Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #25

This week, I've got six more from my debut erotic romance, JUST GOTTA SAY. The reason? Today I'm one of the featured authors in Decadent Publishing's Erotic Romance Blog Tour. More on that below... So, our girl Callie's still fantasizing about her roommates, for now:
While none of the scenes featured more than two guys with a woman, she began writing in a role for a third man, and those were the images that made her juices flow the hardest and her orgasm approach like a freaking freight train. Movie Jack and Movie Noah just weren’t complete without Movie Lucas—the long-time source of all her orgasmic dreams before her accidental voyeurism.
Lucas Branson, whose broad shoulders, big hands, and too-infrequent smiles owned her, whose short, brown hair curled at the ends when he let it grow at all, and whose hazel eyes reflected the anguish he carried inside. She’d never known anyone who looked so tough and serious on the outside, but was so broken-up and vulnerable on the inside. Sometimes her arms ached from the need to hold him, and she couldn’t restrain herself—she’d hug him and make a joke about it or roll her eyes like it was no big deal.
No, nothing was complete without Lucas.
If you'd like to read more JUST GOTTA SAY, see the grand debut of the story's book trailer, OR enter to win a copy of the novella, go check me out today on the Decadent Erotic Romance Blog Tour!

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Kerrianne Coombes said...

Awww! What a great six. So much emotion.

romancingalix said...

Love it! Fantastic full six with so much of everything. '..approach like a freaking freight train.' Bring it on!

Dee Carney said...

I love the way she sees him. So beautiful!

heatherthurmeier said...

Great six! This snippet tells us so much. Hope she gets real Lucas instead of just movie Lucas soon!

Gem Sivad said...

Arousing, intriguing and sexy! I'm hooked.

Cherie Marks said...

I really, really need to meet Lucas! Think you could arrange a meeting or should I just buy the book? Great six!

Piper said...

Groovy six! There is so much there and it is absolultely captivating.

Kharisma Rhayne said...

beautiful SSS