Friday, November 4, 2011

New Reviews & Open #Giveaways for #NorthofNeed!

Open Giveaways! Will you win?

Three New Reviews!
Barbara, Basia's Bookshelf, 'A'!: "It’s a cozy, sexy and sweet story. I needed to keep reading to find out if Megan could get over her past. I wanted Owen to have his happily ever after with her after being alone for so long – I cared about these two characters because Kaye’s writing drew me into their story. The paranormal story added some interesting twists, and the glimpses into the other Gods promises some very unusual stories to come. (There's a great epilogue too - something that's missing in a lot of romance novels these days!)"

Smitten with Reading, A-!: "Now this is a book that I can get behind. I truly loved this book with its sense of magic and whimsy for two people that have had enough heartache to last a lifetime....Owen is an amazing hero....I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. It would be perfect to read during the next snowstorm or through the holiday season curled up under a warm quilt."

Paperback Dolls, 4/5 Stars!: "More than just a great idea, this author is able to pen fantastic emotions in her characters that will make even the coolest heart melt. When I find an author, no matter the genre, that is able to write a story with strong world-building and characters that make a reader feel for them and empathize with their struggles…I always return for seconds."

Thanks for reading and for all the support this week for release week!

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