Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Great Review & 4 Ways to Win!!!

So, popping in real quick today to share some good news and four ways to win!
  1. NORTH OF NEED received its first review today and IT WAS FANTASTIC! Some highlights: "The mythology in North of Need was fascinating...The best words I can use to describe this book are: warm and sexy....Laura sucked me into the lives of Megan and Owen so fully I could not put the book down....I can't wait to see whose story the next book, West of Want, will bring us."
  2. I have a lot of ways to win books going on today, and hope you'll check some out--I love to give books away to friends and followers! 
    1. All I Want for Halloween is a Vampire! + Forever Freed Giveaway (through 10/20)
    2. Interview and Exclusive Excerpt! + Just Gotta Say Giveaway (through 10/22)
    3. Author of the Week Feature + 2 will win choice of one of my three books (through 10/31)
  3. IT'S COMING TOMORROW! MY HEARTS IN DARKNESS DARK CHOCOLATE BOOK BIRTHDAY BASH! Lotsa giveaways all day right here on 10/20, the 6-month publication anniversary of HEARTS IN DARKNESS! Don't miss out!
So, thanks for reading! And go win my books! *grins*


Shannon said...

Great books that you are giving away.. would love to read them..Shannon S.

Laura Kaye said...

Woot! Enter early, enter often, Shannon!!! :D Thanks!