Friday, January 27, 2012

Joya Fields' Beneath the Surface Trailer & Excerpt!

I'm happy to welcome to the blog my good friend, 
who is celebrating her second new release in a month! Take it away, Joya...

Laura, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today to share the book trailer for my debut romantic suspense novel, Beneath the Surface. After months of spending time with my hero and heroine while I wrote the book, it was really fun to help them come to life through pictures and music in this trailer.

Brooke and Garrett meet under stressful conditions. Brooke’s best friend’s boat explodes, injuring her, and they find out it wasn’t an accident. Brooke, an amputee and an underwater archaeologist, is not leaving until she finds the person who hurt her friend. Garrett is a Florida policeman, overprotective of everyone around him. Brooke’s need for independence clashes with Garrett’s need to protect. But as the killer lurks and claims more victims, Brooke and Garrett must put aside their differences and their growing feelings for each other to stop the madman.

Thanks very much for having me today. Hope you enjoy the trailer! J

She’s fighting to stay independent—he’s determined to protect her no matter what…

Brooke Richards survived the earthquake that took her parents and most of her leg, but she needs time to regroup. A trip to Florida for a state-of-the-art prosthesis and to visit her best friend Linda seems ideal. But the trip turns traumatic when Brooke witnesses Linda’s boat disintegrating in a fiery explosion.

Police officer Garrett Ciavello believes the blast was intentionally set to hide something Linda found on a dive. When Brooke offers her expertise in underwater archeology, Garrett accepts her help with the investigation. But since his fiancée’s death years ago, Garrett has become overprotective, and as they are drawn to each other, Garrett realizes he will risk anything to keep Brooke safe.

Brooke is fiercely independent. Garrett is fiercely protective. Will they heal each other’s wound and find a killer…before it’s too late?
Excerpt from Beneath the Surface:
            For the first time since the accident, Brooke forgot about her leg. Forgot about all she’d lost and focused on the way Garrett made her feel.
            She knew she needed to stop him. She should find a way to resist the temptation to be with him. But for a few minutes, she could enjoy the taste of him, the feel of him, couldn’t she?
            He dropped his hands to her waist and softened the kiss before trailing a line of kisses down her neck. A weak cry slipped from her mouth. “Garrett,” she whispered.
            She should stop this now before it got any more intense.
            He lifted her chin and forced her to meet his brown eyes, smoky with desire. Heat spiraled to her middle and she caught a whiff of his sawdust scent.
            “I…I can walk you back to your own room before I head to mine.” His voice broke as he whispered.
            She swallowed hard. She couldn’t do this right now with him. Too many obstacles stood in their way. But as she looked in his somber eyes, she realized none of those complications were bigger than her need for Garrett.
            “Let’s go to your room,” she said, her voice shaking. She moved her hands inside his shirt and ran them over his tight abs and chest. Heat soared through her body at the feel of him. “Together…”
Hey everyone! Leave Joya some new release love and let her know what you enjoyed most about the trailer and excerpt! *grins*

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Joya said...

Hi Laura!
I had such a great time last month on your blog and it's wonderful to be back again. Thanks so much for hosting me.
And congrats on all of the awards you've earned since my last visit. Wow, what a month/year you're having! :)

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks so much for being on the blog today, Joya! Congratulations on the new release!

GraceDZ said...

Hi Laura and Joya! The trailer looks really good, and the excerpt is sweet, sensual and hopeful! I'm looking forward to reading your new release, Joya. Congrats!

Joya said...

Hi Grace!
So great to hear from you. Thanks very much for checking out the trailer and excerpt. As always, I really appreciate your support. :)

Beautiful Disaster said...

Hello Ladies,
Laura, always enjoy your blog and the interviews :) Enjoyed meeting and hearing some about you, Joya, WOW 2 new releases in a month that's wonderful. I know you've been busy. I wish you the best with your new books and congrats on the newest release!!! The excerpt sounded good and the trailer was intense. I look forward to reading your books ;)
Thanks again,

Joya said...

Hi Lori,
Keeping busy keeps me out of trouble.
Thanks very much for checking out the excerpt and trailer. Glad to hear you thought the trailer was intense--that's exactly the reaction I was hoping for.
Thanks for stopping by today. :)

Jan Romes said...

Omg, Joya! Your trailer for BENEATH THE SURFACE is awesome!! :) The excerpt is incredible too! This book is going to do very well!!

Best wishes on all your books & your career!


Joya said...

Thanks so much, Jan! I really appreciate all of your support. Best wishes on your books and career, too. Thanks for stopping by to comment today. :)

Mackenzie Crowne said...

Wow Joya, powerful trailer. Congrats on the two releases. Such hard work will surely pay off in amazing sales.

Joya said...

Thanks for the congrats, Mac! I'm lucky to have great friends (you included) who have helped me through this process. Never could have done two releases within 28 days without a lot of help.
Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. :)

caseyclifford said...

Loved the trailer, Joya. And the book excerpt is fantastic!

Joya said...

Thanks for your kind comments and for taking time to stop to check out the excerpt and trailer tonight. :)

Cassandra Carr said...

Oh my! This sounds like a fun book! Love yummy heroes. :-)

Joya said...

LOL, Cassandra. Yummy heroes. Love it! Thanks so much for stopping by today. :)

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for all the great comments for Joya today, everyone! Woot!

Joya said...

Thanks for having me, Laura! And Thanks so much for everyone for their wonderful comments. :)

Vonnie Davis said...

I'm late! Enjoyed your trailer and excerpt very much. Wishing you fabulous sales!!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Joya,
Great trailer and I loved the excerpt. Beneath the Surfce sounds awesome. Loved the excerpt. That man can walk me back to my room anytime.



LaVerne Clark said...

Spine-tingling! Awesome trailer for an awesome book :)

I'd forgotten you've another release out this month too Joya. Yay! Another great read to keep me occupied ;)

I hope your books rocket off the shelves (virtual and actual). You're a wonderful writer, xo