Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#SouthofSurrender Release Day Giveaway!

Thank you to all the wonderful blogs participating in the release day blitz giveaway for South of Surrender! Visit them all to read exclusive never-before-shared excerpts from the book! Each comment enters you to win one of 5 $50 gift cards to winners' choice of Amazon, B&N, or iTunes! This contest is only for 24 hours, so don't miss your chance! Winners will be announced here on May 29!

In a few cases, you might have to scroll to the blog's second or third post. Here we go:

Winners have been announced! CONGRATULATIONS! See highlights below:


boozebookzandbadboyz - not yet posted

herding cats & burning soup
Herding Cats & Burning Soup
Not a favourite line i loved all teh excerpt^^;;

Cocktails and Books
Cocktails and Books
Alix says:
“It was only with the barest of restraint that he resisted willing her clothing away, turning her to face the wall, and tugging her hips out so he could bury himself deep.”
anpoulter at aol dot com

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Book Lovin' Mamas
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Fangs, wands  & fairy dust
Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
Vanessa N.· 21 hours ago
Favorite line - That she got to experience this, that he'd made her see the beauty in something that had long terrified her, that he'd shared it at all.

Viviana, Enchantress of Books
Christi Barth's Blog
Sarah Ballance
Melissa MacKinnon | Author
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L. V. Lewis
LV Lewis
Selena Mc says:
What an emotional & passionate excerpt. I liked, “He lunged for her and claimed her in a devouring, soul-stirring kiss. He knew what was about to come out of her mouth, because she was wearing the emotion on her face, in her eyes. He just couldn’t hear it. He wasn’t ready for it. He might never be ready for it because he wanted to hear the words so damn bad.” Very hot! He wants so bad to ignore his feelings, but can’t. I think he’s gonna lose this battle. At least, I hope he does ;) Hehe
I’ve been looking forward to this book for a long time! Huge Laura Kaye & ‘Hearts of the Anemoi’ series fan!! Can’t wait to devour Chrys’s book! Congratulations on your big release Laura =D
-Selena Mc redzsm@yahoo.com

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The Reading Cafe
Hesperia Loves Books
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Nina's Literary Escape
Books Books and More Books
Celia Breslin
Novel Reflections

Simply Ali
Simply Ali
Allison W said...
Make no mistake. We are at war. We will not all come out of it alive. Sacrifices will be made.
Great excerpt! allison dot westcote at gmail dot com

Winners! Email me at laurakayeauthor @ gmail.com with your choice of a gift card from Amazon, B&N, or iTunes!

If you don't win in the Blitz Day Giveaway, check out the South of Surrender Blog Tour that runs through June 21! Good luck! And thanks for hopping around!



survifam said...

Pick me!! Imagine the reading that can be done with one of those gift cards!

Elisha Snell said...

Exciting GIVEAWAY! Good luck to all that enters!

CBrand said...

I have loved the first 2 books - can't wait for South of Surrender!!! I would love to win of course!!!
A really wonderful series!!

Irene Velazquez said...

WOOHOOOO!!! awesome giveaway!!!!Thanks Laura!

lorrie0729 said...

I would love to win what a great giveaway

Michelle L. said...

can't wait to read the book & thanks for the giveaway! <3
aQrose at yahoo dot com

pam said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Maria Fontes said...

Oh wow, fabulous giveaway! Oooh, so many books I could buy! :)

Ang said...

Who wouldn't love to win this?!?! More books is always good.

Ang said...

Who wouldn't love to win this?!?! More books is always good.

Stephanie Jacob said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Yvette Sharp said...

Wow what a huge list of blogs participating & an awesome giveaway!! Good luck everyone :)

zitarva said...

That is a lot of blogs! Happy Release Day!

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks everyone! Good luck!

sheryl said...

I love this series and I can't wait to start this one. Thanks

Brandi said...

Awesome giveaway! Cannot wait to read this one! :)

susanmp said...

awesome giveaway for a great new release!

susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

Wendy Hoffman said...

Thank you for the chance to enter! Can't wait to read this one! wendynjason04@gmail.com

Katrina W said...

Have read them all cant wait for this one !! good luck everyone !!



Carol said...

Always love chances to win gift cards that can keep me in reading material.

cgclynsg0 @ gmail . com

Jeannette Aguilar said...

I would love to win and get some nice new shiny books. Happy release day Laura! Jeann830@yahoo.com

jess n said...

Luv a great contest that can feed my book addiction!!!!

Love_Writes said...

So need to buy and Start this series. I realize that now..

Elizabeth H. said...

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

ehaney578 at aol dot com

Malinda said...

I've read the first two in the series and have been impatiently waiting for this installment. Thanks for the release day contest and the chance to win gift cards that will add to my ever growing book collection.

Laura Kaye said...

You guys rock! Thanks for all the release day love! Good luck!

Millionmph said...

It's finally here! Happy new release day!
Adding to my neverending TBR pile! :)

Susan Coster said...

OH EM GEE~ Congratulations on your new release and while you're at it, enter me to win a gift card or three.

Mistress S said...

Woo Hoo!! Can't wait to read it! Well... and the giveaway is also awesome. ;)

Michelle McLean said...

How fun! Happy book birthday!!

teena3940 said...

Great looking book...Thanks for this great giveaway!!

Tanya conaway said...

Awesome giveaway con the new release

KForth said...

Awesome giveaway! Can't wait to read it.

Nicole Laverdure said...

Congrats on the release of your book! Your book cover is gorgeous and sexy!Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

bluesun1218 said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! good luck everyone and happy reading! :)

Kristine *chaos* said...

Happy release day. I would love to win please pick me

Teresa Glenn-Harrell said...

Your books are intriguing.

redzsm said...

Congrats on your big release today Laura! WOOT WOOT!! I love this series & can't wait to read Chrys's story!! Been anticipating this one for a while :)

-Selena Mc

Rosarita Reader said...

Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, I look forward to reading these books. :D

Kelsey Summer said...

Thanks for the great giveaway and for the great book. Loved it, as always!


Lora Musikantow said...

Thanks for the giveaway. your awesome

Sophia Rose said...

Happy Release Day, Laura! Look forward to reading SoS. I have it ready to go.

books4me said...

Congrats, again, Laura on another winner! Had a fun time hopping around and reading the four excerpts...and finding some new blogs to follow!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Laura Kaye said...

You guys are the best! Thanks for all the release day love! xoxo!

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

Got my book and can't wait to get reading tonight! The family can fend for themselves, can't they??

Christine said...

what an awesome giveaway. Thank you. your book sounds interesting and the cover looks hot!!!

Arely ZPerez said...

Oh my God, are you trying to torture me with all of those excerpts?! I need this book!!

elaing8 said...

Happy Release day!!!!

laurie said...

I would love to win what a great giveaway

Justin Melter said...

Honestly, I think the first line is really the best starting from this point. It's always awesome to see a strong opening. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

"see through his golden boy façade to the broken god within."

*Pernille* said...

Happy release day!
Can´t wait to read your book :D

Laura Kaye said...

You guys rock! Thanks for all the fun comments!

SpiderEffect said...

Congrats on your new release!!
Looking forward to reading this one!

lomeli55 said...

Congratulations Laura! All reviews are sounding AMAZING! You go girl! :)

MaryC said...

Congratulations on the release of SOUTH OF SURRENDER! Loved the first two books and can't wait to read this one!

Tamara Hoffa said...

Pick me! Love you lady

Kai said...

Laura, Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. It is a great introduction to you and your books.

Dayna Janzen said...

I think the first line is the best...although I am sure the book gets MUCH better ;)

"see through his golden boy façade to the broken god within."

dayloro (at) hotmail (dot) com

Gaby Pendragon said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!

vadeluna07 said...

Loved all the excerpts! Can't wait to read this book!


Catherine Lee said...

It was fun reading the four different excerpts on the various blogs yesterday!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

miki said...

i really enjoyed to have different excerpt and not only the same at all blog

i hope you had a great release day