Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm a Blogging Fool!

I'm a blogging fool today, and I'm hoping you'll come visit me so I'm not so looooonely! *grins*

Visit Laura & I'll lower this sheet...
1) To "Was" or Not to "Was" - at Five Scribes Blog - everything you need to know about passive voice and 'to be 'verbs - I'll even doctor your passive voice up! [plus I have man candy, ya know, to make up for the grammar!]

2) Interview and Advice for New Writers - at All Things Books - what advice would you add?

3) Interview and Exclusive excerpt of Hearts in Darkness - at Wild Rose Press author Paty Jager's blog

Also, for your consideration, please note that my Romance Trading Cards are up for auction in a huge, comprehensive set of authors' cards as part of Brenda Novak's online auction for diabetes research! Fun items, great cause! Check it out!
 Thanks for reading,


arialburnz said...

Ok, I'm here!! When's he going to lower the sheet??? *drool*

Laura Kaye said...

Stand by for sheet lowering in 10, 9, 8...


Danielle said...

I knew we'd get along just well!!! :D

Laura Kaye said...

LOL, Danielle!