Monday, November 5, 2012

My Manday Hottie is the #BDB's Qhuinn...see why!

Oh, look, it's Monday, so that makes it time for a Manday Hottie!!!

Even though I'm in the throes of celebrating One Night with a Hero, my contemporary romance with hot military heroes, I have to throw some Manday love in another direction today.

Namely, the Black Dagger Brotherhood's Qhuinn. Qhuinn's father is Lohstrong, leahdyre of the glymera, who doesn't accept his son because of his "imperfect" mismatched eyes.

I. Love. Qhuinn.

Well, as you know, I love me the whole dang brotherhood. But today it's Qhuinn who's got me all in a dither. Here's why... Prepare for the stare:

Ya'll know I have a thing for mismatched eyes! (North of Need's Owen... In the Service of the King's Shayla...) Put them on a tortured alpha hero bad-ass vampire warrior, and I am No. More. Good. More imaginings of Qhuinn:

Credit to mistymerrymistletoe

March 26, people. That's like, 8,000 years away! Sigh. AND, I won't even be able to read it when it releases since I have a big book due on April 1. But you can bet your bippy Lover at Last is going to be my reward for turning that book into my editor!!!

Anyone else looking forward to Qhuinn and Blay getting their happily ever after???

Thanks for reading!


Julia Ivashkov @Carti cu Colti said...


Mary Kirkland said...

Love them!

Laura Kaye said...


JoAnna said...

Cannot wait for the book! I'm tempted to take the day off work to read it. I think I may be sick. :)

Tonya Burrows said...

YES!!! It's about stinkin' time too. C'mon, March!

Aurian said...

I do enjoy this series, but I don't like reading gay romance, so I will skip those scenes, and just read the story itself.
And well, how about probably pregnant Layla?

GraceDZ said...

Gah! I love today's post. Love BDB. I've been slowing working my way through the series this year, and making a point to get caught up before Lover at Last releases! WooHoo for Qhuinn & Blay!

Jen said...

Awww Qhuay. Love these two. This cover is my backdrop on my laptop!!

Laura Kaye said...

Yay! So glad you guys are on the BDB train with me!

Chrisbails said...

I agree 100% percent Laura. I love Qhuinn and Blay both. Have since the beginning because of the way they stood by John. I loved that they protected him because he was smaller and then turned around to be the biggest. I just found JR Ward at the beginning of the year and devoured her books in about 2 months. Can't wait for the new book, and love how he has 2 different colored eyes on the cover. So sexy.