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The Vampire as a Soul Mate by Bertena Varney

In Lure of the Vampire, I discuss the concept of the vampire as a soul mate. A lover who we know at the moment that we see him that he is the one. He is the one that knows you- knows all about you and your desires. He is the one that makes your heart skip a beat when you see him. He is your soul mate.

This vampire encourages you to be who you really are; they accept you for you and empower you to find that strength. The women who fall in love with this soul mate loves him for the fact that he knows them and they are destined to be together.

Here is an excerpt from the essay in the Literature section titled, “Lure of the Dead Boyfriend”:
Many times in vampire literature, females are very accepting and non judgmental of who they love. They may be scared at certain times in the relationship, but are always looking for that equal in any relationship, no matter if he is a vampire. As a result, these female characters tend to be strong characters that are alive in the stories today.

These characters and their readers fall in love with these charismatic and seductive monsters. The vampire characters in the books display superhuman abilities. Vampires by nature can seduce the lead female character, defeat death, and physically destroy their enemies to protect.  This is very seductive to the reader.

The vampire’s super human abilities are coupled only with their struggle to hate the monster within. They hate who they are and what they have to do in order to survive. Many are doomed to walk the earth and to repent of their sins from their previous life. During this internal struggle, these vampires tend to find their soul mate, that one woman who can deliver them from hell and love them all at the same time.

Examples of these books include The Templar Vampire Series by Rene Lyons. In this story there are five Templar Knights who fell from the grace of God by straying from his plan during the Crusades. Each of the five Templar Knights suffered a harsh childhood and an even more devastating adult life as a solider for God. They murdered, raped, pillaged, and stole all in the name of religion but, as time went on, their mission strayed, as did their focus and commitment to God.

As it was in history, Rene wrote that King Philip IV of France charged the Templar Knights with heresy and had them executed. But, this is where the author’s story changes history in this series of books. 

Five of the knights, Constantine, Lucian, Tristan, Sebastian and Raphael, were brought back from the dead by the archangel, Michael. Michael thrusts his spear and pulls their hearts from their chests. He declares that now they can only enter heaven once they find redemption in God’s eyes for all of their sins. He declares them “undead” “vampire” “soulless” and tells them that in order to earn this redemption they must find the Day Star and protect it till the time for their redemption arrives.

In Midnight Sun, Day Star, and Tempting Darkness, the first three of the four that have been published, the Templar vampires struggle with the fact that they must find redemption and that if one of them fail then they all fail. Each book is the romantic adventure and story of each vampire and his chance at love and redemption. Each vampire struggles with who they were, who they have become, and the fear of damnation as each find that “light in the darkness” that makes them stronger and allows them to find redemption.

Allison, Lexine, and Jessica are quite, girl-next-door types who may appear fragile but have the strength and courage to help and to handle the love of the vampires, Sebastian, Constantine, and Lucian respectively. They follow the basic pattern of most vampire romance novels. They are a little fearful and cautious at first; they struggle together through the adventure, while denying their love; then an explosive erotic love scene brings the meant-to-be soul mates together. The romance is the novel. The love is forever and the monster and female character are soul mates forever.
This section also provides the reader with a list of vampire books that the reader may be interested in. They are divided among the classics, young adult, and adult. Each section provides the reader with links to website to where they may either download these books for free- if they are in public domain- or to purchase these books via the author’s websites.

So, do you think of the vampire as a soul mate? If so which vampire from literature is your soul mate? Which seduces not just your body but your mind and your soul? [GIVEAWAY: 1 commenter will win an ebook copy of Bertena's book! e-mail address required!]

I can’t wait to hear your comments below.

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Bertena Varney is from Winchester, KY and currently resides in Bowling Green, KY. She attended Morehead State University where she received the following degrees: - B.A. in Social Science and Education - M.A. in Social Science and Education - M.A. in Sociology and Criminology - Rank 2 Secondary Education Certification While in college She used all of her extra essays, projects and independent study classes to study vampires in pop culture….thus the creation of Lure of the Vampire.

She has been employed as a middle and high school as well as college instructor. Here past employers include Morehead State University She has been employed Morehead State University, Eastern Kentucky University and National College and will be lecturing at Bowling Green Community College in the fall.

Currently she is planning her lecture tour schedule. In the past she has presented papers at conference such as Sirens in Vail, Colorado and The Harry Potter Witching Hour in Salem, Mass. Currently she is scheduled for ScareFest, Dance on the Dark Side and A Day of Mystical Blood Lust.

She is also planning to begin a vampirology course based upon her studies of vampires in pop culture.
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Laura Kaye said...

Welcome, Bertena! So cool to have you here!

Robin Covington said...

Bertena - Your books sounds fascinating. How did you get the idea for it and how long did it take for you to complete it?

Bertena Varney said...

It started as a college paper. I have several degrees and when I began to complete by final masters I ran out of classes. So I approached my professor andvsge allowed me to create my own class
I dud research and found very little academic work with the vampire
So I began compiling research lists and websites
While writing the paper I looked at vampires and kids then teens then adults. Kind of vampires throughout my life and then religion and afterlife came to mind and so this all became my final paper.
Everyone teased me about studying vampires so I decided to continue the academic route and write a book but I wanted to make sure everyone liked it so I tried to make it fun
Ant more questions?

Bertena Varney said...

Oh sorry I didn't answer the question about time. The paper took me a year and a half and the nook about that long as well
But I will admit that a couple of times I quit for a week or two because of being overwhelmed

queenofenglish said...

Sounds like your book is a must-have for writers who write about vampires.

You did all the research -- woohoo!

MM the Queen of English

Bertena Varney said...

That is part of why I wrote it the way that I did. I write for and a lot of people saw my reserach on my website at searchforthelure dot webs dot com
and began emailing me asking me afacts about movies, mythology and more. so, i kept a lot of that and added it in my book.
There are essays, lists, websites, and itnerviews as well as LOTS of contact information and referrrals.

I laid it out like I would a text book in one of my classes that I teach at the college.I then added information in that order and am thinking of teaching a class online in vampire studies.

Stephanie/PurdueLiz said...

Oooh this sounds like such an interesting book. I love vampire stories and all the many twists different authors make on the myth. Some twists more than others.

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for stopping by, Steph! And everyone!