Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet Me Monday - Some Firsts for Laura

Thanks to the lovely Rachel Firasek for organizing the Meet Me Monday blog hop! The idea here is to share some things you might not know about us - and then in the comments, share something in return! Love that!

So, I thought I'd share some firsts with you, such as:

*My very first erotic romance, JUST GOTTA SAY, releases this Friday! And the blog tour starts today! Check it out to win!

L to R: Mindy Klasky, Christi Barth, and me on right!
*This past weekend, I participated in my very first book festival, and it was such great fun! The Maryland Romance Writers were official co-sponsors of the event. We had our own tent and hosted a packed crowd all weekend long. It was great getting to read from HEARTS IN DARKNESS and FOREVER FREED to a live crowd for the first time! (And a very exciting part of this weekend was getting to meet Megan Hart in person! Woot!)

*I received my very first EPIC awards nod. HEARTS IN DARKNESS is a finalist in the 2012 best novella category!

*On a more personal note, I'm excited to have finished building my very first Pandora bracelet with two beads my brother-in-law bought me for a belated birthday present! Anyone else collect Pandora?

*Today I had the first chocolate milkshake I've eaten in months, and it was fanfrickintastic! Slurp! *grins*

Any exciting firsts on your end?

Thanks for reading,


Rashda Khan said...

Congratulations & good luck with your erotic release!!!(Um, yes I mean your book =D)

My first...Meet Me Monday is the first blog hop I have participated in! And it's cool to meet all the wonderful new authors. Hope you'll come visit me!

Laura Kaye said...

That's awesome, Rashda! Blog hops are fun and a great way to meet new people! Heading over to your place now! ;)

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

Congrats on your new release!

Glad to "meet" you!

R Firasek said...

Laura, Congrats on all the success. Your stories are fab and so deserving. Thanks for being on the hop!

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for stopping by and hopping at my place everyone! Glad to meet you!

Elise said...

That's fantastic :) Congrats on all your news. I love to do book festivals you meet so many great people that way. my lil confession I had a mocha frappe for the first time in almost a year on Saturday. *sighs... heavenly :P

Laura Kaye said...

Yay, Elise! Thanks for commenting and sharing a first! Isn't it amazing how delicious those treats are when you haven't indulged in a while??? :)

May-Day_Aura said...

Congrats on our release, book festival, and award nod! =) That's awesome! As for any exciting firsts...hmm? Well, I'm attending the Austin Teen Book Festival (in Ausitn, Texas) for the first time this upcoming Saturday and I'm participating in my first blog-fest writing challenge next month!

And thanks for stopping by my blog. I think this is a cool concept that Rachel Firasek started on her blog.

Laura Kaye said...

That sounds like a great festival! Have lots of fun!

Christine said...

Laura, you are on fire, woman! Congrats on the Eppie nom, and on your latest release!

I don't think I did blog hop correctly...sigh. I'm so challenged when it comes to blog ish things!

kenradaniels said...

Congrats on all your firsts!

MMM is my first time participating in a blog hop.
Today, my oldest grandson, 3yrs, brought home his very first school pictures! He loves Preschool, and the pics turned out fantastic!

Laura Kaye said...

Great to have you here Christine and Kenra! You'll catch the hang of it, Christine, and great firsts, Kenra!