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Welcome Guest Author Janet Mullany! & Giveaway!

I'm so pleased to welcome guest author and MRW chapter mate Janet Mullany 
to the blog today!

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Welcome, Janet!  Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

Thanks for having me as a guest, Laura! I’ve mostly written odd historicals, odd because the majority of them were written in first person present tense in both the hero’s and heroine’s POV, and they were funny. Naturally a UK publisher bought them, although the first one, The Rules of Gentility, was first published by HarperCollins. I’ve dabbled in the paranormal with two books about Jane Austen as a vampire, Jane and the Damned (2010) and Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion (October 2011) but I’m not really a paranormal writer. I’m not sure I’m a romance writer either but this is such a huge genre I can carve myself out a niche or two. I’ve also published an erotic historical, a dirty and subversive version of Jane Eyre, Reader, I Married Him (2010).

I loved Jane and the Damned. Definitely one everyone should check out! Okay, tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

I’m making a full length erotic contemporary debut with Tell Me More, which is a novel about fantasy and reality and what happens when the two overlap, and about seeking out sexual adventures for the hell of it. Because I can’t help myself, it’s also funny. So far people love it or hate it.

That sounds fantastic! Which character is your favorite and why?

My heroine, Jo. She’s such a smartass, fearless and tough for most of the book, taking risks and living dangerously. Some of those might come over as foolish or plain stupid, but this is erotica although there is an implied HEA. I think nearly all of my books have a HEA which is equivalent to the characters jumping off a cliff. I love to think of them hurling themselves into the next chapter of their lives, because commitment and/or marriage are incredibly risky undertakings.

That’s a very cool way of looking at it. So, what was the hardest thing for you about writing this story?

Sounding American! My formative years were in England and I’ve never developed much of an ear for US speech patterns, and in writing historicals I had a definite edge. I had a critique partner early on who helped me (big thanks to Robin L. Rotham) and I asked my editor (who is Canadian!) to help me out too. I eventually gave up and made the hero Irish, possibly digging myself into more holes with his diction. I did a lot of eavesdropping on other people’s conversations too but was lucky enough not to get caught blatantly listening in.

Irish. You’re hero’s Irish?? *Goes immediately in search of this book…pre-orders…taps fingers* Er, sorry, I’m back! What are you working on right now?

The second book in the series which is called Subtext and has some Austen themes in it. Basically it’s a standard erotic romance trope where you get a crowd of hot people together in one place and let them romp.

LOL! Awesome! Okay, I have to ask, what happened to the first book you ever wrote?

Oh, that would be my Black Beauty plagiarism where I got bored after a time and didn’t know what would happen next so I abandoned it and didn’t think about writing for … decades.

Aw, I love Black Beauty! What do you find easiest and hardest to write?

Easiest: dialogue. Hardest: making transitions from one scene to another. I figure readers will guess but in revisions I nearly always have to go back and insert sentences describing where we are now.

Have you incorporated actual events or people from your own life into your books?

There’s a lot of me in Jo—I too was a (much better behaved) radio announcer and I used to live in Colorado where the book is set without actually mentioning many place names. The book is dedicated to a cat who used to fall over if he liked people, and he liked everyone. He was the feline equivalent of a fainting goat.

OMG you are killing me! That’s hilarious! And very, very cool about you and Jo! Is there a theme or message that runs through your work?

I like to write about grownups dealing with bad situations (frequently of their own making) and learning a bit more about themselves. In my books the characters’ problems nearly always start when they fall in love. I see love as a catalyst for change.

That’s a great theme. Which romance book or series (or other genre, if you don’t write romance) do you wish you had written?

All of Charles Dickens’ works, because think how rich I’d be. He’s such a pantser and a rulebreaker and can turn on a dime from making you laugh to making you cry.

Good choice! Of all the characters you’ve ever written, who is your favorite and why?

Probably Adam, the hero of my first published book, Dedication (2005), which I’m rewriting for publication by Loose-Id. I don’t have a release date yet. I’m desperately trying to shoehorn in more sex, a bit difficult with a celibate (for a time) hero. He’s a smartass, very loyal to his family, an old lefty finding the world has changed.

Oh, he sounds interesting! Keep us posted on that one! Okay, now, just for fun:
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark but basically anything on offer.

Salty or sweet? Salty

Bed or kitchen table? I love eating in bed! Is that what you meant?

Beach or mountains? Mountains

Give or receive? Give. I love surprising people.
Jo Hutchinson is obsessed with a man she’s never seen—only heard. Her late-night calls to the mysterious “Mr. D.” grow increasingly intimate, until they finally become full-blown phone sex. Still, Jo doesn’t dare meet him. Instead, she embarks on a series of sizzling sexual escapades with other guys, sharing every sweaty moment with Mr. D. afterward, a passion-by-proxy arrangement they both get off on. But even as she’s charting brave new naughty worlds, Jo knows that it’s all really for Mr. D. Every pleasure she experiences—eagerly, athletically, vocally—is to please him.
Immersed in fantasy, reality just slips away—even the chance at that elusive combination of love and lust. Her new tenant, Patrick, an Irish hunk in geek’s clothing, is totally into her. And in her lucid moments, Jo knows she feels the same. Can she tear herself away from her kinky dreamworld long enough to appreciate what’s right in front of her? Or has Mr. D. ruined her for real life?
Wow! I’m totally fanning myself here! Phew! Where can we find you on the web?

Thank you!
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Thanks for reading,
Laura & Janet


Laura Kaye said...

Welcome to the blog today, Janet! So glad to have you here!

Anna said...

Great interview! I love eating in bed, too. The kitchen table has this annoying squeak due to improper use. I wrote to the manufacturer regarding a warning label about that, but I never heard back.

acgene - at - gmail

Janet Mullany said...

Hi Laura, thanks again for having me here. This was a fun interview! Anna, my kitchen/dining table is barely stable enough to support a couple of people eating, let alone anything else.

Laura Kaye said...

LOL, Janet--my kitchen table's the same way. Plus, with small kids, there's always something sticky on the surface! *shudders* LOL Thanks for stopping by, Anna!

Cathy said...

Thank you!! Looks like I have several books to add to my summer reading list.

Laura said...

Hi, Janet,

Great post. If this book is as funny as your others, I can't wait to read it.

... maybe you could team write with Anna - her humor seemed to mirror yours :D

All the best ~

Loni Lynne said...

Janet and Laura,
You two are so much fun! I love your attitude about life, Janet and it sounds like it shows in your characters. I can't wait to read "Tell Me More", it sounds fun and sexy!

Loni Lynne

P.S. My kitchen table has too much paperwork on it. I feel I have to do a major sweep before I can even use it (for any purpose).

Janet Mullany said...

Hi Cathy, Laura, and Loni. My humor has been described as "brutally funny" tho I'm not sure whether it's a compliment.

Eliza Knight said...

Great interview Janet and Laura!!! I can't wait to read all 24 sex scenes :) I love the story of your cat! I wondered who the guy was when I read the dedication, lol

Anne R said...

Great interview. The book sounds great!!!

areeths at new dot rr dot com

Janet Mullany said...

Hi Eliza and Anne R. I don't think I've ever met a man who fell over whenever he saw me. You need a cat for that.

Karen said...

What a fun interview!! I'd have gone for the dining room table (no kids to worry about!), but not sure I could convince the hubby! :O)
Definitely adding Tell Me More to the TBR list; sounds like a great summer read! Thanks for the giveaway.
kacbooks at hotmail dot com

Robin Kaye said...

Love the interview and can't wait to read the book! That's too funny about the cat...I had one that fell over, but that was when he was walking some times. He had a nasty fever as a kitten and spent the rest of his life terminally confused but so sweet. He'd be walking along just fine and then splat. Too funny!
robin at robinkayewrites dot com

Laura Kaye said...

And, the winner of Janet's TELL ME MORE giveaway is...


Look for an email from Janet!

And thanks everyone for commenting!