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12/20/13 - How My Military Heroes Look in My Head

12/2/13 - Meet Nick and Becca from Hard As It Gets

12/2/13 - The Musical Inspiration Behind Hard As It Gets

11/29/13 - 10 Reasons to Love Heroine Becca Merritt (Hard As It Gets)

11/29/13 - 10 Reasons to Love Hero Nick Rixey (Hard As It Gets)

11/19/13: 3 Lessons Learned from Writing my First Romantic Suspense Series

10/30/13: Writing Contemporary Romance at Different Lengths

8/12/13: Why I Love Writing Vampires

8/9/13: In Taken by the Vampire King, Love Really Does Conquer All

8/6/13: The Mythology of the Northern Lights

8/5/13: Henrik Magnusson Character Interview

8/1/13: 10 Reason to Fall in Love with Henrik Magnusson (TbyVK)

7/31/13: 10 Reasons You'll Love Taken by the Vampire King

6/6/13: 3 Words to Describe Chrysander Notos (and the excerpts to prove them!)

6/4/13: Dreamcasting South of Surrender

6/4/13: The Musical Inspiration Behind South of Surrender

6/3/13: 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Laney Summerlyn

6/2/13: What I've Given Up to Be a Romance Writer

6/1/13: On Writing a Character Who Can't See

5/29/13: Chrysander Notos Has a Message for Eurus in the Supernatural Smackdown

5/10/13: Always a Reader

4/29/13: My Favorite Book Boyfriend Is...

4/20/13: For the Love of Military Romance

3/5/13: Introducing My Dog, Jack

3/2/13: Royalty Rates Matter. Here's Why.

2/11/13: Heroes Turn on the Romantic Charm

12/21/12: Twelve Days of Deadline Hell: An Ode for Authors

12/21/12: Favorite Holiday Memory

12/18/12: An Open Letter to My Readers

12/16/12: An Italian Christmas Memory

12/12/12: A Look at My Writing Process

12/11/12: Music as Writing Inspiration

12/4/12: Influences on the Characters in the Hero Series

11/30/12: How do you define success?

11/29/12: Why I Love Reading and Writing Series

11/27/12: 13 Ways to Maximize Your Amazon Author Presence and Make Amazon Work for You

11/26/12: My Top 10 Steamiest Scenes - do you agree?

11/14/12: Top 5 Reasons We Love a Man in Uniform

11/9/12: The Challenges of Writing about Characters Falling in Love

11/7/12: Celebrating the Band of Brothers in the Hero Series

10/30/12: An Exclusive Brand-New Not-in-the-Book Scene with Brady and Joss from One Night with a Hero

10/27/12: 10 Reason to Love Military Heroes

10/23/12: Why I Love Contemporary Romance

10/12/12: Owen and Ella's Top 10 Trick-or-Treat Sweets

8/27/12: Bromance in Romance

8/15/12: The Magic Behind West of Want

8/13/12: Possibly the most funny Q&A with me ever...

8/13/12: West of Want Exclusive Excerpt

8/10/12: 4 Ways to Read eBooks without an eReader

8/8/12: 5 Words to Describe Zephyros Martius (and the excerpts to prove it!)

8/8/12: A Villain You'll Love to Hate

8/5/12: The Musical Inspiration Behind West of Want ("Never Let Me Go")

8/4/12: Can an Alpha Hero Show Emotions?

8/2/12: The Significance of Settings: The Bay Bridge in West of Want

8/1/12: My Favorite Things about Writing Paranormal Romance

7/30/12: 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Ella Raines (West of Want)

7/30/12: For the Love of a Greek God Hero - Zephyros Style!

7/29/12: Dreamcasting West of Want

7/26/12: Zephyros Martius Character Interview

7/20/12: Zephyros Martius Character Profile

7/15/12: The Mythology of Zephyros Martius (West of Want)

7/11/12: For the Love of a Secondary Character: Chrysander!

7/10/12: Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Zephyros Martius (West of Want)

7/10/12: Six Book Promotion Goals (and the tools to achieve them)

7/10/12: Five Reasons to Love Mythology Romance

7/10/12: The Music Behind Her Forbidden Hero

7/5/12: What July 4th Means to Me

6/28/12: Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Marco Vieri (Her Forbidden Hero)

6/27/12: For the Love of Zsadist and Lover Awakened

6/18/12: Dream Casting Seduced by the Vampire King

6/14/12: Sources of Inspiration and Replenishment

6/13/12: Alpha Male Diner Recipes with Marco Vieri and Nikolai Vasilyev

6/11/12: 5 Attributes of a Good Contemporary Romance

6/8/12: Seven Elements of Sexual Tension

6/7/12: Ingredients of a Kick-Ass Heroine

6/6/12: Travel the World, With Vampires

6/6/12: Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Katherine Bordessa (SbtVK)

6/4/12: 5 Words to Describe Nikolai Vasilyev (and the excerpts to prove it!)

6/3/12: Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Nikolai Vasilyev (SbtVK)

6/1/12: The Importance of Amazon Categories and Tags

6/1/12: 10 Reasons You Just Might Love Seduced by the Vampire King

6/1/12: Seduced by the Vampire King Character Interview (Nikolai & Katherine)

5/31/12: Katherine Bordessa Character Profile (SbtVK)

5/31/12: Nikolai Vasilyev Character Profile (SbtVK)

5/30/12: Five Reasons to Love Tortured Heroes

4/20/12: Unique Promotional Ideas to Boost Your Sales and Reach

4/10/12: Shifting Your Social Media Perspective

4/10/12: 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with West of Want

4/10/12: A Love Letter from Owen Winters to... (North of Need)

3/5/12: Using Real Places and Real History in Fiction (Seattle Examiner)

2/22/12: The Anatomy of a Novella

2/22/12: Dreamcasting In the Service of the King

2/14/12: The Fantasies Behind In the Service of the King

2/14/12: Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Heroine Shayla McKinnon (ITSOTK)

2/13/12: Joint Character Interview from In the Service of the King

2/10/12: Meet Liam from In the Service of the King

2/10/12: A Social Media Checklist

2/9/12: Welcome to Dunluce Castle

2/8/12: The Musical Inspiration Behind In the Service of the King

2/7/12: Joint Character/Author Interview from In the Service of the King

2/6/12: Vampires - n - Kisses

2/4/12: For the Love of Fangs and Blood

2/3/12: The Cover Gods Were Smiling on In the Service of the King

2/2/12: The Perfect Anthem for In the Service of the King

2/1/12: 7 Reasons You'll Fall in Love with In the Service of the King

2/1/12: Top 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Kael MacQuillan

1/30/12: Meet Kael MacQuillan (In the Service of the King)

1/30/12: Meet Shayla McKinnon (In the Service of the King)

1/27/12: 5 Lessons Learned from Writing My 1st Series

1/19/12: Allegory and the Inspiration Behind Writing North of Need (Seattle Examiner)

1/12/12: The Influence of the Russian Snow Maiden Fairy Tale on North of Need

12/26/11: My Fang Fetish

12/18/11: Character Interview with North of Need's Owen and Megan

12/18/11: Four Traditions I Love

12/14/11: To Santa, from an Author

12/12/11: Even Winter Can Be Hot

12/9/11: Special Christmas Presents

12/9/11: Craftiness Runs in the Family

12/8/11: A Hero for Every Palette

12/5/11: 5 Romance Holiday Songs to Warm Your Heart

12/4/11: Have you had a paranormal Christmas?

12/3/11: Romance in the Wintertime

12/3/11: Favorite Kissing Songs

12/3/11: The Power of a Kiss

12/1/11: 10 Fun Facts About Snowflakes

11/30/11: Desperate Kisses

11/30/11: Christmas Memories

11/29/11: North of Need as Allegory

11/29/11: First Kisses

11/20/11: The Characters in the World of the Anemoi: The Dreamcast

11/17/11: My Vision of Hero Owen Winters

11/16/11: Laura Kaye is in Cover Love

11/15/11: The Musical Inspiration Behind North of Need

11/14/11: Introducing the Anemoi and the World of North of Need

11/12/11: Exclusive Deleted Scene from Just Gotta Say

11/9/11: Undressing a Bad Ass Hero: The BDB's Zsadist

11/9/11: Getting into Your Character's Head

11/7/11: 5 Cool Things About Turning Books into Films

11/5/11: The Magic of the World of the Anemoi

11/3/11: Paperback Proust Interview

11/2/11: NaNoWriMo Survival Tips

11/1/11: 5 Reasons I Love Greek Mythology

10/26/11: Undressing a Greek God. Uh huh.

10/20/11: Which Ghost Story Really Happened?

10/19/11: All I Want for Halloween is a Vampire!

10/12/11: 6 Tips for Writing Erotic

10/1/11: Heroes: Three for the Price of One...

9/30/11: Why I Write Erotic Romance

9/29/11: Men's Top Sexual Fantasies

9/28/11: Group Character Interview - Some Advice, Just-Gotta-Say Style

9/28/11: Women's Top Sexual Fantasies, Part Deux

9/27/11: Women's Top Five Sexual Fantasies

9/26/11: The Secret Fantasy Life of Women

9/25/11: 12 Lessons from a Multi-Book Blog Tour

9/21/11: Just Gotta Share These Goodies

9/19/11: Writing Characters--Hero Style

9/15/11: Lucien Demarco Fighting in the Supernatural Smackdown (Forever Freed)

8/19/11: Putting the Heart in the Heat

7/31/11: Envisioning a Book

7/31/11: I Need a Hero!

7/31/11: Book Trailers: What Do Readers Think?

7/18/11: Vampire Trivia to Die For!

7/8/11: Husbands vs. Heroes

7/6/11: Forever Freed's Romantic Meets

6/27/11: The Vampires in the World of Forever Freed

6/23/11: The Use of the Senses in Romance Writing

6/20/11: An Archaeology of My Bedside Table

6/19/11: The Benefits and Limitations of First Person POV

6/13/11: Four Roles for Child Characters in Romance

6/10/11: Positive Lessons of Romance Novels: A Rebuttal

6/8/11: Why Twilight's Vampires Suck!

6/3/11: Lucien Demarco and Samantha Sutton Character Interviews (Forever Freed)

6/1/11: Historical Architecture as a Character - with images of places in Forever Freed

6/1/11: Five Tips for Aspiring Writers - Plus Ongoing Giveaway for the whole month of June!

5/31/11: Fangs v. Fur: Why Vampires are Better Than Werewolves

5/25/11: Nine Tips for a Successful Twitter Party

5/22/11: Caden Grayson Character Interview (Hearts in Darkness)

5/21/11: How Lucien Demarco became a Vampire: Excerpt from Unpublished Prequel

5/18/11: Vampires in Colonial America? The Story behind Forever Freed

5/5/11:  To "Was" or Not to "Was"?

4/25/11: Judging a Book by its...Title?

4/18/11: In the Tradition of Disfigured Heroes...

4/11/11: Creating an Online Presence: 4 Tips from an Introvert

3/24/11: Children and the Supernatural

3/22/11: Writing on the Spicier Side

3/7/11:  Sex and the "Unwilling Hero" in Erotic Romance

9/4/10: Book Trailer How-Tos and Resources (this is on my site but one that gets requested a lot!)