Friday, May 20, 2011


Today is the official release day for FOREVER FREED, the first novel I ever wrote and the first I sold! This story and these characters are so near and dear to my heart, and it's thrilling and totally scary to have it out there in the world! *grins*

It's very exciting that the book is available everywhere right away this time, so I'm hitting you up with some linkage: ;)

The Wild Rose Press
Benefits of buying here are 1) variety of eformats, 2) 25% off coupon good thru 5/31 on all formats/titles! use code 18b632d0b0 (those are zeroes), 3) er, I get the biggest royalties from the pub, jus' sayin' ;)!
Available from TWRP in PRINT or EBOOK!

Where the ebook has been on a Kindle bestseller chart since it went live on the 18th! Woohoo! See Kindle Books >Romance>Gothic. It's been bouncing around a bit and now sits at #66 on the list! *smiles*
Available from Amazon in PRINT or KINDLE/EBOOK!

Barnes & Noble
Only available in print there so far! Fellow Nook owners can download epub format from The Wild Rose Press, though!

So, go forth and, er, buy? Or at least look. Maybe tweet?

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Cathie Dunn said...

Good luck with your release, Laura! You must be so excited! :-)

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks Cathie! It's a fun time right now for sure!

Sarah Allan said...

That's so exciting, Laura! You're one busy lady, and I'm very happy for you!

Cherie Marks said...

Congrats, Laura! Such a great time for you. The book sounds like a great read, so I'll have to check it out.

Laura Kaye said...

@Sarah--thanks, yes, it's been a very busy month! But great!

@Cherie--Oh, I hope you do! And enjoy!

Thanks for dropping by everyone!