Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great 1st Month for #HerForbiddenHero - & Plz VOTE?

HER FORBIDDEN HERO just celebrated its one-month publication anniversary and what a month it's been! And today, it's just getting better because the book has been nominated for  
The Romance Studio's 5 Heart Sweetheart Award 
that could earn me a week of great book promotion if I win! 
Need more convincing? Here's the review that earned me the nod:

Bec, The Romance Studio, 5/5 Hearts!: "This book tugged at the heartstrings for me and had me crying at various stages because the hero was such a tormented soul....The plot was highly enjoyable from start to finish, and together with an amazing dialogue brought these two strong characters to life. The sex scenes were fantastic and hot....Ms. Kaye has done an incredible job writing this story, of which I loved the ending and I can't wait to read more of her work in the future."

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Alyssa, Hesperia Loves Books, 5/5 Stars & a 2012 Favorite Read!: "What a fantastic read that has quickly landed itself on my Favorites of 2012 list!  If you are looking for a contemporary romance that has beautifully written characters, tons of sexual tension & a love story that will capture your heart – then look no further than Her Forbidden Hero."

Heidi, The Readiacs, "Definitely 5 STARS!": "Her Forbidden Hero is a tantalizing love affair....Laura Kaye is magnificent with the written word....You absolutely must read"

CozyReader, The Romance Reviews, 5 STARS & TOP PICK!: "Kudos to Ms. Kaye for writing this amazing love story because it became one of my top reads this year. The storyline in this book is so realistic and filled with so many raw emotions....If you are looking for a good, heartwarming romance to read, then this book is just for you."

Grace, S, E, and R's Awesomeness, 5/5 Stars!: "Holy hotness! A friends-to-lovers story one should not miss! I was left smiling so big my cheeks started to hurt!"

Tamara, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, 5/5 Hearts!: "I absolutely loved Her Forbidden Hero. A wonderful love story about overcoming a painful past and embracing life with a wonderful "make you cry happy tears" scene that makes Her Forbidden Hero a hit in my book. I highly recommend Her Forbidden Hero."

Christi, Smitten with Reading, Grade 'A'!: "God, I really loved this book. I really do love me a wounded hero and you don't get many better than Marco. *sigh*...This is really just a fabulous book. I *think* it may just make one of my top picks for the year!"

Evie, In Love with Romance, 5/5 Stars!: "Dear Laura, I think now I know the secret as to why your books are more than just AWESOME. Your heroes are simply IRRESISTIBLE. Your heroines ROCK. And the conflict is a rollercoaster ride, where at the end I find myself thinking, 'let's do it again!'"

Jennifer, Romance Novel News!: "HER FORBIDDEN HERO satisfies with a tender and emotional romance that makes for a heartwarming read....It will absolutely appeal to fans of deep emotion in romances – especially those who appreciate tortured heroes. Marco’s devastated soul grabbed my heart immediately and still hasn’t let go."

Kristin, Book Sniffers Anonymous, 5/5 Stars!: "Now maybe because I am a Marine wife I really gravitated to this story....I thought Laura Kaye did an amazing job with the story. If you love a good romance then look no farther!"

Alyssa, My Secret Romance Book Reviews, 4.5 / 5 Stars!: "The perfect book...totally drool-worthy hero...packed with a lot of story, depth, and emotion...Laura Kaye definitely delivered!"

Tori, Tori MacAllister Blog, "A Memorial Day Pleasure!": "Watching Alyssa awake a more carefree part of Marco is a joy, and one that has you flipping the pages, praying these two will make it to happily ever after. A full-fledged book for only $2.99 at Amazon.com with one of Entangled Publishing's killer covers makes this contemporary romance a must-read on everyone’s list."

Sarah, Feeling Fictional: "I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Laura Kaye's, this is the second story of hers that I've read and I just love the way she writes her characters...Laura did a great job of making me feel invested in these characters....I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Aly's brother Brady gets his own story and we might get to drop in on Aly and Marco again at the same time. I have no idea if that is something the author is considering or not but if she does release it I'll be first in the queue to grab a copy. In the meantime I'm looking forward to working my way through some of her other stories."

Lexie, Poisoned Rationality, 4/5 Stars!: "Dear Laura Kaye, please stop writing novels that keep me from going to bed at night. I mean, I'm kind of a sucker for the damaged hero with a military past, but add in the best friend of her older brother?  Come on, that's just not fair....Kaye wrote just the right amount of Damaged Soldier and Optimistic Cheerful Girl Who Heals With Love for me."

Donna, Book Passion for Life, 4/5 Flowers!: "An intense, sexy and emotional ride and I loved every minute of it....From page one author Laura Kaye throws us into an exciting setting and turns up the heat within minutes....Her Forbidden Hero is a great read. With great characters and a great love story, it’s not one to miss."

Heather, Book Savvy Babe, 4/5 Stars!: "Author Laura Kaye doesn’t disappoint with her latest contemporary romance, Her Forbidden Hero....Laura does an excellent job developing her characters and endearing them to the reader....The romance and relationship between Alyssa and Marco is very believable, it is also emotional and sweet....I highly recommend to all romance readers. The story is excellent, and it goes by quickly because you won’t want to put it down."

Sara, Harlequin Junkie, 4/5 Stars!: "A touching story of a tortured war torn hero Marco returning home injured from the war zone and reconnecting with his childhood friend Alyssa....A nice engaging read."

Lori, Lori's Book Blog, "Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye was a great little read... it was easy, it was lovable, it was touching, and most of all it broke me free of my reading funk! I love Laura's writing style...her stories are always touching and her men are almost always the kind you want to fall in love with." 

Thanks so much for considering helping with the vote! And thanks for reading!



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