Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Help Caridad Pineiro Help Hurricane #Sandy Relief ~ #JerseyShore #NJ

When I moved to New Jersey, I was lucky enough to be able to spend time along the Jersey Shore.  It was great to take long strolls along miles of boardwalk, enjoy frozen custard cones, and noisy rides.  Explore the towns with their beautiful old Victorians.  Take a risk at a casino!  There are just so many other unique flavors in the many Shore towns.  Of course, there is also the beauty of the dunes and ocean which inspired my SIN HUNTERS series.

The Jersey Shore is my home and I love it.  So it was heartbreaking to walk the many miles of boardwalk and see damage in one town after the other.  I’ve posted some before and after photos on my Facebook Fan Page.

I’ve always been someone who believes in helping others, especially since my current release, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, is set in Atlantic City.  For starters, I did a last minute rewrite to the book to add mentions of the storm and add a message of hope about rebuilding the Shore. It delayed release of the book, but everyone involved with the project believe that it was worthwhile to do this.

Here is a little blurb about THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE:
Prince Alexander Ivanov is scrambling to save his reputation and his livelihood. One of the Russian Nights Casino's hostesses has disappeared, and his business is suddenly under investigation by the FBI for associations with the mob and money laundering.

Special Agent Kathleen Martinez has no patience with rich, entitled aristocrats, especially one like Alexander Ivanov whom she believes is involved in the vicious human trafficking ring which she'd tried—and failed—to shut down two years earlier. With a second chance to bring him to justice, she goes undercover in the casino, but instead of facing the villain she expected, she finds herself battling a sizzling attraction to the man.

Now, forced to work together to trace the source of the illegal activities, the danger—and the passion between them—grows out of control, and they slowly begin to realize the biggest danger isn’t to the casino, it’s to their lives…and to their hearts.
But I also decided that I needed to do more and for that reason, I’m donating my share of the proceeds from the sales of THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund. I’m hoping that we can rebuild and restore the Shore so that people can go home and reopen the businesses that have been affected by the storm.

Thank you for letting me visit, Laura!  I appreciate you letting me help spread the word about this campaign.  For those of who would like to help out, please post this where you can:

Best-selling author Caridad Pineiro is helping to rebuild the shore by donating proceeds of her latest romantic suspense release, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, from now until March 1, 2013. Caridad’s share of the proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief fund. THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is available for download at Amazon via this link: or at B&N via this link:

Please help spread the word by tweeting this to your friends:
THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #kindle PLZ RT

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #nook PLZ RT

THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE Proceeds to Benefit Hurricane #Sandy #NJ #Kobo
Thank you so much for your support!

Totally great cause, Caridad! Thanks for sharing it with us! And thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading! Please leave Caridad some comment love and share what you can!



Carin said...

Caridad, I bought this as soon as you made the announcement about the relief effort and have been following your update pictures of the shore. I am trying to spread the word and hope that we are able to help you make a difference. :D Carin

Rebecca Mills said...

Caridad. Have been sharing and watching post. I hope that we can all help you make a difference

Caridad Pineiro said...

Thank you so much for letting me visit! I really appreciate you sharing this info.

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