Thursday, September 20, 2012

Appreciation for Editors, by Kacey Hammell #EroticRomance

Welcome Guest Author
Kacey Hammell
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Congratuations on your new releases!

I'm very pleased to welcome fellow Decadent Publishing author Kacey Hammell to the blog today. She's celebrating the releases of two new books. And she wanted to offer some thanks. Read on...

Thank you… when it’s rarely said …

Sometimes, authors, friends, colleagues, are so busy and multi-tasking that they forget to thank those around them.

In the publishing world it’s even more often that important folks can work tirelessly and endlessly for others and rarely hear thanks. Especially Publishers.

Of course, this is all my opinion and I don’t see what emails they receive *g*, but want to take the time to thank Decadent Publishing for releasing my 2nd and 3rd titles recently. The publishing process can be thrilling, fun and exhausting. However, when working with great individuals things can go smoothly and move quickly.  While I confess that I do have a tendency with the repetitious words, metaphors that sound right in my head but battle me on paper, thankfully it’s my editor who shows me the errors of my ways.

I had a different editor for Awakenings than I did with Tied Down, but both editors…my goodness…I cherish them both. Both ladies are professional, supportive and fun. I appreciate them so much. Mwah.

So overall, I want to thank, the owners of Decadent Publishing, the amazing cover artists, the editors, review coordinator and other authors who have all been wonderfully supportive. Even when doubts creep in, which can happen to even the bestselling authors, as I get my name out there and try to reach readers, I’ve gotten some great advice and hand-holding from all the aforementioned people. I’m definitely blessed.

And thanks to Laura Kaye, for hosting me today!

In the Arms of the Law, Book 2
Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Erotic Romance
Available at Decadent Publishing
With her old flame back in her life, and on the trail of a killer, Detective Alicia Knowles is forced to face the past as she tries to make decisions about her future…

Detective Alicia Knowles once believed there was good in everyone. Not anymore. After a harrowing experience, her life had changed and she was a very different woman. Now more dangerous, she moves through the darkness of her once sunny world, unsure what to do with her pent up feelings of fear and anger.

Even her new boss, Cole Douglass, makes her feel out of control. One night, years ago, he made her feel things she'd never felt with any other man. This time it can only be business between them.

With her latest case, however, temperatures flare.

Their passion is rekindled as the search is on for a missing child and a murderer on the run. Can Alicia protect her heart from the most dangerous power of all…love?

An “Edge” short story
Connected to In the Arms of the Law Series
Contemporary Erotic Romance/Light BDSM
Available at Decadent Publishing

The time has come for Brady Jacobs to grab hold of the woman he loves and their future. But his lady, Isabella Knowles, is skittish. She’ll bolt at the mention of a future with him. He needs to handle her with precise planning, tools to seduce and never give her a moment to flee.

Brady will tie her down, pleasure her, push her farther than she’s ever experienced…then ask her to marry him. But no amount of planning can ensure Bella’s answer won’t include the business end of her Glock.

Visit Kacey’s Website for excerpts and more book info!!

About Kacey:
The writer: Canadian author, Kacey Hammell is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes mainly in the Contemporary Erotic/Romantic Suspense genres.  She is a true romantic at heart.

The Wife and Mom: Born, raised and still living in her hometown in Ontario, Canada, Kacey found true love with her husband.  As a Mom of three, Kacey has made certain that each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right.

Readers can learn more about my books and contact me via …

One commenter who leaves their email address will win an ebook of Illusions, Book 1 in the In the Arms of the Law Series! Closes midnight EST on 9/21! Open to international! Good luck!

Thanks for reading! Now, leave Kacey some new release love!


Taryn Kincaid said...

Those blurbs sound great. Best wishes with the new releases, Kacey!

KaceyHammell said...

Thanks for having me here today, Laura.

Thank you Taryn!

Linda said...

Love this and can´t wait for a chance to read for myself, =) Happy Release & Happy Thursday!


KaceyHammell said...

Thank you Linda! Enjoy your day :D

Alexa said...

I totally agree! We are so lucky to work with Decadent. (I've heard some horror stories about other publishers...{{shiver}})

Congrats on your latest releases!

Jessica Subject said...

Decadent is definitely a great place, and very supportive. :)

All the best with your new releases, Kacey!

KaceyHammell said...

Thanks Alexa & Jessica!
I've been very blessed :D

divavixenqueen said...

Congratulations on you new releases.The book covers
on all of them are gorgeous.

KaceyHammell said...

Thanks very much DivaVixenQueen. I've been thrilled w/ all my great covers :D DP has some awesome artists that is for sure.

Tina B said...

Congrats on your 2 new releases, Kacey!! That thank you post was really sweet. :)
I think everyone needs to hear it once in a while. It is wonderful that you have such a great team!
How many books do you have planned for the series?
Thank you for the opportunity to read the first one. ;)
trb0917 at

Carin said...

Congrats! Laura has excellent taste in books so I will need to read yours. Thanks Carin
mawmom at gmail dot com

KaceyHammell said...

Hi Tina, Thanks for coming by.

I would love to do all 9 books that I originally planned but I considering doing some short reads (like Tied Down/Wild Thunder) in the midst too, keep things light with the full-length ones too :D

I always like to make sure those supporters around me get the thanks and appreciation they deserve. And only takes a moment to say it :D

Good luck with the giveaway!

KaceyHammell said...

Good luck Carin. Thank you for stopping by. :D

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for all the great comments for Kacey today everyone! :)

redzsm said...

Hi Kacey, Congratulations on your new releases! I'm glad that you have such excellent & supportive people around you! I'm sure that helps you to write your best because you have less to worry about :) These books sound exciting & I'm glad I found you through Laura! Thanks for the giveaway of the 1st book!

-Selena Mc

Decadent Publishing said...

Kacey, thank you for the kind words! Our staff is fantastic, our contractors as well, and I am very proud of your work and all the stories we put out.

Decadent authors are very supportive of each other, it's terrific to see such a positive community spirit. Thanks you, Laura!

Heather Bennett
Co-owner/Executive Editor
Decadent Publishing/Bono Books

Erin said...

Beautiful covers and congrats on teh releases! They sound like wonderful stores. Look forward to reading them!


kaisquared said...

Thanks for a great post, Kacey. Unfortunately, I remember the editors most when I am reading a story that could really have used a good editor working with the author. Glad to see you have such a good team at Decadent, your readers can't help but to benefit!

emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com

susanmp said...

Congrats on your releases! That sound great and am looking forward to reading them!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

*yadkny* said...

CONGRATS on your new releases Kacey! Does your In the Arms of the Law Series need to be read in order?

Elizabeth H. said...

Congrats Kacey! The books sound great!
ehaney578 at AOL dot com

KaceyHammell said...

Thank you Everyone for stopping by and the kind words. I am very blessed.

Yadkny -- it is best to read the stories in order yes, but isnt essential. There's enough backstory in each for it to be easily followed. I would suggest reading Illusions before Tied Down, however, so you get a feel for why Brady goes to such lengths with Bella. She can be ... stubborn *g*

Thanks again for your support!