Saturday, August 11, 2012

Would YOU like a DEVIANT T-shirt? Join in the fun!

Following receipt of a humorous review on Amazon, a group of Twitter friends got to joking about making a T-Shirt, and this is what we came up with:

Creative credit goes to Jess @audsmom2002!!!
Now the question is: would you like one? :-)

If so, here's the deal:

Email me at laurakayeauthor @ with:
  1. Your real name and mailing address
  2. Your size
  3. # of t-shirts you want
Size Chart:
S34" - 36"
M38" - 40"
L42" - 44"
XL46" - 48"
2XL50" - 52"
3XL    54"
4XL    56"
5XL    58"

Site's Pricing:
1 = $22.95 each
6-11 = $14.92 each
12-23 = $11.93 each
24-47 = $10.33 each
48+ = 8.95 each

BUT: If we get at least 10 people to buy one, the cost per person will only be $14, and I'll pick up the rest plus shipping.* If we get at least 24 people, the cost per person will only be $10, and again, I'll pick up the rest plus shipping.*  *International friends, I'm afraid the cost will be $10 higher for you because the shipping is such a killer, but I'll still be paying a share of it! Once we know how many orders I have, I'll send everyone an invoice through PayPal.

So, what say you? Would YOU like to be the owner of this fine luxury t-shirt proclaiming your deviance loud and proud??? Say yes, say yes!

Thanks for visiting!



Jan Meredith said...

I would like a large, please, and send me your info so I can send you a check.

Alison Rush said...

Ill Take one...

Laura Kaye said...

Awesome guys! @Jan and Alison - please send me an email so I know how to contact you! Thanks! :)

Jan Meredith said...
Thanks, Laura.

Jan Meredith said...

Thanks, Laura:
I need a large,

Laura Kaye said...

Gotcha Jan!