Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Brady, Joss, and #OneNightwithaHero!

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Happy, happy first birthday to One Night with a Hero (Heroes #2). I can't believe it's been a whole year since Brady and Joss came into the world with all their smoldering sexual tension, funny Halloween antics, and heart-panging angst! Here's an excerpt to celebrate:

Something cool hit Brady in the face.

His laughter died in his chest and he gaped up at Joss as whipped cream sagged across his eye.

And then he was in motion.

Brady dove for her and she screamed and bolted into the kitchen.

He grabbed her around the waist and hiked her against him. “Gimme that,” he growled, reaching around for the can.

“No,” she squealed through her laughter. A stream of whipped cream covered his arm.

“You little…” He made another grab and ended up with a handful of soft, warm breast. His cock came alive against her squirming body.

She gasped and attempted to twist away, sending off another stream of whipped cream that landed in both of their hair. They were laughing and panting so hard their words were more gibberish than not. Funny as it was, there was no denying that his body was also reading something else into their horseplay. Something that involved cleaning her off with his tongue.

He swiped his thumb across her breast and groaned at the feeling of her rigid nipple pushing against the cotton that separated them. “Joss,” he groaned, pushing his hips into her lower back.

She moaned and ground back.

He’d so not intended this. But, damn.

His mouth found a line of cream on her neck and sucked. Delicious. Her natural taste and scent of peaches mixed with the sugar to create an absolutely irresistible treat. “Even sweeter now.” Her head sagged back against his shoulder and the feeling of her melting into him made his jeans painfully tight. “Tell me to stop,” he whispered before dragging his tongue through the cream on her jaw.

“I can’t.” She shook her head. “I don’t want to.”

Brady growled against her skin, her words taunting him to give in. He traced his fingers down her belly and Joss moved her arms to let him. When he removed the Reddi-wip from her grip and sat it on the counter, she grinned over her shoulder at him. He devoured her in a kiss, loving the sweet enthusiasm of her mouth, the slip and slide of the little metal piercing, as he undid the button and zipper on her shorts.

Yeah, he was going there all right. And, suddenly, her tongue wasn’t the only thing he needed to taste.
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Have YOU read the Heroes series yet? Well, what are you waiting for? There will be two more books in 2014! And here's a taste of the hero of book 3, firefighter and single dad, Will, who you first meet in One Night:

There was a knock on the door.

Brady left the phone in Claire’s chubby hands and answered, right away recognizing the man from the previous week.

The big guy frowned. “Uh, I’m Will. Joss is babysitting my daughter,” he said.

“I’m Brady. A friend of Joss’s. She got sick about two hours ago and asked me to help out until you got here. Come on in.”

“Dada,” Claire cried, holding up her hands.

“Hey, baby girl,” he said, his voice doing a 180-degree change. He picked the girl up, shouldered the diaper bag, and turned to Brady. “This yours?”

He accepted his phone back. “Thanks.”

“Is Joss okay?”

“Yeah, stomach virus or something. She’ll be fine. She felt horrible to not be able to watch Claire,” he felt the need to add.

Will nodded. “Sounds like her.” He pulled some folded bills from a pocket. “Give this to her for me?”

Brady laid the cash on the coffee table. “I’ll make sure she gets it.”

Will glanced up the steps. Ten to one odds this guy was interested in Joss. Why wouldn’t he be?

“Tell her I’ll give her a call tomorrow. To say thanks,” Will said as he crossed to the door.

When the guy stepped out, Brady read “ACFD” in bold letters on the back of his navy shirt. “Will do,” he made himself say. Guy had to be a fucking firefighter, didn’t he? Someone like that was damn hard to hate.

Doesn't Will sound intriguing??? I can't wait to write him! *grins* Thanks for reading!



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Happy Book Birthday, Laura!

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Will does sound intriguing ;)
Happy Birthday!
Can't wait for the ones coming.

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Yay! Thanks guys!

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