Monday, June 20, 2011

Publication Anniversary Celebration & Giveaway!


*Grins* I'm celebrating around here because I've got some publication anniversaries to note:
  • It's the ONE-month anniversary of Forever Freed's publication!
  • It's the TWO-month anniversary of Hearts in Darkness's publication!
And both books have been doing so great! As of today, Hearts in Darkness is ranked the #7 best selling ebook over at Fictionwise and the #12 best rated contemporary romance ebook over at amazon! And Forever Freed is the #94 bestselling gothic romance ebook at amazon.
I've got lots going on in celebration--please check it out!

1) FOREVER FREED received a new 5-star review, and in celebration, there's an ebook giveaway! Comment to enter over at Were Vamps Romance! (Thru 6/22)

2) I'm baring my soul...okay, well, really just my bedside table, over at Parajunkee's View! And I'm giving away ebooks, print books, and amazon gift cards, depending on how many comments I receive! The post is totally fun, so come on over and comment to enter! (Thru 6/21)

3) I'm a featured author over at The Romance Reviews and I'm available for chat all day today, 6/20!

4) FOREVER FREED's book trailer is up for a best video contest and voting runs from 6/21 - 6/26 over at You Gotta Read Reviews Video Contest!

I hope you'll have the chance to enter a contest or stop by to leave me a comment! :)

Thanks for reading,


Denise Z said...

I just enjoyed your sharing on Parajunkee's View what a wonderful post. I cannot wait to read Forever Freed - It sounds really tasty!

Laura Kaye said...

Yay! Thanks Denise!

Kathleen Grieve said...

Very exciting time for you! Keep them coming!

Laura Kaye said...

Yes! Thanks Kathleen!