Friday, December 30, 2011

#NorthofNeed is Up for 2 Awards Thru 12/31! Please Vote?

I'm so completely stunned! North of Need is up for two different sets of awards, both based on stellar 5-STAR reviews, and both of which require me to ask your help to win! Readers' choice awards mean so much though, because they come from you, the reader, and I love knowing something I've done has touched you in some way. I would be forever grateful if you would consider voting for me and North of Need in the following contests, both of which close 12/31:

  • Favorite Book
  • Best Cover Art **
  • Sexiest Story
  • Favorite Couple/Sweethearts
  • Most Compelling Hero
  • Most Kick-Ass Heroine
  • Favorite Author of 2011
  • Breakout Author of 2011 **
At GraveTells, you can vote for more than one book per category! The categories with ** are ones I have a fighting chance in! LOL

Thanks so much for considering voting! Your time and support means a lot to me, truly!

Thanks for reading,


miki said...


Laura Kaye said...

Thanks Miki!

Victoria said...

I voted in both locations already. You're doing really well :).

Laura Kaye said...

Thank you, Victoria!