Monday, December 17, 2012

My Readers Rock. That is All. Here's one reason why...

As if I needed any further proof that my readers are the absolute best...

As if I needed any more reasons to celebrate everything that they've made possible for me...

Look what some of them have sent me over the past months:

T-shirts from my good friend Carolyn Locke

Key chain from Crystal at Reading Between the Wines -- check out all her book creations!

Knitted Plot Bunny from Carin Walker (Joya Fields got one, too!) Great meeting Carin at the Baltimore Book Festival!

Incredible hand-painted plate w/Anemoi & BDB designs by Amy Rios; Amy also sent me the "cross in your pocket," below - how sweet is that???

Embroidered ornaments from Kim Sowards! Great meeting her at Ukazoo Bookstore in Towson, MD!

Scarf made by Linda E. of A Novel Idea Bookstore, Vineland, NJ, who discovered I am a scarf addict! Had a great time visiting her store! Can't wait to go back!

Tracy Matthews made this & another shirt for me to sign! How cool! Great meeting her at the Baltimore Book Festival!

Sharon Saracino is such a sweetheart! And this rosary is just gorgeous! She also brought me some delicious liquid libations, ahem, to a booksigning in Carlisle, PA! *grins*

 These incredible, hand-painted candles arrived today -- thank you so much Petra Ybarra!


So, you can see why I'm loving pretty hard on my readers today! Thanks to all of you for your incredible generosity and thoughtfulness. Each and everyone of you makes me love and cherish what I get to do so very much!

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Mary Kirkland said...

Wow, what a wonderful thing to do. Everything is so pretty.