Saturday, May 7, 2011

HELP?! LASR Book of the Week Contest!

Happy weekend, everyone!  Was thrilled yesterday that HEARTS IN DARKNESS received two top-ranked reviews, one from Long and Short Romance Reviews, making HEARTS eligible to compete in this weekend's LASR Book of the Week contest (vote here)
Voting will take place on Saturday, May 7 & Sunday, May 8.
So, once again, and with great humility and recognition that I've asked for your help before, I'm asking again.  Please vote, share, tweet, retweet!  Having a shot at winning this would really, truly add to my Mother's Day!

Many thanks for your consideration.  And, as always, thanks for reading,


trishd said...

I voted for you!!! You are winning so far with %35!!!

Laura Kaye said...

You're awesome, Trish! Thanks so much!