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I'm Naughty & Have 10 Scenes to Prove It! #Erotic #NewYearsHop

Welcome to the Naughty New Years Blog Hop! And thanks to Skye Warren for organizing this awesome hop! If you are looking for something hot, sexy, fun, and maybe even naughty to read, you've come to the right place!

Before I get to the giveaways, I thought I'd share what I think are my 10 steamiest scenes from across all of my books (along with a one-sentence teaser from that scene) – you can let me know if you agree or if I missed your favorite!

10. Up Against the Wall Scene, West of Want. “Closing his eyes, he became sensation, smelling her scent on his mouth, feeling her slick grip on his shaft and her short fingernails dig into his neck, hearing the long, satisfied sigh that escaped from her swollen lips.”

9. Make-Up Sex/Feeding Scene, In the Service of the King. “Kael threw his head back and roared in a sound that could only be described as ecstatic triumph, then as quickly dropped his face to her throat and buried his fangs deep within the yielding flesh of her neck.”

8. Dungeon Scene, Seduced by the Vampire King. “Hanging on the dungeon bars, Kate’s whole body sagged against him, her weight falling onto his chest and the hand between her legs.”
7. Lake Scene, Her Forbidden Hero. “The firm ridge of his erection pressed and nudged between her legs, and soon Alyssa couldn’t help but rub herself against him as they continued to kiss and nibble at each other’s skin.”

6. Ski Resort Scene, North of Need. “They kissed and writhed in a frenzy. Desire overwhelmed her. ‘In me. Get in me.’”

5. Up Against the Wall Scene, One Night with a Hero. “One hand gripping a breast and the other her shoulder, Brady hunched himself over her body and came at her with a series of quick, deep strokes she felt everywhere.”

4. Foursome Scene, Just Gotta Say. “An erotic soundtrack filled the air—her constant moaning, Jack’s stream of muttered expletives and encouragements, Lucas’s guttural grunts, the bed shifting under them, their bodies slapping together.”

3. Consummation Ceremony Scene, In the Service of the King. The only reason this isn’t number two is because there’s no sex. Without question, it’s my most erotic non-intercourse scene! “Shayla was so magnificent in her bloodlust that he reveled in every wanton lick and rough suck of her mouth on his skin.”

2. Elevator Make-out Scene #2, Hearts in Darkness. “‘Tell me, Red, you gotta say it out loud. I can’t see your face or your eyes, and I don’t want to make any mistakes here.’”

1. Truck Scene, One Night with a Hero. Since I’m celebrating this book right now, I’m putting this scene, definitely one of my hottest, in the preeminent position! *grins* “Joss held her skirt out of the way as Brady used his massive thighs to hammer his hips upward, fucking her even though she was on top.”

So, is your favorite here? Or, if you haven't read any of my books, which one sounds most delicious to you? Comment to enter to win:

Ms. Reality
Latisha D.
Three commenters will win their choice of any of the ebooks listed here. Follow my blog for an extra two entries - just put in your comment what your blog follow name is (current followers list your name, too)! MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ENTER! Comments on my blog ALSO count as entries toward the grand prizes, $100 gift card to Eden Fantasys and a 10-ebook-prize pack. All giveaways end at midnight EST on January 6:

Thanks so much for hopping by my place! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Sarah said...

I have to say I think my favourite is the truck scene in One Night with a Hero - I LOVE Brady! The lake scene with Marco is pretty memorable too though ;)

sarahsreviews at ymail dot com

I'm also a blog follower, the name still shows as Sarah but for some reason the picture is different than the one when I comment (the follower pic is of a red crescent moon with a teardrop)

Katrina W said...

Elevator scene is one of my favourite!!hot!

but I do love Owen tooo..

Id love to read In The service of the king ;)

I also follow your blog.

Katrina whittaker

kat !! ;)

Steph from said...

But you look like the girl next door.....

Hearts in Darkness is my favorite. I follow you here, FB Twitter, etc. Steph at

Linda said...

Oh mah gosh, love them all! =) but your #1 is a def. favorite,

Happy New Year!

crystaley73 said...

The Elevator Scene is my fave.
I follow GFC crystaley73
Twitter @crystaley73
FB Crystal Young
crystaley73 at yahoo dot com

Gayle Latreille said...

There is just something about elevator scenes and the possibility of being discovered, tee hee.

I follow you on your Blog, email, Twitter, Facebook and have your books on Pinterest.


veRONIca said...

Unfortunately haven't read any of these but #5 Up Against the Wall Scene, One Night with a Hero sounds super hot!

And I follow on Twitter @PinhoRoni

Chrisbails said...

I love all the scenes and have read most of your books. I loved One Night With a Hero, Her Forbidden Hero, and Just Gotta Say the Most. Just Gotta Say was great, but short. Love Brady & Alyssa. The first book that I fell in love with you was Forever Freed. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
christinebails at yahoo dot com

Joanne said...

OMG! What hot scenes. My favorites are the Lake scene from Her Forbidden Hero, make up sex from In the Service of the King, and the elevator make out scene from Hearts in Darkness.
Thanks for the great giveaway.


Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...

Oh boy, did I ever love that truck scene in One Night! Just Gotta Say was super hot, too.
Follow name is Andrea Thompson

elaing8 said...

Just Gotta Say was super hot :)

Mary Beth Provence said...

Elevator scene in Heart.

shellbelle said... hard to chose. I think the elevator scene or the foursome. All a frickin hot!

Michelle H. said...

I love the scene from Hearts in Darkness. I remember reading the story & thinking to myself, "You Have to find more books by Laura Kaye".
I've never been disappointed!

Michelle Harlan-blog follower via email & GFC

harlan_michelle AT yahoo DOT com

Kat Morrisey said...

Oh dear lord...I had to a number of your other books to my TBR list after that top 10 list! *fans self* (I'm reading Her Forbidden Hero as we speak and loving it!)
I follow via GFC (Kat Morrisey) as well! Happy New year!

Vickie said...

Oh definitely #2!!!! Love me some Caden! So glad it was #2 on the list!!!!

Irene Velazquez said...

Although I am a fan of Hearts in Darkness and I love Caden...I have to say the one that sounds utterly delectable is "Just gotta Say" I mean "bodies slapping together"...YUM!
I also follow via GFC "Poison IV"

Emily Bowes said...

I have your books on my wishlist. I am most looking forward to reading "heart in darkness." Thanks for being part of the blog hop. I hope you have a great 2013.

Emilyb0924 at gmail dot com

magic5905 said...

Thanks for the great hop.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

prplemonkey said...

I just finished One Night With a Hero yesterday, and until I read this list, I was certain that my vote would be for any scene with Brady ... but now I really really really want to read Heart in Darkness. “‘Tell me, Red, you gotta say it out loud. I can’t see your face or your eyes, and I don’t want to make any mistakes here.’” OMG. Yes, please.

I'm going to follow you now ... not sure I can wait for the giveaway to end before buying that one, but I'd happily read any of the others!

Cylver said...

Laura, I've read all your books and love them, but there's just something special about Owen. Maybe it's the mismatched eyes. Don't know, but I totally have a soft spot for him. He's such a sweetie! Cylver AKA Sylvie

Victoria said...

The Ski resort with Owen :).
I follow as Victoria Sloboda


Arely ZPerez said...

I've heard lots of good things about One Night With A Hero! I've been dying to read it!


angieia said...

I can't wait to read One Night with a Hero! It is on my TBR pile.

SdyLion said...

Up against the Wall scene in West Of Want is in my top 10. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

Sophia Rose said...

I've read four of those books and I've gotta say that I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite between them.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
GFC follower: Sophia Rose

sophiarose1816 at gmail dot com

lomeli55 said...

Of course any sex scene with Brady is my favorite!!! :P

Ning said...

omg One Night with a Hero!! You've totally convinced me to read it lol

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

GFC follow: Ning

Beckey said...

First off Congrats on the reader awards ;)

I have read a few of your books and REALLY enjoyed them.

Happy New Year


Reagan said...

Great blog hop and I love all of your books!!

Shadow said...

Hi! Happy New Years! There all great but the elevator scene is my favorite! Love it! :D Thanks for the awesome hop and all the giveaways! This is so fun! I love these hops! I always meet new authors, reconnect with old ones and my TBR list grows by leaps and bounds! Thank you!! Have a great day! Best wishes and many blessings to you!

Jessi said...

Victoria Dahl's one scene in Real Men Will. I needed a cold shower afterwards.


seelk said...

Can't believe I have not read any of your books! I have to remedy that asap. They all look so yummy! One Night with a Hero!
Thanks for the giveaway.

started following your blog Enikö
on FB too

seelk67 at gmail dot com

Laura Kaye said...

Aw, your comments are awesome, guys, and so much fun to read! Thanks for stopping by and happy hopping!

Erica said...

7, 5, AND 1 are all my favorites. I <3 those books :)

And clearly I need to remedy the fact I haven't read your others yet ASAP!

I'm a follower- my follow name is Erica

thebookcellarx @

bibbiesparks said...

It is hard for me to choose because I like all of your books and can't decide on only one.I hope you have a nice but naughty New Year.

vera mallard said...

thanks for the hop. cant wait to see who wins; love your books
vera28546 at yahoo (dot) com

Carin said...

Happy New Year Laura, I never doubted you were naughty for a minute ;) You know I follow your blog (Email follower mawmom at gmail dot com) Thanks Carin
mawmom at gmail dot com

DaVinciKittie said...

Ooo toughie - several of my favorites up there! Gonna have to say my top two are from One Night With a Hero, probably tied: #1 (Truck scene) and $5 (Wall scene). That Brady... *hearty sigh*

davincikittie (at) gravetells (dot) com

Email subscriber (Sue Brown, see entry info for that email addy)

Rhianna said...

Thinking I need to add another resolution... read Seduced by the Vampire King. lol

:) One of my faves of all time isn't as detailed here as it could be... the Lake Scene from HER FORBIDDEN HERO... scorching. Should literally be making steam come off the lake. lol

always.and.never AT gmail DOT com

Tessa said...

They all are nice, can't decide. I follow you on twitter, tessananni is my name and I am a e-mail subscriber to the blog.
tessa (dot) bamberg (at) kolumbus (dot) fi

Kelsey Summer said...

My favorite was the Elevator scene, although I've read and loved all of them.


Ms. Reality said...

Thanks! I love love to read! Any would be wonderful! Thanks

I follow GFC Ms. Reality

Mickala said...

I haven't read any of your books but I've been really wanting to. Hearts in Darkness looks like my favorite just by reading the descriptions. Thank you for the giveaway!

jessiel said...

OK....I really think I need to set aside a Laura Kaye week. I have 2 of your books on my Kindle to read & looks like I'll be adding more. I know that some of them are on my TBRs. Thank you for the great post & the giveaway!

JessieL62 at comcast dot net

Cathy V said...

Wow! How to choose?! For me it's a toss up between the Up Against the Wall Scene, One Night with a Hero and the Foursome Scene, Just Gotta Say!
Thanks for the great post introducing me to your hot books and this giveaway!


kimmyl said...

!Thanks for the giveaway and Happy New Year!!!!! I can't wait for all the new books that will be coming out in 2013!

Jillyn said...

I'd love to read North of Need. Thanks for the giveaway.


Ashley Williams said...

I would love to read all of your books! Happy New Year!
New follower

Stacey said...

I've only read Hearts in Darkness, but the rest are on my TBR list!

Happy New Year


Dione Sage said...

Thank you for the giveaway!
uilani25 (at) hotmail (dot) com

susanmp said...

Happy New Year! All these books look so good!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Vanessa N. said...

My favorite would be number 6 from North of Need.

Shar Simms said...

Happy New Year!


JessS said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't read any of them but 4, 5 and 8 sound really good!


AquarianDancer said...

West of Want!

I also loved the igloo scene in North of Need. I love Owen.

AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

Cassandra said...

Love them!! :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Pepper Penn said...
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Pepper Penn said...
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Pepper Penn said...

ok sorry, i have written and deleted twice. but i had to add this: i didn't realize that you are THE laura kaye! so i have to say that i am obsessed with one night with a hero! definitely one of my top of 2012! and i have more of your books on my TBR. i am gushing, but i feel silly i didn't realize i was commenting on your blog. ok, thanks for the giveaway. i now follow you on all things i can follow you! you are amazeballs.
pepperpenn42 at gmail dot com

Sue said...

Hearts in Darkness is still one of my favorite books. But I gotta say I loved Brady!
Happy New Year and thanks for the hop.


Wild N Mild $$$ said...

My goal for 2013 is to be more active. I didn't follow through on my 2012's.

Happy New Year!!
Jennifer Rote
wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

Jeanette Platt said...

Its a toss up between In the service of the king and One night with a hero.

I get your email... Thanks for being part of the blog hop.

kimberly holgate said...

hearts in darkness looks really good love the cover
kaholgate at ymail dot com

Erika said...

The One Night with a Hero scenes sound pretty hot to me! Thanks for the post and giveaway!
Happy New Year! saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone! Hope you're enjoying the hop!

Pepper - too funny! So glad you like the book!!!

Timitra said...

My favorite scene is #10 from West Of Want!

Sandi Burch said...

I haven't read any of the books, but I think one night with a hero sounds most intriguing!!! I would love to win this, Laura...:-)

Mer said...

Haven't read it (need to fix that!) but I really like the idea of the elevator makeout scene.

dancingcelt at gmail dot com

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

I have read them all except for In The Service of the King, which I have just started, and Just Gotta Say, which I don't have yet. So far my fav of all is North of Need! Loves me some Owen!

Wendy Norris Roberts said...
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CBarton said...

Love the one Night with a Hero books. hank you for the giveaway and Happy New Year!

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

I guess I had better leave my email and blog name:
Wendy Norris Roberts

Amiee Ryan said...

The truck scene is favorite, love Brady and that scene when i was reading One Night with a Hero :D thanks for the great giveaway and Happy New Year!

GFC follower: Amiee Ryan
Twitter: @AmieeRyan
Facebook: Amy Ryan
Pinterest: Amy Ryan

TwiMom22580 said...

I can't choose between the Hearts in Darkness or the Hero scenes. I loved all 3 books.

K. April Holgate said...

I have not read your books yet but after all those sexy scenes I am def going to!!
So, many great new authors and book to add to my TBR pile and stalk after this hop!

Laura Kaye said...

Commenting on behalf of Michael Vannoy, for whom blogger isn't working!

bw said...

Well, Laura, I "Just gotta Say"- that book would be my choice! Beth

Kathy L. said...

Happy New Year!

Jo said...

North of Need really caught my eye.

Happy New Year!

jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

JoAnna said...

I gotta say I like the sounds of your #1. Happy New Year!

beckerjo at verizon dot net

Kyla Whitley said...

Hi! Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing in the hop!

Janea C. said...

I really like scene from One Night with a Hero. Happy New Year!

latishajean said...

I have to say Hearts in Darkness .
Thank you very much for the great giveaway and fun blog hop!
I wish you a very Happy New Year!
Latisha D

whitk227 said...

Caden - without a doubt!

Happy New Year!


whitk227 (at) gmail (dot) com