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A Welsh Wolf in Wellington Blog Tour #AHandfulofWolf

Welcome Guest Author
Sofia Grey
to the blog!

I'm very happy to have Sofia Grey here today talking about her new book, A Handful of Wolf. She's got a fun story on the setting today, a great excerpt, and a video trailer. Read on...

Wellington City

Since most of Sasha’s story takes place in Wellington, the compact and thriving capital city of New Zealand. I though it would be fun to feature a different part of the city – especially those mentioned in the book – on each tour ‘stop’. Come and join me on a truly unique virtual tour of Wellington J

According to the people that know what they’re talking about, wild wolves are found worldwide, except for New Zealand, Madagascar and some other islands. The only wolves you’d expect to see here, would be the American Football team (Wellington City Wolves).

That’s certainly what the shifters would have you believe. Ultra-secretive, keeping their animal selves hidden is a way of life for them. As packs grow and spread, so the risk of exposure is greater.

You should try Googling the following search phrase:
Does anyone know any wolves in New Zealand? It has an… interesting… result.

Connor, the Alpha of the Wellington Wolf Pack, is described by Jake Bledri as being “a naturally suspicious bastard,” but he maintains control over his pack and protects them. It astounds Sasha that Jake has trusted him to start diplomatic talks with Connor. It’s not a responsibility he wants.


For once in his life, Sasha was trying to be responsible. His wolf was frustrated at not being allowed to run free and he’d thought longingly of taking off into the hills for the weekend, but instead he was taking care of Pack business. His cousin and Pack Alpha, Jake, spoke encouragingly down the phone line to him.

“Just play nicely, Sash. I’m trusting you to be an ambassador here, to start networking with the New Zealand wolves. You’re representing the Snowdonia Pack. Don’t fuck it up.”

“Such trust,” he grumbled. If nothing else, it was a waste of a beautiful summer evening. He’d have to sit and make small talk with a group of native wolf shifters and be on his best behavior. Jake would normally take care of business like this, but he was thousands of miles away in their home territory. Sasha’s mind flashed to the mountains and forests he called home. It was winter now in Wales. It felt odd to be hanging around in hot sunshine, while Jake had snowdrifts. By the time Sasha finished his contract here, it would be spring. He’d never missed a winter in all his twenty-four years.

“I’ve got to go, Sash. Good luck tonight, and email to let me know how it goes. Okay?”

Something tugged at Sasha’s senses and his wolf lifted his head, intent and focused. A scent he recognized. He opened his mouth slightly and inhaled, the wolf very much in control. Caramel and spice. The girl with the scarf.

“Yeah, will do.” He finished the call, shoved his phone into a pocket and turned around. There she was. The brunette stood a short distance away on the edge of a car park and he feasted his eyes on her. Business clothes had been replaced with a short stretchy black skirt that hugged her curves and a shiny, gleaming top that begged to be touched. Dark hair tumbled down her back, a few strands falling onto her face and she brushed them back with one elegant hand. Her scent called to him and his wolf whined, needing to get closer.

He took a step toward her. He’d apologize for taking advantage earlier, offer to buy her a drink. Maybe try another kiss later when she’d forgiven him. He still had plenty of time for the Pack business, and a little fun first would satisfy his wolf. Confident, he took another step, but then stopped.

She was with someone. A guy. Sasha’s wolf growled when the guy held out his hand to her, and then quieted again when she refused. This was stupid. He didn’t even know her. One kiss was all they shared. Yeah, and what a kiss. She was a gorgeous, hard-assed girl and it stood to reason she’d have a boyfriend. All the same, for whatever reason, she didn’t want to hold the guy’s hand and that was enough of an excuse for Sasha to look out for her. When the couple walked into a waterfront restaurant, he followed.

Sasha's not a looking-to-the-future kind of guy, but he's made an exception with his plans to travel and meet lots of pretty girls. Too bad his Pack Alpha, fate, and reality have other ideas about his trip abroad. He's pretty sure he didn't sign on to be a diplomat for the Snowdonia Wolf Pack. Or to find a Mate. Especially not a human Mate.

 Megan knows better than to let a sweet-talking charmer get under her skin, but Sasha's sexy playfulness is making her forget all her rules. Except one: she's not willing to risk her heart by falling in love. The gorgeous boy from Wales can only be a fling, especially since her over-protective brothers hate him on sight. 

 In the midst of a wolf uprising, a hesitant Mate, and Megan’s complicated family ties, Sasha learns that sometimes impulsiveness is dangerous and even lethal. Can he show Megan why they belong together before it all comes crashing down around him and he loses his Mate forever?
Available at Amazon | AllRomance eBooks

Video trailer

I’m giving away 3 copies of A Handful of Wolf, to 3 lucky commenters across the tour. Just leave a comment at whichever site you visit, and you’ll go into the draw. The more comments you leave, the more chances you get to win!
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About Author
Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.

Did you have a favorite line from the excerpt? Thanks for reading!



Lisa B. said...

Thanks for the pictures. I loved the excerpt and hated to see it end.

Sofia Grey said...

Thank you, Laura, it's fab to be on your blog :-)

Sofia Grey said...

Thank you, Laura, it's fab to be on your blog :-)

Michelle Willms said...

This was my favorite line from the excerpt: "He opened his mouth slightly and inhaled, the wolf very much in control." I can actually SEE him smelling the girl through his mouth, allowing the wolf to take control for just that moment. What a wonderful sentence! michelle_willms@yahoo.com

Vanessa N. said...

Can't wait to read what Sasha does next.


LorettaLynn said...

Sounds really good :)

Beautiful Disaster said...

I enjoy reading books about wolves. I haven't read anything by this author yet and look forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing :)
Happy Holidays

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

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