Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My First Booksigning! & Other Good News!

Me on left and the lovely Sharon on right!
So, it wasn't an official booksigning, but at my critique group meeting on Sunday, several of my writerly friends bought Forever Freed and asked me to sign--my first signings! :) Here, fellow author Sharon Buchbinder is celebrating with me after we'd manage to settle down following her "faux adoration" pose that had us both cracking up! :D

Other good news:
1) The paperbacks arrived right on time on Forever Freed release day, May 20. It was TOTALLY THRILLING to hold the books in my hands for the first time!

2) Forever Freed is getting great reviews!
  • 5 STARS from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!
  • 5 STARS from Paranormal Opinion!
  • 5 STARS from So You Think You Can Write!
  • 4.75 STARS from Book Wenches!
  • 4.5 STARS from Words That Sparkle
  • 4.5 STARS from MyVampFiction
Take a look at the REVIEW page to see what the reviews are saying! Consensus is that Lucien Demarco's a big hit! *winks*

3) Forever Freed is making the rounds for interviews and excerpts! Hope you'll stop on by!:
  • Smoking hawt excerpt at Amie Louellen's blog!
  • Behind-the-scenes with Forever Freed interview at Nocturnal Readings!
  • Excerpt from the **unpublished prequel** of Forever Freed at Fang-tastic Books! [The night Lucien was turned into a vampire, ahem. And a fantastic picture of Lena and Isabetta, Lucien's human family...]
So, lots going on and it's good, good, good! Thanks to all of you for joining in the fun!

Thanks for reading,


naelany said...

sooo exciting! :-)

Sharon Buchbinder said...

Great post! Savor the moment!!! Hugs!!

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, guys! :)

Joya said...

Great photo of both of you! Congrats on all the terrific reviews. I can't wait to read FOREVER FREED. :)