Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Miss My SnOHw Man! #Giveaway at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!

NORTH OF NEED is the spotlighted book at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews this month, having won Sizzling Read of the Month for December, and so I'm offering this super cute giveaway! Included:
  • Print North of Need
  • North of Need notebook
  • Snowman stocking
  • Snowman Hershey bar
  • Snowman Peeps
  • Snowman picture frame
  • Romance Trading Cards from all my books
  • Snow globe
  • Pen
  • Vanilla lotion (Owen says Megan smells like vanilla...)
  • 25% off Wild Rose Press coupon
Don't miss out! The contest runs through December 31! Head over there and enter to win! And check out the Sizzling Read of the Year contest in the upper right of that site's page!

Thanks for reading!