Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome Guest Author Joya Fields! #PNR #ghosts #research

Welcome Guest Author
Joya Fields 
to the Blog!
See below for her giveaway!
Very happy to have my good friend Joya Fields back on the blog today to celebrate her new release, Altered Frequency (Hauntings at Inner Harbor #2). She wanted to share some fun research she got to do for the book. So, read on...

Thanks so very much for having me back on your wonderful blog, Laura. You have the most amazing readers and followers, and I always have a blast when I stop by. I’m popping in today to chat about how much fun it was to research my latest release, Altered Frequency (Hauntings at Inner Harbor, Book 2).

Altered Frequency features a heroine who is a deejay and a hero who’s a cop. And a matchmaking ghost! Well, I know a lot about police because I also write suspense. And I know a little about ghosts because I’ve written another ghost story. But writing a deejay was new to me. There’s a local radio station here in Baltimore, WLIF, with a deejay that plays dedications on a night-time show. She has a diverse following—people of all ages love her show. I contacted the deejay, Fran Lane, about a potential fact-finding interview and she kindly invited me to the station.

How cool was that? I got to meet Fran, who was every bit as beautiful as the photo of the heroine I’d already picked out (she liked that the hero I’d picked was Keanu Reeves), and got an insiders’ look at the entire station from the break room to the on-air studio. Then we settled in her studio for an interview and she answered a ton of questions. And here’s the thing: Once I finished the interview, I wanted to keep talking because she has the sort of soothing, kind voice you want to listen to all day long.

Meeting Fran, and touring the station, made Altered Frequency much more realistic than it ever would have been if I hadn’t had the chance to visit the station. Being an author is a lot of fun every single day, but on this particular day, it was extra fun because, once I got home, it only took me three weeks to write the entire story.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. Altered Frequency (Hauntings at Inner Harbor. Book 2) is now available and I’m giving away an e-copy of  the first book in the series, Hereafter (Book 1, Hauntings at Inner Harbor) along with a hot-off-the-presses set of Romance Trading Cards for Altered Frequency to a commenter today. Rules: must leave email address! Open to international! Ends midnight EST Friday 5/24!

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Joya said...

Thanks for having me today, Laura! And congrats on the re-release of Hearts in Darkness!

Amy said...

Just read my first Laura Kaye book and with that comes me researching more books which brought me to her website and blog. I remember your name Joya, as I think you won one of Wendy S. Marcus' books from my blog (somanyreads.com). I have yet to read your books but am intrigued now! Thanks for giving us the background on your research. I have yet to meet a deejay so I look forward to reading your book! And I plan to go check out your other books as well.

amy at remus dot net

Joya said...

Hi Amy! Wow, you have a great memory. Yes, I won Wendy's book (and loved it!) Thanks so much for checking out my books and congrats on reading your first Laura Kaye book, too!
Since you've never met a deejay before, hopefully you'll feel like you know one well after reading Altered Frequency. :)
Thanks very much for stopping by.

Jessica Subject said...

Hi Joya! I think it's so cool that Fran invited you to the station for an interview. :) All the best with your new release!

Rashda Khan said...

Congrats Joya & Laura!

Wishing you both all the best!

Joya said...

@Jess-I agree, LOL! It was cool to tour the station and meet a deejay in person. Thanks so very much for stopping by.
@Rashda-Hey! Great to hear from you. Thanks for popping in! :)

Cate Masters said...

Congrats on your latest, Joya! Very cool that the deejay was so accommodating.

Joya said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for the congrats, Cate! Yes, one thing about this deejay--she was cool!! :)

writery said...

I agree. research is fun. and Keanu Reeves just gets better with age, doesn't he?

Joya said...

@writery-I TOTALLY agree that Keanu Reeves gets better with age!! LOL Thanks for stopping by. :)

Olivia Starke said...

How awesome that you got to interview a deejay! Congrats on your release, I adore the idea of a matchmaking ghost :)

Joya said...

Thanks, Olivia! And so glad you like the idea of a matchmaking ghost. :)

Kiru Taye said...

So cool that you met the deejay. Research can be fun. Congrats, Joya on your latest book.

Joya said...

@Kiru-Hey! Thanks for stopping by, my friend, and thanks for the congrats, too. :)

bibbiesparks said...

This is the first time I have heard of your books, but what I have read of the excerpts have now have me hook.. bibbiesparks@yahoo.comuu

Urb said...

Wow, I love finding new authors! Where have you been all my life? Thank you!
brendurbanist at gmail dot com

Joya said...

@bibbiesparks-Yay! So glad you're hooked. Thanks very much.

@Urb-Hahaha. Love it: *where have you been all my life?* That's great.

Thanks so very much for hosting Altered Frequency and me, Laura, and thanks so much to all of you wonderful readers for leaving comments. I'm going to head to random.org to do the drawing and I'll be right back to post the winner! :)

Joya said...

Thanks again for your awesome comments! The winner of a digital copy of HEREAFTER (Hauntings at Inner Harbor, Book 1) and a set of Romance Trading Cards from ALTERERED FREQUENCY (Hauntings at Inner Harbor, Book 2) is:
I'll send you an email right away with details. :)

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone - the winner of Joya's ebook is:

amy at remus dot net


Laura Kaye said...

Ha! Joya was so on the ball I didn't notice she'd picked a winner! Well, Amy, I'm sending you a copy of Hereafter, too! :)