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Welcome Guest Author Sasha Summers & Medusa!

Welcome Guest Author
Sasha Summers
to the blog today!

Welcome, Sasha!  Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

Hi Laura, thank you for having me. My pen name is Sasha Summers – it’s the only one I have. J I write contemporary romance, romantic fantasy, and sci-fi romance.

Awesome! So, tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

Medusa, A Love Story came out last month. It is, I think, a lovely novel if you are a fan of Greek Mythology or historical/fantasy novels or romantic tragedies.

I think the tagline sums it up fairly well: It’s said that love can change a person. Medusa wasn’t always a monster…

Very cool! I love mythology romance! Which character is your favorite and why?

I loved Ariston. I’m not sure he was my favorite as I enjoyed them all, but he was so strong – such a wonderful hero. Both he and Medusa are. They know what’s right and stay true to duty throughout the story. You can’t help but root for them even though you know what’s going to happen. I don’t change the Medusa myth, I just offer a ‘what if’ to it.

I’m so intrigued! *grins* As the author, what surprised you about this story?

The whole story, really. I didn’t set out to write a historical myth retelling – but the story came and demanded to be written. I was really sucked into it while I wrote it. Even now, working on the next books, it’s like traveling to another time and place. A magical place.

That’s an awesome feeling! Will there be any sequels or other books in the same series?

Yes, Book 2 of the Loves of Olympus series is Hades’s story. It’s called For the Love of Hades and will release in January. I’m working on Book 3 and have two more plotted… but there are so many possibilities…

Wonderful! I love a series! What was the hardest thing for you about writing this story?

It was emotional. I cried and wanted to change things so it would end differently. One of my critique partners told me I had to change the ending. I didn’t, I couldn’t. And I don’t think she ever read the ending – LOL!

What are you working on right now?

I normally have a few projects going at one, to keep things flowing. I’m working on Apollo’s story – along the lines of Medusa’s tale – and the 3rd book in my Hollywood contemporary romance series as well. I’m also waiting on my edits for my scifi novella.

Busy author! Awesome! What happened to the first book you ever wrote?

I have it. It’s a massive thing, all typed up on a Brother Word processor that took floppy disks. It’s a historical romance – a western. And I was very young when I finished it… Probably will never see the light of day!

Fun story! What do you find easiest and hardest to write?

Hardest, sincere emotion from the male perspective. Men don’t talk the way women do. I try to write honestly. But since I’m a woman, I have no idea if I get it right or not.

Easiest – the naughty bits. J

Woot! Have you incorporated actual events or people from your own life into your books?

Not in my mythology, no. It’s a time apart, the people and everything are very much a ‘movie in my head’ that I write. However, I do ‘cast’ my characters with actors. And sometimes they’re ticks or habits will leek onto the page.

In my contemporary a little more, I guess. Some of my characters resemble people I know or actors/actresses I’m a fan of. Are they those people? No. But I use bits and pieces to make it real for me. 

Makes sense! Is there a theme or message that runs through your work?

Love requires compromise and, sometimes, sacrifice. Obviously not to the extremes that are represented in the mythology stories, though.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

I don’t have lots of surprises… I’m a painter as well.

Very cool! Which romance book or series (or other genre, if you don’t write romance) do you wish you had written?

That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure. I’m a big time reader, I can’t imagine writing someone else’s book – if that makes sense? J

Of all the characters you’ve ever written, who is your favorite and why?

Here’s the thing. I get totally invested in the characters that I’m currently writing. I loved writing Poseidon and Hades and now I’m loving Apollo.

I totally get that! Okay, now, just for fun:

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark

Salty or sweet? Depends on my mood ;)

Bed or kitchen table? Bed

Beach or mountains? Beach

Give or receive? Give

It's said love can change a person. Medusa wasn't always a monster...

Medusa is ruled by duty, to her Titan father and the Goddess Athena. She's no room for the tenderness her warrior guard, Ariston, stirs. When Olympus frees her from service, her heart leads her into the arms of the guard she loves... and curses her as the creature with serpent locks.

Ariston goes to war with a full heart... and dreadful foreboding. He learns too late of the danger Medusa faces, alone, and a Persian blade sends him into the Underworld. But death, curses, nor the wrath of the Gods will keep him from returning to her.

Poseidon will use Greece's war to get what he wants: Medusa. He does not care that she belongs to another. He does not care that she will be damned. He is a God, an Olympian, and she will be his.

“You asked for an audience, you have it. Now tell me, where do you belong?” Hades’ voice was deep, emotionless.
            Ariston swallowed. “Athens.” He met Hades’ gaze, but the God revealed nothing to him.
“Why? You died with honor and glory. Is that not what every soldier wants?” 
            “My wife…” His voice wavered.
Hades brow lifted slightly. “Lives. You do not.”
            “She is in danger.”
            “Earthly danger. She is no longer your concern, Ariston.”
            “The danger she faces is not earthly, but far from it…” Ariston’s voice was hoarse, his desperation mounting. He took a wavering breath before he began again. “She is everything to me. I am proud of my death, but it means nothing if she is in peril. I must know.” Ariston kneeled. “I beg you. I beg you to return me to Athens.”
            Ariston waited, willing himself to be strong.
            “Who is this wife?” Hades asked.
            “Medusa of Athens.” He paused. “Now of Rhodes.”
            Hades was silent, his dark blue eyes regarding him steadily.
            “When I die—” Ariston began.
            “You are dead,” Hades assured him.
“When I return…die again, I would serve as guardian to Tartarus. I am a skilled warrior, a skill I might offer you.” He spoke with confidence.
            “You vex me,” Hades muttered, the slightest crease appearing between his eyes. “You offer this to me for a woman?”
            Ariston nodded. “She is worthy.”
Hades was silent again, his eyes shifting to the blue-white flames in the massive
“My words do not…adequately express the love I have for this woman. But I cannot leave her. She is at risk. I must return.” The words came without thought. How could he justify such emotion to a God who reviled affection or companionship? “As Olympus has my arm and sword, she has my heart – a mortal, and perhaps weak, heart.”
The room was silent for too long. He would have to fight his way out…
            “It is a weakness not reserved for mortals alone, Ariston of Rhodes.” Hades’ words were so soft Ariston feared they’d not been spoken. But Hades continued, strong and clear. “I will return you to your ship so that you may lead your men to victory. Too many have fallen from this war and I would see it end. When that is done, you may go to your wife.” He paused then added, “When you return to my realm, I will have your fealty.”
            The God of the Underworld, Lord of Death, gave him mercy? Mayhap there was one God he might serve with honor. 
Ariston vowed, “You have it.”

Thanks again for having me Laura. I’m a big fan!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING MY GUEST! Okay, everyone, leave Sasha some new release love! Did you have a favorite line from the excerpt! Thanks for reading!


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Debut Author Julia Bade talks about The Feria!

Welcome Guest Author
Julia Bade
to the Blog!

Hey guys! Please help me welcome Julia Bade to the blog today! She's celebrating her debut release - how exciting! - and is here to tell you about the inspiration behind her debut novel. Plus Giveaway! Read on...

Hello Everyone! Thank you for stopping by today to celebrate the release of The Feria! And a special thank you to an amazing author, the dazzling Laura Kaye, for a lift on the virtual highway today!

If you’re looking for an easy read with all the elements that come together for a whirlwind love story, then you’ll enjoy the tension, victory, uncertainty, vindication and of course, some very tender loving moments in The Feria!

I wanted to share some inspiration behind my book. First and foremost, my character, Soledad is named for my sweet and precious grandmother, who I miss every day. I’m not sure how she’d feel knowing I put her in a romance novel, and that she gets to participate in all that comes with romance… *snicker* but either way, I hope she’s proud…

…When I was a little girl, every summer I’d wait on pins and needles to hear the words: The feria is in town. The feria is the Mexican word for a fair, or carnival-type event. While I had no idea how to measure exactly when it would arrive, I only knew that once school was out for summer, the feria came shortly thereafter. Next to no school, it was the next best part of summer.

Our feria took place in our sister city, Juarez, Mexico. While we lived in Texas, Mexico was literally only minutes away.

Rides, vendors, foods, dancing, music, treats, and of course, the tapestry of people there made the event unforgettable.

The last year I attended was 2000, with the man who would become my husband. I was a fresh-faced 20-something with the energy that came in bounds, a brand-spankin’ new college degree, and a gorgeous man by my side. Needless to say, just like my character, Soledad, the feria holds very special meaning to me.

About this time last year, I found a photo of two much younger, much more energetic looking people, my then boyfriend and myself (now parents of 5!), one we took that very night in 2000 at the feria, and memories began to spark and plug themselves together.

I started jotting things down, and soon after, I was hit with the idea of basing my book on the 40s, and on the trimmings of love found, and love stolen, and the journey to put it all back together. I hope you enjoy the twists and turns as well as the beautiful, tender, and thrilling moments that a love affair can offer.

Here are excerpts from my three favorite scenes in the book because they are three defining moments in Soledad’s life that are integral to the journey she is on. The first is the scene where she is torn away from Xavier, her true love.  The second is the realization of what her father has planned for her future. The third is where Soledad finally embraces her impending motherhood, even in spite of the fact that she believes she is carrying her husband’s child. But boy, is there a surprise there!

Excerpt 1:
“You up for a run?” Xavier asked.

“Well, I’m told that I’m pretty fast,” she said with a smirk.

“Is that a challenge? So a race, then? What if I win?”

“You won’t.”

“If you win, how will you know if it wasn’t because I let you?”

Soledad paused before answering. “Because you would never disrespect me like that.”

He realized she’d taken the words right out of his head. “That is the genuine truth. So ... I guess you’d better start running!” He pecked her on the lips and darted off.

“Cheater!” she yelled and took off after him.

They both laughed all the way. They rolled out of the path and onto the main road in front of her grandmother’s house like two out-of-control tumbleweeds blown out of the El Paso desert. They joined hands, fingers intertwining in their dance.

Xavier was still chortling, but Soledad stopped in her tracks. The black automobile she knew well was parked in front of the house, and her father stood hands on hips, his perceptive gaze measuring up the couple with his eyes.

She quickly dropped Xavier’s hand. From her side vision, she could see Xavier staring at her. She glanced at him, and his confused expression pained her.

“It’s my father,” she whispered.

“I’ll go.”

“No.” The defiance that had been building in her since the last time she’d seen her father burst out. She took Xavier by the arm and pulled him forward.

Papá, this is Xavier.”

Xavier lifted his right hand, but Soledad’s father did not move.

“Cholita, what’s the meaning of this?” He lingered on Xavier sending daggers with his eyes, then he returned his intimidating gaze to his daughter. “Why have you been ignoring my messages to come home? Why are you disrespecting me?”

Papá, I could ask you the same.”


“Nothing.” She looked down.

“If there is something you need to say, then do so,” he dared.

“Nothing, Papá.” Her defiance weakened. He was still her father, the man she’d loved and honored for all her life. Even though this man was different, he was still her father.

“You best be going.” He gave Xavier one last glance. “Chole, get your things. I’ll be in the car.”

The silence was deafening. The fear of the unknown was sneering at them. She longed to reach up and kiss Xavier as though she’d never see him again. She wanted to squeeze his hand and reassure him that she’d be back soon. But their goodbye was nothing of the sort.

With one last squeeze of his hand, she channeled every remnant of faith in her, and said the words her heart knew even before she did. “I love you.”

He didn’t hesitate. It was as if they said it ordinarily. “I love you.” There was urgency in his voice.

Her father sighed heavily, disgust in his air.

She didn’t understand why they were so panicked. Was it because they’d been caught together? Was it because she was leaving to a whole other country that, although was a neighbor, banned her love from entering? No. It was because she was looking at a man who was not her father. That gentle, kind man was gone. This angry man would surely disapprove and keep her away.

Her throat was closing.

Xavier turned to go, and she died.

“Get your things!” Her father was losing his patience.

Soledad froze.

“I have no things.” She had come to her grandmother’s home straight from the feria with plans to return to her home the next day, so she hadn’t brought one thing.

“I’m not waiting any longer. You’ll go without.”

She didn’t even step inside to say goodbye to her grandmother or Suki. Her grandmother would understand. She was sure her father had already made his presence known.

Arms crossed across her chest, refusing to meet her father’s glare, she entered his car. As they drove away, she turned one last time to the gap in the trees leading to the path. 

Xavier was nowhere to be seen.

Excerpt 2:
Back in her El Paso home, Soledad descended the staircase with guns blazing. She knew what was coming. Her mother had gone in and casually mentioned that the “weird man from the feria would be joining them for a business dinner with her father.” The same man who’d disrespected her.

Forced to come down for this dinner, Soledad had dressed herself in the heaviest clothes she owned, covering every possible part of her. She would have worn winter clothes if it wouldn’t have been uncomfortably obvious. This man would not violate her tonight, not in her own home, what used to be a sanctuary. She was further mortified to find that when she turned the corner into the dining room, everyone was seated and there remained one seat. Her seat. Next to Emmanuel.

She wasn’t a stupid girl. She was at the top of her class, a feat not usually reserved for females. She’d been accepted into Stanford, another achievement not typically attained by women. There was not a stupid bone in her body, except that which had led her to believe that her family loved her, that her father loved her.

In an instant, she knew the what, but she didn’t understand the why. It all began to put itself together. Her father’s eagerness to introduce them at the feria, his urgency for her to return home, so urgent that he went into Mexico to gather her himself. She was an animal being led to the slaughter. This was a business dinner all right, and she was the business.

Her father, now sitting red-faced at the edge of his dining chair, staring at her expectantly, was apparently willing to sell her off, to trade her soul for whatever his selfish ambition was. Everyone now stared uncomfortably as she stood in the doorway assessing this situation. It was as if time stood still while the white walls of the dining room began to look concave and suffocating, delusional even.

Soledad felt short of breath, her chest filled with a tightness she could not calm her way out of. She forced herself to look at her mother and felt like she was looking at a stranger. There her mother was, quietly and obediently accepting what was unfolding in the very home where she gave birth to Soledad.

Her mother slumped so low that the chair hovered enormously. She could not even return Soledad’s desperate stare. And why should she? She, too, was part of this plot. What was meant to be passed off as a casual business dinner, was actually a get-to-know-your-purchase dinner.

Excerpt 3:
Her eyes fluttered open and she clenched her sheets, afraid to move, instantly bracing for the wave of nausea that diligently greeted her each day. But instead, after several minutes of anticipation, she gasped to discover that she actually felt hungry. She had not felt this way in a long time. 

Suddenly, she felt a deep hunger pang. Then it came again. Her eyes squinted in concentration as she tried to zone in, to visualize what could be happening inside of her. And then she slowly began to grasp that what she was feeling, the light flutters as soft as the tips of butterfly wings, were not hunger pangs at all. Her heart leapt. 

She distinctly felt a baby kicking! 

A strange sound now filled the air. It danced throughout the bedroom. She was trying to figure out what it was when all at once, the baby kicked again. From the deep recesses of her mind, she knew that sound. It was laughter. Her laughter. It felt so good she did it again. Release. It was raining down on her. She laughed and laughed and laughed. It’d been so long, it felt like her first time, and with each kick, it was like her baby was laughing with her. They were together, one person. In those few sweet moments, something changed. Something in the deepest part of her became free from a long and dormant prison, and it wrapped itself around her baby. 

There was nothing she would not do for this child. Her child. It no longer mattered that it was part Emmanuel. It was her baby. She thanked God for such a gift, one she felt she didn’t deserve. The world at war was falling apart outside, but inside, her baby was in the safest place it could be.

Thank you all for joining me today! ~Julia

Opening in 1941, The Feria is a stunning tale of two countries, where we find Soledad, a smart, educated young Mexican-American with big plans. She and her family, however, begin facing the economic pressures inflicted by a nation readying for war. To ensure her family's survival and continued success, her father tears her away from her true love, a Feria worker named Xavier, and forces her into a marriage with a reputable banker, meant to save her family’s agricultural fortune.

Her heart forever belongs to Xavier, and the only way she has tolerated her miserable marriage is the fact that she and Xavier made a beautiful daughter together that she has secretly and successfully passed off as her husband’s for several years. But her carefully concealed secrets begin to collapse when her daughter meets and falls in love, unknowingly, with a boy who could possibly be her half-brother, Xavier’s son, and Soledad once again finds herself in the irresistible presence of her eternal love.

The challenge of putting everything back together and resisting the desire and love she has for Xavier, presents itself in a daring love story dancing on both sides of the border, intricately written around Mexican and American cultures, love, and the great uncertainty that comes with it.
No Kindle or e-reader device? No problem! Download the Kindle app onto your computer here!
Find Julia online here: Blog | Twitter | Facebook
One commenter who leaves their email address will win an ebook of The Feria! Contest open through midnight EST June 30. Open to international! Winner to be chosen by Good luck!
Thanks so much for reading everyone! Leave Julia some debut novel love! Tell her which excerpt you enjoyed most and why!


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Welcome Jillian Stone & The Seduction of Phaeton Black

Welcome Guest Author
Jillian Stone
to the blog today!
See below for her giveaway!

Welcome, Jillian!  Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

In 2010, I won the RWA Golden Heart for An Affair with Mr. Kennedy and went from no agent or publisher to signing with Richard Curtis and being offered a three book contract by Pocket Books. That summer, I also won the erotica category of the 2010 Romance Through the Ages contest for The Seduction of Phaeton Black and was offered a three book contract by Kensington Brava. Needless to say, I have been busy writing books this past year and a half! I live in Southern California and I am currently working on a special Pocket Star e-novella for The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series, and the third sequel to the Phaeton Black series titled The Miss Education of Doctor Exeter.

I write historical romantic suspense and historical paranormal with steampunk and erotic elements, under one name, Jillian Stone.

Wow! What a wonderful two years you’ve had! Congratulations, Jillian! Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

The Seduction of Phaeton Black released in April, here’s brief blurb:
The year is 1889 and Queen Victoria, exemplum of decency and sobriety, is in her fifty-second year of reign. Occult detective Phaeton Black, on the other hand, couldn’t be less interested in clean-living. He has recently taken up residence in the basement flat of London’s most notorious brothel. A dedicated libertine with an aptitude for absinthe, he wrestles with a variety of demons both real and self-inflicted.

Unfairly linked to Scotland Yard’s failure to solve the Whitechapel murders, Phaeton is offered a second chance to redeem himself. A mysterious fiend, or vampire is stalking the Strand. After a glass and a consult with the green fairy, he agrees to take on the case. On his first surveillance, Phaeton pursues an elusive stranger and encounters several curious, horrifying beings. But the most intriguing creature of all is a Cajun beauty who captures him at knifepoint and threatens to spirit away his heart.
So intriguing! Which character is your favorite and why?

Phaeton Black, was my first serious attempt at writing what’s called a Byronic hero, which is a variant of the Romantic hero (named after the English Romantic poet Lord Byron). Phaeton is man proud, moody, cynical. He is often defiant and carries a misery in his heart. He often scorns his peers, can be vengeful and is capable of deep and strong affection.

I have to say, he was so much fun to write! Phaeton is all the things one should avoid in a man, only he’s so damn irresistible. 

He sounds awesome! As the author, what surprised you about this story?

How attached I became to both the hero and heroine. At the end of the book it took me months to get the two characters out of my head. Phaeton and America go through an emotional arc and an rather grueling adventure together. Because there is always a good deal of story in my novels, I always feel exhausted when I finish a manuscript and it’s because I’ve been on the journey with the characters!

Also, for such a dark tale, I was surprised at the amount of humor that emerged in both the story and their repartee with each other. Phaeton and America are quite a pair.

They sound great! Will there be any sequels or other books in the same series?

It takes three books for Phaeton to straighten up, lose his rougey parts and settle down. The second in the series, The Moonstone & Miss Jones releases in late September 2012.   
Here’s a sneak peek:

After being shanghaied in Shanghai, Phaeton and America return home to find 1889 London plagued by strange creatures setting the stage for a terrifying alternate future for the city. People and things–well–there's no other way to explain it, but things appear to be unraveling. With help from the Nightshades, Phaeton and America venture into a strange, alternate London to extract the Moonstone and close the rabbit hole between both worlds.

Wow! What was the hardest thing for you about writing this story?

This wasn’t a difficult book to write, in fact it was a pleasure. I have come to understand that some books just seem to write themselves. The characters are in your head and fully developed––the plot turns work out perfectly. It is a wonderful thing when that happens, but I have found that even books which have more difficulties, are still wonderful experiences to write, revise and rewrite!

That is so true! What are you working on right now?

I have another series for Pocket Books called The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard. And I am currently writing an e-novella for the series. Two more full length novels are releasing this year for that series: A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis releases end of August and A Private Duel with Agent Gunn, the end of November.

Love the titles! What happened to the first book you ever wrote?

It’s in the cloud (online storage). The working title is Isabella Inamorata: A four book, medieval series that is set in the south of France, which I might one day turn into a medieval fantasy series. But that’s a big maybe.

Sounds intriguing! What do you find easiest and hardest to write?

Even the easiest story is hard to write. You have to push yourself everyday. Since I’m ADD and tend to get bored easily, I try to make every chapter something to look forward to, especially when I know the writing is going to be difficult, like a very intense action scene––fun to imagine but difficult to execute well.

Is there a theme or message that runs through your work? 

The power of love.

Okay, now, just for fun:

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark

Salty or sweet? Can add a chile pepper as well? I make these Thai peanut lettuce wraps that have diced jalapeño, peanut butter and coconut in them. There is something about savory and sweet that is so delicious!

Bed or kitchen table? Sex on the table, and snacking in bed.

Beach or mountains? Guernsey Cove

Give or receive? Give and you shall receive!
Where can we find you on the web?

Purchase links:

To enter the tour-wide giveaway, enter the Rafflecopter form. But leave Jillian some comment love, too!

Thanks so much for reading!

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#SixSunday 62 - The sexiest thing Marco had ever seen... #HerForbiddenHero

Happy Sunday everyone! I've got another six from HER FORBIDDEN HERO today. Some horseplay in a mountain lake turned unexpectedly serious and hot, leading Marco and Alyssa to their first kiss...
Goddamn if the desire shining from her eyes and shaping her lips wasn’t the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

One hand cradling her jaw, Marco lowered his mouth to hers. Their lips met tentatively, soft presses turned into nibbles as they pursued each other again and again. She turned in the circle of his arms, and this time he let her. She wrapped her whole body around him—arms around his neck, legs around his waist.

And Marco was gone.

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Highland Hero vs. Western Hero: Top 5 Differences

Excited to welcome to the blog today my good friend
Eliza Knight / Annabelle Weston
who has an awesomely fun post for us!

Thank you, Laura for hosting me today on your blog!!!

By day and most nights, I write under the name Eliza Knight, but there are a few moments tossed in there when I am someone completely different – Annabelle Weston. Annabelle writes gritty, edgy, provocative, twisted, erotic Western romance. Much different than Eliza Knight, who also writes provocative, sizzling, adventurous romance and erotic romance of the Highlander variety. So today, knowing how different these two genres are, and having to promote a book from both genres in one month, I thought it would be fun to share with you the Top 5 differences between a Highland hero and a Western hero! (And there aren’t many differences in the bedroom—both heroes know how to rock a woman’s world!)

5. Lives in… Scottish Highlands, marshes, castles, lochs VS. American Wild West, desserts, saloons, river (Their settings are completely different, but both men handle it as a hero should—like he owns the place.)

4. Warring against clans and the English VS. Fighting the Apaches and cowboy outlaws (A hero always has to have an enemy.)

3. Scotch Whisky VS. Moonshine Whiskey (Would love to see them go shot for shot!)

2. Sword VS. Guns (And I’ll gladly hold either *winks*)

1. Kilts VS. chaps baby! (Equally HOT!)

Scandalous Woman available now!

Book two in the Desert Heat trilogy.

Carly Buchanan knows who and what she is. She’s the owner of the Lonesome Saloon, a bawdy place in the harsh West where any man can have his darkest desires fulfilled—for a price. But life at a saloon isn’t easy. After hearing too much one night, Carly is caught in the middle of a deadly dispute. Now no-accounts are shooting up the streets, good men are dying and no one will do a thing about it.

Until he comes to town…

Sheriff Jeddah Poole is lethally serious about cleaning up Tucson. But he can’t stop thinking of Carly’s bright eyes and passionate nature…or the way her lush curves feel pressed beneath him as he takes her again and again and again. In a town on the brink, caught in a divine passion they can’t escape, Jed and Carly have only each other to rely on. And only their love can help them survive.

The Highlander’s Reward releases July 15th!

She belonged to another… But was destined to be his…
Lady Arbella de Mowbray abhors the idea of marrying an English noble occupying Scotland. When she arrives in Stirling, she is thrown into the midst of a full battle between the Scots and the English. Besieged by rebels, she is whisked from her horse by a Highland warrior who promises her safety. But when he kisses her, she fears she's more in danger of losing herself.

The last thing Magnus Sutherland wants is to marry the beautiful English lass he saved. As the laird of his clan, he has a responsibility to his clan and allies. But when Arbella is attacked by one of his own men, he determines the only way to keep her safe is to make her his. A decision that promises to be extremely satisfying.

Magnus brings Arbella to his home of Dunrobin Castle in the Highlands. And that’s where the trouble begins… Their countries are at war and they should be each other’s enemy. Neither one considered their mock marriage would grow into a deeply passionate love. What’s more, they were both unhappily betrothed and those who've been scorned are out for revenge. Can their new found love keep them together or will their enemies tear them apart?
Eliza Knight is the award-winning, multi-published author of sizzling historical romance and erotic romance. Eliza is also multi-published under the name Annabelle Weston. While not reading, writing or researching for her latest book, she chases after her three children. In her spare time (if there is such a thing…) she likes daydreaming, wine-tasting, traveling, hiking, staring at the stars, watching movies, shopping and visiting with family and friends. She lives atop a small mountain, and enjoys cold winter nights when she can curl up in front of a roaring fire with her own knight in shining armor. Visit Eliza at , her historical blog, History Undressed, Twitter @ElizaKnight, or Facebook!
So, leave Eliza some comment love and tell her what other differences YOU see and which you'd prefer to rock your world! *winks*

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great 1st Month for #HerForbiddenHero - & Plz VOTE?

HER FORBIDDEN HERO just celebrated its one-month publication anniversary and what a month it's been! And today, it's just getting better because the book has been nominated for  
The Romance Studio's 5 Heart Sweetheart Award 
that could earn me a week of great book promotion if I win! 
Need more convincing? Here's the review that earned me the nod:

Bec, The Romance Studio, 5/5 Hearts!: "This book tugged at the heartstrings for me and had me crying at various stages because the hero was such a tormented soul....The plot was highly enjoyable from start to finish, and together with an amazing dialogue brought these two strong characters to life. The sex scenes were fantastic and hot....Ms. Kaye has done an incredible job writing this story, of which I loved the ending and I can't wait to read more of her work in the future."

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Alyssa, Hesperia Loves Books, 5/5 Stars & a 2012 Favorite Read!: "What a fantastic read that has quickly landed itself on my Favorites of 2012 list!  If you are looking for a contemporary romance that has beautifully written characters, tons of sexual tension & a love story that will capture your heart – then look no further than Her Forbidden Hero."

Heidi, The Readiacs, "Definitely 5 STARS!": "Her Forbidden Hero is a tantalizing love affair....Laura Kaye is magnificent with the written word....You absolutely must read"

CozyReader, The Romance Reviews, 5 STARS & TOP PICK!: "Kudos to Ms. Kaye for writing this amazing love story because it became one of my top reads this year. The storyline in this book is so realistic and filled with so many raw emotions....If you are looking for a good, heartwarming romance to read, then this book is just for you."

Grace, S, E, and R's Awesomeness, 5/5 Stars!: "Holy hotness! A friends-to-lovers story one should not miss! I was left smiling so big my cheeks started to hurt!"

Tamara, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "I absolutely loved Her Forbidden Hero. A wonderful love story about overcoming a painful past and embracing life with a wonderful "make you cry happy tears" scene that makes Her Forbidden Hero a hit in my book. I highly recommend Her Forbidden Hero."

Christi, Smitten with Reading, Grade 'A'!: "God, I really loved this book. I really do love me a wounded hero and you don't get many better than Marco. *sigh*...This is really just a fabulous book. I *think* it may just make one of my top picks for the year!"

Evie, In Love with Romance, 5/5 Stars!: "Dear Laura, I think now I know the secret as to why your books are more than just AWESOME. Your heroes are simply IRRESISTIBLE. Your heroines ROCK. And the conflict is a rollercoaster ride, where at the end I find myself thinking, 'let's do it again!'"

Jennifer, Romance Novel News!: "HER FORBIDDEN HERO satisfies with a tender and emotional romance that makes for a heartwarming read....It will absolutely appeal to fans of deep emotion in romances – especially those who appreciate tortured heroes. Marco’s devastated soul grabbed my heart immediately and still hasn’t let go."

Kristin, Book Sniffers Anonymous, 5/5 Stars!: "Now maybe because I am a Marine wife I really gravitated to this story....I thought Laura Kaye did an amazing job with the story. If you love a good romance then look no farther!"

Alyssa, My Secret Romance Book Reviews, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "The perfect book...totally drool-worthy hero...packed with a lot of story, depth, and emotion...Laura Kaye definitely delivered!"

Tori, Tori MacAllister Blog, "A Memorial Day Pleasure!": "Watching Alyssa awake a more carefree part of Marco is a joy, and one that has you flipping the pages, praying these two will make it to happily ever after. A full-fledged book for only $2.99 at with one of Entangled Publishing's killer covers makes this contemporary romance a must-read on everyone’s list."

Sarah, Feeling Fictional: "I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Laura Kaye's, this is the second story of hers that I've read and I just love the way she writes her characters...Laura did a great job of making me feel invested in these characters....I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Aly's brother Brady gets his own story and we might get to drop in on Aly and Marco again at the same time. I have no idea if that is something the author is considering or not but if she does release it I'll be first in the queue to grab a copy. In the meantime I'm looking forward to working my way through some of her other stories."

Lexie, Poisoned Rationality, 4/5 Stars!: "Dear Laura Kaye, please stop writing novels that keep me from going to bed at night. I mean, I'm kind of a sucker for the damaged hero with a military past, but add in the best friend of her older brother?  Come on, that's just not fair....Kaye wrote just the right amount of Damaged Soldier and Optimistic Cheerful Girl Who Heals With Love for me."

Donna, Book Passion for Life, 4/5 Flowers!: "An intense, sexy and emotional ride and I loved every minute of it....From page one author Laura Kaye throws us into an exciting setting and turns up the heat within minutes....Her Forbidden Hero is a great read. With great characters and a great love story, it’s not one to miss."

Heather, Book Savvy Babe, 4/5 Stars!: "Author Laura Kaye doesn’t disappoint with her latest contemporary romance, Her Forbidden Hero....Laura does an excellent job developing her characters and endearing them to the reader....The romance and relationship between Alyssa and Marco is very believable, it is also emotional and sweet....I highly recommend to all romance readers. The story is excellent, and it goes by quickly because you won’t want to put it down."

Sara, Harlequin Junkie, 4/5 Stars!: "A touching story of a tortured war torn hero Marco returning home injured from the war zone and reconnecting with his childhood friend Alyssa....A nice engaging read."

Lori, Lori's Book Blog, "Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye was a great little read... it was easy, it was lovable, it was touching, and most of all it broke me free of my reading funk! I love Laura's writing style...her stories are always touching and her men are almost always the kind you want to fall in love with." 

Thanks so much for considering helping with the vote! And thanks for reading!