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Welcome Guest Author Stephanie Draven! #1920s #Erotic

Welcome Stephanie Draven to the blog today!

Welcome, Steph! Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

Thanks for having me, Laura. You’re the bee’s knees!

My name is Stephanie Draven and I write very smart books for very bad girls. Sometimes it’s historical, sometimes it’s contemporary, sometimes it’s paranormal, and sometimes it’s erotic, but everything I write takes into account the heroine’s journey as well as the hero’s!

So awesome to have you here, Steph! Okay, tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

IT STINGS SO SWEET is a 1920s historical erotic romance novel that is actually comprised of three separate, but intertwined stories. The first is a story about a married couple on the brink of divorce who are brought back together when they discover their inner kinks. The second is about a jaded starlet who finally meets a man who can make even a girl like her blush. The third is about a shop girl and social activist who finds herself in a torrid affair with her boss--the man she’s planning a strike against.

All three stories are set in a time when there weren’t words for the BDSM lifestyle, but people still had the same urges. It’s about people who are convinced that their sexuality will leave them isolated and alone--people who learn that accepting themselves is actually the path to love.
Ooh, they sound soooo sexy! Which character is your favorite and why?

I loved every character in this book but if I have to pick only one, it’s Leo Vanderberg, World War One Flying Ace. An American aviator who masters everything he puts his hands on whether it’s an airplane or a silent screen siren.

There is a moment in the story that Clara gets embarrassed and doesn’t want to tell Leo how many lovers she’s had. He laughs and says, “I hope your list numbers in the hundreds . . . this way, when you admit I’m the best you’ve ever had, it’ll really mean something.”

The moment those words rolled off his lips, I fell in love with him. And so did she.

Aw, he sounds AWESOME! As the author, what surprised you about this story?

I didn’t know that films in the 1920s were so racy--it was before the Hays Code, so anything was allowed. And they did everything. I actually tripped over digitized pornography from this era and was so charmed by one of the films that I started writing a story for one of the women in it. That’s how Clara Cartwright was born.

[Steph has actually shared some of these films with me. Let’s just say, 1920s porn kinda rocks! LOL] What was the hardest thing for you about writing this story?

I really pushed myself to think of sexual scenarios that were decidedly out of my comfort zone and I’m glad that I did.

Good for you! What do you find easiest and hardest to write?

Dialog is usually easy for me but in this book, I spent a lot of time learning 1920s slang. It was time-consuming but so much fun! Now I try to use at least one 1920s slang term in daily conversation. It’s the berries!

LOL! Is there a theme or message that runs through your work?

All of my books make the argument that love isn’t really bound by rules. Your relationship is what you make of it. You and the person you love get to decide what makes you happy; society doesn’t get to have a say.

I love that! What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

I can’t work without my shoes on. Seriously. The moment the shoes come off, I’m done for the day. My mind turns to mush.

*chuckles* Which romance book or series do you wish you had written?

HEARTS IN DARKNESS by Laura Kaye, for starters. Have you read it? If not, do so now.
Also, Megan Hart’s DIRTY.

OMG, you are so sweet! Okay, now, just for fun:

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Yes.

Salty or sweet? Yes.

Bed or kitchen table? Bed.

Beach or mountains? Beach.

Give or receive? Yes.
They vibrated with incendiary Jazz. They teemed with sexual abandon. The Twenties were roaring and the women--young, open, rebellious, and willing--set the pace and pushed the limits with every man they met...

 In the aftermath of a wild, liquor-soaked party, three women from very different social classes are about to live out their forbidden desires.

 Society girl, Nora Richardson's passionate nature has always been a challenge to her ever-patient husband. Now he wants out of the marriage and she has just this one night to win him back. The catch? He wants to punish her for her bad behavior. Nora is offended by her husband's increasingly depraved demands, but as the night unfolds, she discovers her own true nature and that the line between pain and pleasure is very thin indeed.

 Meanwhile, Clara Cartwright, sultry siren of the silent screen, is introduced to a mysterious WWI Flying Ace. If Clara, darling of the scandal sheets, knows anything, it's men. And she's known plenty. But none of them push her boundaries like the aviator, who lures her into a ménage with a stranger in a darkened cinema then steals her jaded heart.

 Working class girl Sophie O'Brien has more important things on her mind than pleasures of the flesh. But when her playboy boss, the wealthy heir to the Aster family fortune, confronts her with her diary of secret sex fantasies, she could die of shame. To her surprise, he doesn't fire her; instead, he dares her to re-enact her boldest fantasies and Sophie is utterly seduced.

 One party serves as a catalyst of sexual awakening. And in an age when anything goes, three women discover that anything is possible...

Leo finishes his drink in silence. He’s all angles and shadows. The camera would love him, and I don’t mind the looks of him, either. “Come home with me,” Leo finally says.

My sigh is one of regret. “I’m afraid Big Teddy and I have an understanding. He’s bankrolled my last three films . . .”

“Because he makes money off them. When Clara Cartwright stars in a motion picture, odds of a safe return are almost two-to-one. You don’t owe him more than your name in lights on the marquee.”

I’ve never let myself think about it that way before and I might be grateful to Mr. Vanderberg for pointing it out, were it not for his self-serving motive. “Even so, you’re not likely to offer me a better deal, are you?”

Leo laughs. “Why are you so determined to convince me you’re that kind of girl?”

I feel a spark of mischief heat my blood. “Maybe because I am that kind of girl.”

“So, you’re jaded,” he says, stubbing out his cigarette into a crystal ashtray.

“A true cynic.”

“You’ve done it all . . .”

I grin. “At least twice.”

“Then level with me,” he begins, leaning in close. “How do you fuck him?”

My smile dies away. “I beg your pardon—”

“Did I shock you already? What happened to the jaded girl, the true cynic who has done it all twice? You’re not getting a case of the vapors just because of a lurid question, are you?”
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Where can we find you on the web?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING MY GUEST, STEPH! Everyone, leave Steph some new release comment love! Did you have a favorite line from the excerpt? Or what's your favorite things about the 1920s?

Thanks for reading!

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Tattoo. Piercings. Buzz cut. Must be Caden Grayson... #HeartsinDarkness #SixSunday

I've had so much fun with all of you on Six Sentence Sunday for the past two years. I can't believe it's over and the SSS site is closing down. My Facebook friends asked for six from Hearts in Darkness, so, for one last time, here we go: 

More of the puzzle that was Caden Grayson came together just then. Tattoo. Piercing. Buzz cut. He must look rough on the outside. But he was a big, sweet, considerate, sometimes vulnerable softy on the inside - and she wanted to get to know both sides a lot better.
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Have YOU gotten to know Caden Grayson yet? *grins* 

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Zeph discovers his destiny... #WestofWant #SixSunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm still riding the high of having finished South of Surrender, so I thought I'd stick with six more from the second book in that same series, West of Want. Here's Zeph's POV during some serious make-up sex *grins*:
All he knew was her, being in her. His chest swelled around the crashing beats of his heart.

This feeling, this love, this woman—it was all such an amazing revelation to him. Down deep, in a dark part of himself he didn’t like to visit, he’d totally surrendered to the idea he’d never share in the joy of loving partnership. That he’d found it in such an unexpected place with a woman who might as well have been made for him was beyond miraculous. It felt like destiny.
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Super Sexy 1920s Erotic Romance from Stephanie Draven!

Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to share my friend Stephanie Draven's new 1920s erotic romance books with you! These stories are so, so sexy and smart and just totally hot, plus they have some of the most beautiful covers I've seen! One story is available now and the whole compilation comes out in three weeks:

The Twenties roared with hot jazz, free-flowing back-room liquor, and wild sexual abandon, freeing even society girls like Nora Richardson to explore every fantasy, every desire, and every vibrating impulse…

The moment I met Jonathan, a mad, instant lust took hold of me. Outside the speakeasy, in the buggy seat of my father’s car, he ripped the front of my dress, catching the pearls around my neck, snapping the string, sending beads spilling everywhere.

Occasionally I still find one of those pearls in my pocketbook or in the driveway in front of our manor house, and it makes me wilt with the scorching heat of the memory. You see, I loved him that night. I loved all the filthy things he said to me. I loved all the ungentlemanly things he did to me. I loved the way it felt to have him inside me, not even knowing his name. Not knowing that he would be the kind of man to return with flowers and a marriage proposal…

Now, a year later, he’s a scorned husband who wants to punish me.

And I realize how very much I want to let him…
Want more to excite your imagination? Then grab hold of Stephanie Draven’s jazz-hot collection It Stings So Sweet, and meet a silent screen star as open to scandal as she is to sex with two men in the back row of a darkened theater. You’ll also meet an ambitious shopgirl with a secret sex diary, and her dashing blackmailer.

In an age when anything goes, three women discover that anything is possible…

It Stings So Sweet from Berkley Sensation (releases February 5). Don’t miss it.  

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Pre-Order It Stings So Sweet from Amazon | B&N

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A Little #SixSunday Snark from Chrysander Notos #WestofWant

Very late last night, I finished writing South of Surrender, Book 3 in my Hearts of the Anemoi series (releases in May). South features greek god Chrysander Notos, so I thought I'd share a quick six from West of Want that introduces a bit of Chrys's attitude...

A jag of warm energy shot through the room. “Comfy, Z? Can I get you anything, another pillow? An eye mask? An Ambien? A fucking clue?”
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Help Caridad Pineiro Help Hurricane #Sandy Relief ~ #JerseyShore #NJ

When I moved to New Jersey, I was lucky enough to be able to spend time along the Jersey Shore.  It was great to take long strolls along miles of boardwalk, enjoy frozen custard cones, and noisy rides.  Explore the towns with their beautiful old Victorians.  Take a risk at a casino!  There are just so many other unique flavors in the many Shore towns.  Of course, there is also the beauty of the dunes and ocean which inspired my SIN HUNTERS series.

The Jersey Shore is my home and I love it.  So it was heartbreaking to walk the many miles of boardwalk and see damage in one town after the other.  I’ve posted some before and after photos on my Facebook Fan Page.

I’ve always been someone who believes in helping others, especially since my current release, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, is set in Atlantic City.  For starters, I did a last minute rewrite to the book to add mentions of the storm and add a message of hope about rebuilding the Shore. It delayed release of the book, but everyone involved with the project believe that it was worthwhile to do this.

Here is a little blurb about THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE:
Prince Alexander Ivanov is scrambling to save his reputation and his livelihood. One of the Russian Nights Casino's hostesses has disappeared, and his business is suddenly under investigation by the FBI for associations with the mob and money laundering.

Special Agent Kathleen Martinez has no patience with rich, entitled aristocrats, especially one like Alexander Ivanov whom she believes is involved in the vicious human trafficking ring which she'd tried—and failed—to shut down two years earlier. With a second chance to bring him to justice, she goes undercover in the casino, but instead of facing the villain she expected, she finds herself battling a sizzling attraction to the man.

Now, forced to work together to trace the source of the illegal activities, the danger—and the passion between them—grows out of control, and they slowly begin to realize the biggest danger isn’t to the casino, it’s to their lives…and to their hearts.
But I also decided that I needed to do more and for that reason, I’m donating my share of the proceeds from the sales of THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund. I’m hoping that we can rebuild and restore the Shore so that people can go home and reopen the businesses that have been affected by the storm.

Thank you for letting me visit, Laura!  I appreciate you letting me help spread the word about this campaign.  For those of who would like to help out, please post this where you can:

Best-selling author Caridad Pineiro is helping to rebuild the shore by donating proceeds of her latest romantic suspense release, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, from now until March 1, 2013. Caridad’s share of the proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief fund. THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is available for download at Amazon via this link: or at B&N via this link:

Please help spread the word by tweeting this to your friends:
THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #kindle PLZ RT

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #nook PLZ RT

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #Kobo
Thank you so much for your support!

Totally great cause, Caridad! Thanks for sharing it with us! And thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading! Please leave Caridad some comment love and share what you can!


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I'm Naughty & Have 10 Scenes to Prove It! #Erotic #NewYearsHop

Welcome to the Naughty New Years Blog Hop! And thanks to Skye Warren for organizing this awesome hop! If you are looking for something hot, sexy, fun, and maybe even naughty to read, you've come to the right place!

Before I get to the giveaways, I thought I'd share what I think are my 10 steamiest scenes from across all of my books (along with a one-sentence teaser from that scene) – you can let me know if you agree or if I missed your favorite!

10. Up Against the Wall Scene, West of Want. “Closing his eyes, he became sensation, smelling her scent on his mouth, feeling her slick grip on his shaft and her short fingernails dig into his neck, hearing the long, satisfied sigh that escaped from her swollen lips.”

9. Make-Up Sex/Feeding Scene, In the Service of the King. “Kael threw his head back and roared in a sound that could only be described as ecstatic triumph, then as quickly dropped his face to her throat and buried his fangs deep within the yielding flesh of her neck.”

8. Dungeon Scene, Seduced by the Vampire King. “Hanging on the dungeon bars, Kate’s whole body sagged against him, her weight falling onto his chest and the hand between her legs.”
7. Lake Scene, Her Forbidden Hero. “The firm ridge of his erection pressed and nudged between her legs, and soon Alyssa couldn’t help but rub herself against him as they continued to kiss and nibble at each other’s skin.”

6. Ski Resort Scene, North of Need. “They kissed and writhed in a frenzy. Desire overwhelmed her. ‘In me. Get in me.’”

5. Up Against the Wall Scene, One Night with a Hero. “One hand gripping a breast and the other her shoulder, Brady hunched himself over her body and came at her with a series of quick, deep strokes she felt everywhere.”

4. Foursome Scene, Just Gotta Say. “An erotic soundtrack filled the air—her constant moaning, Jack’s stream of muttered expletives and encouragements, Lucas’s guttural grunts, the bed shifting under them, their bodies slapping together.”

3. Consummation Ceremony Scene, In the Service of the King. The only reason this isn’t number two is because there’s no sex. Without question, it’s my most erotic non-intercourse scene! “Shayla was so magnificent in her bloodlust that he reveled in every wanton lick and rough suck of her mouth on his skin.”

2. Elevator Make-out Scene #2, Hearts in Darkness. “‘Tell me, Red, you gotta say it out loud. I can’t see your face or your eyes, and I don’t want to make any mistakes here.’”

1. Truck Scene, One Night with a Hero. Since I’m celebrating this book right now, I’m putting this scene, definitely one of my hottest, in the preeminent position! *grins* “Joss held her skirt out of the way as Brady used his massive thighs to hammer his hips upward, fucking her even though she was on top.”

So, is your favorite here? Or, if you haven't read any of my books, which one sounds most delicious to you? Comment to enter to win:

Ms. Reality
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Thanks so much for hopping by my place! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!