, hope, and heartbreak....Ms. Kaye does such an excellent job depicting all of these emotions that I found my heart completely captured by the hero.....Kaye is a talented author whose writing style appeals to me. I’ve found that I truly enjoy her fresh characters and well-drawn emotion, and I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for her future releases."

Garnet, Words That Sparkle, 4.5/5 Sparkles!: "This story is not just another vampire love story, its a journey of hope between a man who stopped living, and a woman who taught him to love....It was both believable and fresh, which says a lot considering the genre of this tale. I'd never read a book by Laura Kaye before, but I can say with utmost certainty that I'll be looking for more in the future....Ms. Kaye is phenomenal at writing characters...."

Sarah, MyVampFiction, 4.5/5 Stars!:  "I fell in love with Lucien by about page seven.  He’s dark, broody, sexy – everything I look for in a vampire....I love when an author highlights all the ways that vampires fit seamlessly and unobtrusively into human society and Laura does that perfectly.  The story is fun and moves quickly and will most definitely leave you wanting more!"

Jeannie, So You Think You Can Write, "Wonderfully Told Story!""You CAN’T PUT IT DOWN until the conclusion. And even then you continue clutching the book hoping there’s more behind the back cover....Laura Kaye excels at writing terrific well-defined characters that you feel deeply for....Forever Freed is a wonderfully told story!"

IvyD, Manic Readers Reviews, 4/5 Stars!:  "Forever Freed is told totally from Lucien’s point of view. Lucien is also, for me, a Beta hero rather than Alpha. These facts made Forever Freed a unique read for me. It was really interesting to read a romance strictly from the male POV. The love scenes aren’t lacking in passion either. All the characters, including Samantha and Olivia, are well drawn and I didn’t have any trouble identifying with, relating to, or understanding any of them....There is plenty of conflict, action, villains, romance, character growth and emotion; a real page turner. Ms. Kaye has a talent for writing especially emotional stories that don’t feel maudlin, just very real. Forever Freed  is a wonderful love story about second chances, acceptance, forgiveness, and the power of love. A keeper for me."

TJ, Got Erotic Romance, 4/5 Diamonds!"Forever Freed is an impressive story of one vampire’s journey into self-forgiveness and happiness....There is seldom anything better than a well-written angst-ridden hero and Lucien is a fabulously tormented vampire....All of the characters in this story are so very engaging from the most unpleasant villain to the congenial charmers of Lucien’s family....This story contains action, adventure and romance, it runs the gamut of emotions."

Wendy, You Gotta Read Reviews, "You Need to Read!": "I just loved the fact that Forever Freed was told entirely from Lucien’s point of view. It was so unique and refreshing to see everything from beginning to end from the hero’s eyes....Forever Freed is an emotionally charged, uplifting story that I recommend highly, and I applaud Laura Kaye for the fine job she did on creating this delightful story."

Maryse, Maryse's Book Blog, 4/5 Stars:  "This one was about two people falling in love over the course of months, dating, getting to know one another, all with that underlying current of “but what will happen when she finds out about me….” A slow, believable progression. Gentle, passionate, and so very sweet. Many sigh-inducing moments, and not just in regards to passion, but in connection....To say this one was refreshing is an understatement."

Michelle, Literal Addiction Paranormal Book Club, 4/5 Skulls"Really enjoyed the fact that yes it's a love story but it's also so much more, there's a little bit of everything in here."

Best Novella Category!
The Wild Rose Press


Bestselling Romance Past 6 Months!

Christi, Smitten with Reading, A+!: "Wow! What an absolutely incredible little book to read!....I loved this book. I bought the e-book for my Kindle and saw this morning that it's also available in paperback. I fully plan to buy that version too because I NEED this book on my keeper shelf....It's really such a beautiful story. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! 'Possible 2011 Top Ten'!"

Marissa, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 hearts: "Hearts in Darkness is SO much more than just a quick, erotic meeting in an elevator….This is a nice, full story with background mixed in and character development (in novella length)….A definite recommended read."
Voted by Readers!
Heather, Book Savvy Babe, 5/5 Stars!: "A hot, sweet, and captivating short story that I am calling a must read. The more I read by Laura Kaye, the more I am convinced that I have found a wonderful new author.  If you have not read any books by Laura Kaye, I recommend giving Hearts in Darkness a try."

Rachel, Rachel Firasek Blog, 5/5 stars: "Seriously one of the best novella reads I've had in a while....I love that Kaye created full characters that broke stereotypes. And when the characters finely find each other in the dark, the heat is on. I fanned myself several times."

Tracy, One Good Book Deserves Another, 5/5 stars: "It's been quite a long time...if ever...that I've read sex scenes that were just as emotionally moving as it was physically passionate....a truly spectacular reading experience that just made me hungry for more of Laura Kaye's work."

Claudette, Happily Ever After Reviews, 5/5 teacups & a Recommend Read: "The author injected this novel with so much emotional warmth I reveled in it."

Kaitlyn, Nocturnal Readings, Full Moon Rating (highest):  "I absolutely loved the premise of this story...This is a great read that kept me turning the pages and never lulled in pacing.....Recommend to any romance reader. Hearts in Darkness appeals to a wide audience and doesn't disappoint."

Aloe, Long and Short Romance Reviews, 5/5 books:  "I really enjoyed reading this story. Ms. Kaye took an impossible situation and made the most of it. I hope to read more of her work."
Jeannie, So You Think You Can Write, "Fabulously Written": "Do yourself a favor, curl up with this book for a REALLY good time."

mrsaubergine, Books, Baking & Other Objects of Beauty, 5/5 Cupcakes!: "Holy Hades, this was hot! And I love love loved it! Beautifully written, gorgeous cover, sexy story. My kind of book. Laura Kaye is definitely a new author to watch out for."

Stacy, Stacy Eaton Blog, 5/5 stars: "I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a fast paced, no putting down book filled with laughter and lust....Makenna and Caden are so well explained as characters you feel you actually might know them."

Bobby, Book Wenches, 5/5 stars: "What a fantasy Ms. Kaye gives us! I found this story to be a good time indeed. It is sweet and very sensual, with two well-drawn and likable main characters and a few love scenes that will leave you squirming in your seat....This story may be a quick read, but it is also an excellent one. I’m quite impressed."

C.S., Where's My Muse?, 5/5 stars:  "Laura Kaye portrays such stirring love scenes filled with desperate passion and soft caresses:  A perfect combination of lust and love.  It was erotic, heartbreaking, with outbursts of such raw emotions that I lost myself in the moment. I held my breath. I blushed. And, I even got a little teary.  It was just…WOW…amazing."

Tina, Buried Under Books, 5/5 Stars!"The author draws you into the story immediately.
I couldn't believe this was a novella. The story flows effortlessly and you are engaged even after the couple escapes the trapped elevator. I loved this book!...If you love a scarred/flawed hero and a heroine who is the key to the hero's happiness, this book is for you."

Jill, Jill James's Blog, A++: "It was sweet. It was hot. It was so darn erotic I wiggled in my seat. I wanted to jump my husband....I loved this story. I adored that they were not the traditional ‘perfect’ people....I was swept away with the passion, the heat, the butterflies in the stomach of first getting to know someone....Laura Kaye’s Hearts In Darkness is definitely an A++ read and a keeper in my Nook."

Rhonda, Vampire Romance Books, 5/5 Stars!"Laura Kaye’s novella Hearts in Darkness simply blew me away!...The story keeps you intrigued and entertained throughout and disappointed that it’s over at the end. Hearts in Darkness is a must read for any fan of romance."

Barbara, Basia's Bookshelf, 'A'!: "I loved finding this and being so pleasantly surprised. This is a sexy and fun little story that is definitely staying on my Kindle and will be reread and I’m going to be checking out more books by this author."

Dawn, RT Book Reviews, 4/4.5 Stars! Web Exclusive Review! Ebook Spotlight!:  "For MJ and Caden it is not love at first sight, it's love at first conversation....Get ready for a unique tale that will have you swooning for this very unusual hero."

Ashlie, Bookish Novelties, 4/5 stars: "My first thought as I began reading Hearts in Darkness was, 'Dang. If I ever publish anything I write, I hope my writing is like this.'...The passion that Laura allows to encompass her characters is amazing."

IvyD, Manic Reviews, 4/5 stars: "Caden and Makenna are wonderfully well fleshed and interesting characters....Ms.Kaye has created an emotionally intense, decidedly sensuous, humorous, and absorbing read....Caden and Makenna’s story is a seemingly effortless flow that just sweeps you along. Hearts in Darkness is a truly wonderful reading that I highly recommend."

Kristina, Ladybug Storytime: "I loved everything about this story. I thought it was a cute, fast-paced story. The characters were great and the writing was fantastic. Kudos To Laura Kaye. I will definitely be reading some of her other works!"

Wendy, You Gotta Read Reviews, "You Need to Read":  "I absolutely adored this sweet little parable about not judging books by their cover. It is indeed a message that bears repeating, and Laura Kaye has found an utterly charming way to tell it.... It was the perfect short read and I highly recommend this enjoyable tale."

Book Whisperer Reviews, 4/5 Stars:  "Took me by surprise....This story was awesome from every angle....Laura Kaye knocked my socks of with this deeply devotional story."

Maryse, Maryse's Book Blog, 4/5 Stars: "*love* I am considering this as one of my favorites in the “short” story category....My only complaint is that I wanted more, by the time I finished it. But what made it so good is that even in it’s shorter format, it had everything I needed to fall in love. Oh and the “steamy stuff” was off the charts..."

Monica, Once Upon a Twilight, 4/5 Trees: "I loved the writing and I read this book in one day because it totally caught my attention and you feel like you're stuck in the elevator alongside them. You feel the feelings they feel in that tiny compartment that they get stuck in, you feel like you're right there when they first see each other, when they are in their kitchen...and bedroom. Sheesh, Laura Kaye wrote a great book that captivates you from the first paragraph....It's a short read which is the only reason why it didn't get the full 5 trees here but it definitely deserves it."

Shannon, Cocktails and Books Blog, 4/5 Cocktails: "I loved both characters in this story....I truly enjoyed this one."

Retta Lee, The Romance Studio, 4 Stars "Hearts in Darkness is a very touching story....very entertaining and kept me guessing what was going to happen next....I look forward to reading more by this author. She did great job of making me feel close to the characters."