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Welcome Guest Author Theresa Meyers! #Vampires #Nocturne

I'm very excited to welcome guest author
Theresa Meyers
to the blog today! 
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Welcome, Theresa!  Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

First, thanks so much for inviting me to hang out with you today! Well, I’m Theresa Meyers. I started writing in junior high for the newspaper and thought I wanted to be a journalist all through school. I started my first novel when I was 17, mostly as a way to get a pretty cool self-designed elective along with two friends where all we had to do was produce pages to get an A in the class. But then stuff like college and life intervened and it wasn’t until 2003 that I started getting very serious about writing fiction. In that time I’ve been through two agents, had two children, lived in Oregon, Arizona and Washington, gone to college, worked a lot of different PR jobs, opened a public relations firm for ten years and written lots and lots of books. 

Right now I’m writing full time, mostly in paranormal romance, but also some in historical (including steampunk), and contemporary as well, and teaching classes online. Currently I’m writing the Sons of Midnight mini series which features vampires and werewolves for Harlequin Nocturne, the Legend Chronicles steampunk series for Kensington’s Zebra line, dark fae urban fantasy Shadow Sister series and several contemporary romances for Entangled Publishing.

Wow! What an inspiring career! Okay, tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

My March book is The Half-Breed Vampire from Harlequin’s Nocturne line. It’s the story of a vampire who thinks he knows precisely who he is until a mortal law enforcement officer asks for his help and during the course of their investigation they end up uncovering his past, which rips apart everything they both thought they knew about their worlds. Oh, and I got to mix my vampires and werewolves for the first time in the same character!

Here’s the bit from the back cover:
Ignorant of his true heritage, half-breed Slade Donovan is fated to feel like an outsider among his clan. Until a mysterious woman arrives with the ability to unlock his secrets—and make him crave a future he never believed he could have….

As a game warden, Raina Ravenwing has only one mission in the Cascade Mountains: to hunt down a pack of rare wolves that is terrorizing her tribe. Her instant attraction to Slade is a distraction the beautiful wolf whisperer can’t afford, unless she agrees to let him help her. Yet working so closely together only intensifies their passion…even as the unfolding truth of Slade’s identity threatens everything Raina holds sacred.
Aw, man! Sounds so good! So, which character is your favorite and why?

In this story, probably Slade, just because he’s so damn irreverent and a bad boy with a heart of gold. Every time he called the heroine “babe” in the story I could just feel her ire go up, and yet at the same time he’s very endearing. At the same time he’s a tragic hero. Here’s this incredibly strong guy who has his world ripped out from under him and he has to come to grips and accept that he isn’t who he thought he was.

Nothing like a tortured hero! As the author, what surprised you about this story?

Actually I was kind of shocked at how prejudiced my vampire society was against the werewolves. I know that in a lot of fiction vamps and weres don’t mix, kind of like paranormal oil and water, but in this case the vampires truly believed they were just different, but that they were far superior to the werewolves. They honestly believed that werewolves were less than human. That was a huge hurdle for my hero to deal with both for himself and then in relation to his standing in the vampire clan.

Such great conflict! Will there be any sequels or other books in the same series?

Yes! The next one in the Sons of Midnight mini series will be Her Big, Bad Wolf out in March 2013, which features secondary character Tyee from The Half-Breed Vampire as my next hero.

Congratulations! So, what are you working on right now?

Between now and the end of April I’m working on my last story in my steampunk romance Legend Chronicles trilogy for Kensington, then I’ll be moving on to writing a novella that will be included in the Holiday with a Vampire anthology coming out from Harlequin late this year. Then I’ll be moving on to several other projects already contracted to be finished this year including three contemporary romances for Entangled and two paranormal dark fae stories for my Shadow Sisters series for Entangled.

OMG! And I thought I was busy! *grins* What happened to the first book you ever wrote?

It’s a Victorian historical titled The Shanghaied Heart and it’s still sitting on my hard drive waiting for a cover and to be put online when I’m done with my other contracted books and have a moment to work on it.

Cool! What do you find easiest and hardest to write?

I think dialogue and description come easiest to me as a writer. I love listening to how different people talk, and when I’m really in the groove with my writing it’s like watching a movie unfold in my head, only I can back it up, pause and mine as smell-o-vision. 

The harder parts for me are the editing over and over again. My journalistic background kind of forces me to write the best material I can the first time out, almost like pre-editing when I write. Then when my editors ask me to change a scene I always sit there stumped for a bit thinking, “But I wrote it the best way I knew how the first time!” Then I peel apart their comments and see where they spied the gaps or bits that need more and get back to work. Editing is just as much part of the writing process as coming up with the original text in the first place.

Very interesting process—love seeing how authors tick. Have you incorporated actual events or people from your own life into your books?

I’ve incorporated experiences, but never whole people into my books. I may take the laughter or sarcastic wit from one person, the rhythm of speech from another or bits and pieces of the looks from a person, but in general my characters are just fictional beings. 

The only exception to this was when I wrote my Scottish historical, The Spellbound Bride. I spent three years doing research for that book and ended up incorporating a lot of actual historical events, including the words King James used when presiding over the actual North Berwick witch trial that’s portrayed in the book. In that context I did use some actual people, but fictionalized their behaviors, etc. and I certainly wasn’t around when they were!

Is there a theme or message that runs through your work?

I think the theme that tends to run most strongly through my work, whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, historical or YA, is acceptance – acceptance of who you really are, acceptance of other’s faults, acceptance that you can’t change the past, acceptance of the role you’re given in life, etc.

I love that! What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

I’m not nearly as glamorous as they think. LOL. No really, I’m the kind of person who likes to make her own jam, and sew for fun. I garden and every year I put up quarts of dill green beans from our garden, make blackberry jam, freeze quarts of blueberries and make a batch of blackberry wine with my husband. I also love to bake. We have a few acres so it’s kind of like a mini farm with a small orchard, big garden, chickens, rabbits, a horse, dog, cats, and two parakeets. My favorite thing to wait for in the spring is when the frogs start singing at night. Our neighbors have about five acres of wetlands as part of their property and I always know winter is truly over when the frogs start singing – and boy are they loud!

They just started singing at my house (there are wetlands right behind me)! Which romance book or series (or other genre, if you don’t write romance) do you wish you had written?

Oh, you mean besides Harry Potter? LOL. I don’t really know. There’s a lot of books I enjoy reading that I think, “Wow, someday I hope I can write like that.” But then every writer is different and what makes my writing sing for a reader is different than another author. That’s what’s so fascinating about storytelling as a profession. 

I once did an writing experiment with a group of first graders where we all started stories with the same first paragraph and basic story idea. “Today started like any normal school day. But when it came time for lunch, I knew something was different. I opened my lunchbox and …” You should have seen all the wild stories that came out of that! There was one with bugs that crawled down and ate down the whole school, another with dolphins swimming in their lunchbox and yet another with a dinosaur egg that hatched in the lunchroom. My daughter ended up writing a historical romance where she was swept into a time portal through her lunch box and met up with a cowboy with “blue eyes like the Texas skies” -- I kid you not. And at the end they rode off on horses into the sunset “happily ever after”. I was so proud.

That is so awesome! Okay, now, just for fun:

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Can’t I have both? Pretty please? We are talking chocolate after all.

Salty or sweet? SWEET!(see comment above, and please pass the chocolate)

Bed or kitchen table? Um, that kind of depends…are we talking chocolate to eat, or a chocolate massage bar from LUSH? I’ll take either.

Beach or mountains? Both, that’s why I live on the west coast. I can wiggle my toes in the sand one day and go hiking or camping up in the mountains the next.

Give or receive? GIVE!

Thanks for coming on the blog, Theresa! Where can we find you on the web?

Thanks so much for reading everyone! Leave Theresa some new release love and enter her giveaway!

Laura & Theresa

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booklover0226 said...

Hi, Theresa.

The Half-Breed Vampire sounds like a book right up my alley. I love idea of combining both vampire and werewolf in one. I'm adding The Half-Breed Vampire to my must have list.

Tracey D

Victoria said...

Congratulations on your new release.
The Half-Breed Vampire sounds really good. What a mixture of emotions poor Slade must go through - hee hee - nothing like a little torture for our hero - right?
I'm right with you on the chocolate bar ;).
Thank you.


Jennie Coleen561 said...

What a coincidence! I just saw "The Vampire Who Loved Me" at a used book store and realized that it was book 2 of a series. So I logged on my computer, planning to go to Amazon to look for the first book and I see this blog post about the author! I'd like to enter the giveaway.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I love that you write in so many different genres. What are your contemporaries about?

Shannon Courtney said...

I will definitely have to add this to my TBR list.

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for all the great comments for Theresa, everyone!

Stephanie/PurdueLiz said...

Laura, you always have such interesting authors on here! Theresa, this shall be going on my (way, way too long) to-read list, but I think I'll bump it to the top because I love a good vampire story. :)

Thanks to both of you for the chances at the giveaway!

bluesun1218 said...

Sounds like an excellent book, I have never read any of Theresa Meyers' books. Count me in!

Ce-Ce said...

This book has been on my TBR list for over a month now. I love nocturne books, and I cant wait until I get my chance to read it.

fuonlyknew said...

Thanks Laura for introducing me to Theresa and her wonderful book. Great interview Theresa. I grew up on a small farm and miss all the animals and the garden. The frogs are singing out by the pool. I agree about the chocolate, any kind please!
laura thomas

Michelle H. said...

Oooh...a new author to start reading!I love Nocturne books...they're the perfect way to relax when I'm waiting to pick my kids up from school.

Thanks for the intro to Theresa Meyers! Congrats to her on the new release!

Jennifer Probst said...

OH, my, this book looks SO good! Aghghg, another one I must download - my kindle will blow up! Big congrats on such productivity and content - love the interview Laura!

Anna said...

OH this sounds awesome new to me author but I will be reading this series soon thx for the awesome giveaway

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for all the great comments for Theresa, everyone!

ML said...

Congratulations! Great interview! I, too, love the frogs singing in spring. I grew up in the wetlands and called them "peepers" and couldn't wait until it was warm enough to sleep with the window open so they could sing me to sleep.

Can't wait to read The Half-Breed Vampire!! Thanks for the giveaway.

ame1184 said...

This is a new author and series to me, but it has definitely now been added to my tbr list! thanks for the awesome interview and giveaway : )

donnas said...

Great post. I love her books. The first two in this world were 2 of my favorites from last year. Looking forward to more.