Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #21! + Treasure Hunt Winners!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Can you believe it's the last day of July? Where the heck is the summer going? *grins* In celebration of my (thanks to all of you!) hugely successful Treasure Hunt Giveaway, I'm returning to six sentences from my contemporary romance, Hearts in Darkness:
          Saving them the awkward conversation, Makenna flopped her right arm out on the bed and pointed to her night stand. “Drawer. Condom. On you. Now.”
            “Mmm, yes, ma’am,” he said with a grin as he pushed himself into a standing position and kicked off the jeans which still hung around his knees.
Aw, man, I just love these two! Love revisiting them, and I hope you do, too!

Okay, be sure to read the Other Sixers' Posts and follow the #sixsunday hashtag on Twitter.

Images this week provided by readers who shared the pictures with me because they reminded them of my story. Awesomeness!

So, to those here for Six Sentence Sunday I say, thank you for reading and please consider commenting--I always read and enjoy every one!


If you're also here to learn who won the prizes in my National Talk in an Elevator Day Treasure Hunt Giveaway, then by all means, READ ON!

And, the winners are...
GRAND PRIZE: $50 Amazon gift certificate Sue/katsrus
FIRST RUNNER UP: $20 Digibooks Cafe gift certificate Karen Nutt
SECOND RUNNER UP: Bag of Hearts swag bag MissyB
BLOG POST COMMENT WINNER: $10 Amazon gift certificate books4me
HEARTS IN DARKNESS EBOOK Giveaway at For the Love of Books Blog Still Open through 8/1, TBA 8/3

All winners will receive separate emails today with information on how to claim your prizes!

Thanks to one and all for participating in the hunt, or for tweeting it, facebooking it, or otherwise coming along for the ride! Your support and interest means so much to me, truly! 

Along those lines, I must absolute say thanks to the ten authors and bloggers who made the hunt possible for me by hosting:
  1. For the Loveof Books 
  2. Book Wenches 
  3. My EclecticBookshelf 
  4. MyVampFiction 
  5. Where’s my Muse? 
  6. Author AJ Nuest
  7. Author Jill James
  8. Author Joya Fields
  9. Author Sarah Grimm
  10. Author Sharon Buchbinder
Thanks for reading,


Gem Sivad said...

A woman who knows what she wants. Great sexy six!

romancingalix said...

A commanding Lady, I like her alot, and I liked his response. Great six.

Xakara said...

Gotta love a woman who gets straight to the point! :)

Dawn's Early Light 6SS

Sarah Grimm said...

A woman who's not afraid to say what she wants! Love it!

And it was a pleasure hosting you this weekend. Anytime you need my help/blog, just let me know. ;-)

Jessica Subject said...

She sure is direct. Love it! :)

Jennifer L Hart said...

Awesome Laura, gotta love a woman who will take charge!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

What a very modern woman! I love how quickly he obeyed!

laynap said...

Ha! Gotta love a woman who knows what she wants.

lizculver said...

Commanding woman, I like it. Also liked his amused reaction. Nice interaction between these two.

melyndaprice said...

Direct and to the point. A woman who knows what she wants, I love it!

Cara Bristol said...

I've read Hearts in Darkness and you've created a very unique, vulnerable, but sexy hero. Nice job.

Eleri Stone said...

Is she going to stay so bossy, I wonders.

naelany said...

Trust me, I believe it lol (kinda hard not to, since it's my birthday today).

Love the six!

Cate Masters said...

A woman who knows what she wants! lol Fun six!

Dee Carney said...

A take charge kind of girl. LOL

Taryn Kincaid said...

Good dialogue.

Robin_Badillo said...

LOL! Everything I thought about the post has already been mentioned. :-)
So, I'll just applaud...Bravo!!

Sandy Ruth said...

Love the way you wrote this. Direct and to the point -- and still sexy!

Lex Valentine said...

What a great couple! I need to get this book.

heatherthurmeier said...

Love, love, love this snippet! Love that she knows just what she wants and isn't afraid to ask (demand!) for it.

Sam Crescent said...

Great Six

Lindsay said...

Intelligent man. Smarter woman

Stacey said...

Oh this girl wants it bad! LOVE IT! "Drawer. Condom. On you. Now.”

Sonya Clark said...

I love how direct she is, and that he has no problem complying. Great six!

Pippa Jay said...

Love a woman who's not afraid to tell a man what she wants. :)

katsrus said...

Loved your six sentence. and thank you for the fun Treasure Hunt.
Sue B

gayleramage said...

Sensible lady! Great snippet!

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