Sunday, September 30, 2012

Woot! #JustGottaSay is .99 for its Birthday! #Erotic #Menage

Blow your horns and toss your confetti, because my contemporary erotic romance Just Gotta Say turned one today! I can barely even believe it!

In celebration, the awesome folks at Decadent Publishing agreed to lower the price to 99 cents! I'm not sure how long the sale will last, so don't miss out on the chance to read this hot little novella at this great price!

What people have had to say about Just Gotta Say:

Just Erotic Romance Reviews, 5/5 Stars!: "Just Gotta Say is one of the hottest books I've read in a long time! Ms. Kaye has packed one hell of an erotic punch in this searing 55 page story! From page one, Just Gotta Say is a playfully naughty yet sweetly sensual....The story is brilliantly written....Just Gotta Say may be short on pages, but it's long on indulgence…an intoxicating read you won't want to miss!"

Mrs. Aubergine, Books, Baking & Other Objects of Beauty, 5/5 Cupcakes!: "My review: *stares slack-jawed into the distance, blinking rapidly* OMG, Laura! That was erotica with a capital E! I don’t think I can review this without venturing into NSFW territory, but suffice to say one word: Foursome. ‘Nuff said. *blink* Awesome foursome. *blink*"

Stacey, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 4/5 Hearts!: "Just Gotta Say is a fast paced and very sexy story. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Laura Kaye injects enough to humor to make us laugh while still heating up the pages quickly and eloquently....I would recommend picking up Just Gotta Say if you love a sizzling hot story about finding yourself and where you belong."

Dianthus, Whipped Cream Reviews, 4/5 Cherries!: "If you like the idea of finding love in all the wrong places, with three gorgeous men who would do anything for you, and unbelievably hot sex with all three of them, than this is the book for you....Even though this story is short, it definitely packs a punch. This is definitely an author I am going to be on the lookout for when I make my next shopping trip for books. Laura Kaye made the reading fun and steamy while still being realistic. Amazing read!"

Bobby, Book Wenches, 4/5 Stars!"Ms. Kaye doesn't neglect the relationships between the characters but builds believable friendship and love among them....The moments of humor in Just Gotta Say had me laughing out loud, and the suspense towards the beginning of the story had me squirming in anxious anticipation....Overall this is a fun and most definitely hot little read."

Stella, Book Lovers, Inc., 4/5 Bookies!: "Just Gotta Say is not simply an erotic ménage story, it is so much more than that: here the sex is based on friendship and trust and there is a strong romantic storyline as well. I very much enjoyed how after all the hotness and sensual scenes Laura Kaye ended the story with such a sweet ending. Left me smiling and feeling good. Verdict: The humour, the sizzling chemistry and the layered and exceptionally well developed characterisations make Just Gotta Say a wonderful erotica novella, one you shouldn't miss!"

Blue Shedevil, Rage, Sex & Teddy Bears: "Laura Kaye, go on with your bad self! This is down right scrumptious. Nice and raunchy, with just the perfect amount of kink thrown in, and then add just a smidgen of romance to sweeten the deal and you have delightful perfection....You will absolutely fly through this short little tale of fantasies fulfilled, and if you're like me, you'll take a more leisurely journey the second time around. I guarantee there will be a second time around."

Wendy, You Gotta Read Reviews, You Need To Read!: "This is a perfect little ménage a quatre story....A sexy, raunchy quickie with just a splash of romance to help lighten the mood. It seems that Laura Kaye can write in just about any genre she chooses, and do it exceedingly well. I was very familiar with Laura’s less steamy works, and was pleasantly surprised by this book. It takes almost no time to read and it seems to just smolder off the page. Looking for something to brighten up those long and chilly Autumn nights. This will certainly do the trick." 

Night Owl Reviews, 4/5 Stars!: "This was a very erotic but very heartwarming story....It's not until this opportunity presents itself that Callie and Lucas finally give into their feelings. And when they do, it's completely electric and consuming. Add in the mix their two best friends (with a fledgling relationship of their own) and it explodes. This is a wonderful story that, after fanning yourself, has you smiling at the end."

Thanks for reading, and for celebrating with me! If you give it a try, I hope you enjoy!



JoAnne Kenrick said...

Happy birthday, Just Gotta Say! WOOT Sharing out the link to my friends and wishing you and JGS some wonderful jumps in sales. 99c is a fantastic price. Who could say no to that? Not me! LOL

Laura Kaye said...

Woohoo! Thanks JoAnne!

Tina B said...

Happy 1 year book birthday! I picked up my copy. ;)

angieia said...

This book is awesome! I have it and have read it at least twice! It is so HOT!! Wish we could all have roommates like Callie does!

Laura Kaye said...

Woot! Thanks you guys! You rock!