Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5 Writerly Things for Which I'm Thankful

The day before Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the things for which I’m thankful in my journey as a writer so far. Here's what tops my list:

In editing right now!
Editors. Half a dozen books in, and I still cringe when I read an editor’s first-round comments on my manuscript. I get that sinking feeling in my gut, have those kneejerk reactions (What? How can she not like that? LOL) and feel daunted by the work that needs done. But I can tell I’m growing in this regard because now, even though those feelings are still there, I’m glad for all those red markings. Because, while they’ll be hard and time consuming and force me to kill my darlings and rethink things I thought worked, I know the book is going to be so much better than it was. Editors catch my goofs, cover my butt, and help me give readers the best book I can. And for that I’m thankful.

Covert Artists. Man oh man, have I won some cover art lotteries! While I like all my covers, the first time I knew I’d struck cover gold was with my HEARTS IN DARKNESS cover by Tricia Schmitt. She does just the most fantastic cover art, and for a lot of big names, so I was SO fortunate to have her work on my book. And that was after I’d had the chance to meet her in person and know she was just the sweetest gal ever! And then I get to Entangled with my new Hearts of the Anemoi series and wham, bam! Heather Howland gifted me with two totally stunning covers (and I’ve seen the bones of the third, and it’s just as breathtaking!!!). I know how important good covers are to readers, so I’m thankful for cover artists.

MRW Critters - I'm in the green shirt/tan jacket in the bottom row
Critique Partners and Beta Readers. Every writer needs other writers who they can trust to read their drafts and offer useful, thoughtful feedback. Not only am I totally lucky that my best friend, YA paranormal author Lea Nolan, is a freaking awesome crit partner (and willing to read right behind me as I write on deadline, as she recently did for my draft of West of Want) but I also belong to a critique group within the Maryland Romance Writers chockfull of wonderful writers and critters. These ladies raise their hands every time I need something read, and I simply couldn’t be more thankful for the help, encouragement, and support all of them have offered!

Writer Friends. One of my favorite experiences of being a writer so far is the huge number of writer friends I’ve made, both through my MRW chapter and online. I have been completely surprised and pleased at the amount of support, cheerleading, and advice-giving I’ve found even with online friends I’ve never met. I sense a real community within my writers’ groups and among romance writers in general, and I value that greatly.

Readers. You didn’t think I’d forget you guys, didya??? *winks* Truly, I am thankful for all the people who have bought, reviewed, tweeted, facebooked and otherwise talked up my books with their friends. I view this whole experience as a partnership between me as the writer and you as the readers—after all, every time you read my books—or any author’s books—you’re bringing my characters to life, letting them play out their story and have their happy ending, over and over again. And it’s totally thrilling to me that figments of my imagination become living, breathing parts of yours. Readers make it possible for me to do the thing I’ve found I love most to do, and I’m so thankful to them for that.

So, I'd love to know, what are you MOST thankful for this year?
Thanks so much for reading, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Kristina said...

Those are such wonderful things to be thankful for!
I am super thankful for the authors i love. They give me an outlet for my stress, build wonderful worlds andlives in which I can be a part of. With each book I read I realize more and more how Thankful i am for all of you(authors). You have all taken the characters and worlds from your minds and re-created them in amazing books for me. I always feel like each story i read is written just for me, so i can become a part of matter how far fetched it may be..
Sometimes life gets the best of me and I know when that happens all I have to do is pick up a book and I can be taken away a little while...and when I come out of my "dream world" things always look much brighter :)

So thank You to all the authors (especially you Laurs) for taking the time to share your characters and lives with me :)

**on a side note..i am thankfulfor my family (who are always there for me..really they are constantly there!) and for my husband who understands that when I am reading you just dont mess with me ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura Kaye said...

Aw, Kristina--what an awesome comment--thank you! Books do the same thing for me, I have to say--I love just losing myself in one! Have the happiest thanksgiving, girl!

Liz said...

I'm thankful for the cleaning company in my house right now....and all that other stuff you said! happy T-giving to you Laura

Laura Kaye said...

OOOH! Cleaning company is a good one! LOL Less time scrubbing toilets, more time writing! LOL Thanks, Liz!

Rhianna said...

There are so many things I'm thankful for outside of the real life stuff.

I can definitely say I am immensely thankful to ABC Family for taking a chance on me and letting me be part of the huge promotion for The Nine Lives of Chloe King in June. It showed me that I was capable of handling a large event that required daily posting without going insane.

I'm also very thankful that Cathy from Entangled approached me around the same time to see if I wanted to help promote Entangled's launch titles. It's been both fun and life changing. The authors are some of the hardest working and friendly people I've had the pleasure of encountering online. It isn't everyday I meet authors that I would love to meet up with for lunch IRL and the whole team working for Entangled have done it!

Happy Thanksgiving Laura!

Victoria said...

I have so much to be thankful for. First would be my husband and sons. Second, my health - 5 yrs cancer free. Third, hubs bought me a 2012 X3 which I just picked up. It is So lovely. Fourth, the ability to see so that I can reas :). There is so much more I'm thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Laura Kaye said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing such wonderful things to be thankful for with me! Happy Thanksgiving guys!