Friday, September 13, 2013

Sign Up to Host the 9/18 Cover Reveal of East of Ecstasy!

Hey guys! Please help me reveal the cover (and hero!) for the last book in my Hearts of the Anemoi series, East of Ecstasy, which releases next April! This book represents my first-ever completed series and I'm really excited (and a little verklempt) about that! Here are the first three covers:

Sign-ups now closed! Look for the cover everywhere tomorrow, 9/18! And thanks!

Thanks for reading!



Amy said...

Yay! I now have time to read NoN and WoW before April. :)

Laura Kaye said...

Yay! Thanks Amy!

Sophia Rose said...

I'm so excited about the release of this last book. I'm going to check with the blog manager at our site to see if we have room to post this one and I really hope we do.