Sunday, June 3, 2012

GIFT! for PreOrdering #WestofWant Thru 6/10!

Hey guys! June 10th is one month away from the release of WEST OF WANT (Hearts of the Anemoi, Book 2), the first book of mine to hit bookstore shelves! So it seemed like the perfect time to encourage you to pre-order the print book AND give you a thank-you gift in return!

SO for this event, I'm offering thank yous for NEW PRINT pre-orders!

Here's how it will work:

Email your print West of Want pre-order confirmation receipts dated June 1 through midnight PST on June 10 to laurakayeauthor at gmail dot com and as a BIG THANK YOU I'll send you a brand new set of collectible book cover magnets for North of Need and West of Want! AND if I receive at least 20 pre-order emails, I'll also choose a few random pre-orderers to receive extra thanks yous in the form of West of Want notebooks, t-shirts, post-it notes, stickers, etc. Open to international!
I've never offered any of these items before, so these are exclusive gifts made for this event!
Pre-Order the PRINT West of Want on AMAZON | B&N | Book Depository!
Those of you who already pre-ordered, THANK YOU! If you did so through the 4/10 - 5/10 Preview and Prizes event, don't forget to come on back on July 10 to see if you won one of the seven bookstore gift cards I'll be giving out that day! And, if you're an ebook reader, don't worry, I have tons of fun things in store for when the book releases in July!

Thanks so much for considering! And happy pre-ordering!



Aurian said...

What an awesome gift pack! I pre-ordered your third book though, hope that works as well ;)

Katrina W said...

:O) Sent through my email for that period ;) hope you got it ok !! Cant wait to read it..