Monday, December 3, 2012

Jason Aaron Baca on Being a Romance Cover Model

Welcome Romance Cover Model
Jason Aaron Baca
to the Blog!

How did you get into doing cover modeling? Do you do other modeling, too? 

Well back in 1997 I was discovered while being a body double in a movie called "I Know What You Did Last Summer." The photographer brought me aside while on location to do a few snap shots. I did the mainstream fashion and fitness modeling all the way until 2008. Then from there, I found out about cover modeling for romance novels. Since then, that's all I do.

Jason & Jennifer Love Hewitt, '97
How many covers have you been on so far? Do you have a favorite(s)?

113 covers with 5-6 more pending. I have many favorite covers. Too many to narrow it down to one though. These graphic artists really know how to pretty me up!

What's it like seeing yourself on book covers, especially when they change your appearance (hair, tattoos, etc.)?

I love it! I get to see myself in all sorts of costumes and looks. They completely change my look sometimes...other times, they leave me natural or throw in the long hair. And yes, I don't have any tattoos, so sometimes they edit one in.

What do you most enjoy about cover modeling?

Seeing that end result! Seeing that finished cover with me on there makes me realize what all that hard working out was for!

Do you have any funny cover modeling stories?

Yes, Too many! I've had some good ones, most recently was when they had me acting cool sitting Indian-style, looking up. Well they had lighting up above me that came loose and fell straight for me. I got out of the way so fast! They'd have had the best frightened look yet if they snapped the shot just then... hahaha

Where are your images available for authors and publishers to view?

They are available at The instructions on how to purchase them are in the journal. The stock photos are in the gallery—approximately 1,400 to choose from currently. [Thank you to Jason for agreeing to share some of his images here!]

Do you have any upcoming events where authors and readers can meet you? 

We shall see about the upcoming events. It is very possible that I will attend a couple in 2013. I am a very shy, reserved person so if I did go, not sure how long I'd stay in the big crowds.

How fun was this? Thanks for coming on the blog and answering my questions, Jason! Now, everyone, HERE is your chance to ask a cover model those questions you're always been dying to ask! Ready, set, go!

And thanks for reading!



Julie said...

Very handsome man - wow! Beautiful covers! Do you like working with female models or prefer shots by yourself? You are extremely fit. What do you do for exercise? Thanks.

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for kicking off the comments, Julie! :)

msromanticreads said...

I love his photos and I am following him on DeviantArt. His gallery is definitely looking through and it's huge! I don't know why, but I always let out a little squeal when I recognize one of his photos as the pose on a cover of a favorite book. Thanks for the great interview, Laura :)

jasonaaronbaca said...

Julie, Thank you! I actually like both the same.. When I step into a studio I try to envision what the outcome will look like of this cover... For exercise, I do 1 hour a day either in the gym or at home. That and live inside a balanced diet.

Laura, thanks for having me on here!

Msromanticreads - I'm glad you like the photos! Keep on squealing!

msromanticreads said...

Well dang, I just turned a hundred shades of red, lol. Oh my!

Jason - I intend to :)

Aurian said...

Thanks for the interview, this was fun to read. And I am sure I have you on my bookshelves :)

Laura Kaye said...

@msromanticreads LOL!!! Love it!

Julie said...

Jason - thanks for responding. I'm sure the ladies love working with you (I would). Wow - you get that body with only 1 hour workout a day - sheesh! Wishing you continued success. Thank you Laura for a great post.

julie beasley said...

hi this is another Julie, sounds like we have good taste in our cover models. love the abs. id just like to say all the best and keep up the good work, because we enjoy seeing your handsome face and fit body on our covers

The Romanceaholic said...

I tried to come up with a meaningful question, but I kept getting sidetracked by the hotness. (and THEN I got even more sidetracked by the DeviantArt gallery!) :X



jasonaaronbaca said...

Julie, Yes, 1 hour per day is all that is required... I make sure to work hard though through that hour and not just visit with people in the gym... I have to make sure that I remember that I'm working out for a cover so I have to reach beyond what people normally do in the gym..

Julie Beasley - Thank you very much! It's people like you that keep me doing this!

Jess - Keep getting sidetracked! That's a good problem... :)

Cylver said...

Laura, thanks so much for this great post!

Jason, thanks so much for answering our questions! I probably have a few of your covers here on my shelves!

When you do a cover shoot, do you do anything in particular to help you get into character, such as read cover blurbs or excerpts, or meet with the author?