Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet an Author Monday! & Tips for Creating an Online Presence

Always so happy to hop with some wonderful authors on Mondays. Please check out the list of links below, drop in on some new-to-you authors, say hi & follow along!  If you're an author and want to join in the fun, follow the links below!

Today I've got several announcements I'm pretty excited about:
1) I'm guest blogging over at Rebecca Clark's Once Written, Twice Shy blog on the topic: "Creating an Online Presence: 4 Tips from an Introvert." Please stop by and chat us up!
2) My HEARTS IN DARKNESS cover recently won two cover awards--1st place Viewers' Choice Award and 3rd place Judges' Choice Award--in the Still Moments Magazine cover contest. I've won a full-page ad in their May issue just in time for my two debut releases! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!
3) Stop back later this week for **TWO** great guests in my ongoing 30 Days of Kay(e)s Blogfest!

What's new in your world?

Thanks for reading,


Jennifer Lane said...

Hey Laura, your blog got a facelift! Very pretty. Congrats on the awards for your covers and good luck with the blogfest.

Jennifer Lane said...
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YACWW said...

Lovely home. Always nice to meet a new author. Definitly will check out the article and congrats on winning hte slot in the mag. Way to go!


Laura Kaye said...

Hi Jen and Gabriella--thanks for stopping by. Yes, Jen, new blog and website as of 3/31--flove it! Gabriella, nice to meet you too!