Monday, April 18, 2011

News! News! News! Guest Blogging, New Sale, & Meet an Author Monday

Hi y'all! So much great stuff going on today! :)

1) I'm over at the lovely Sharon Buchbinder's blog today talking about the tradition of disfigured and disabled heroes in romantic fiction. Come stop over and keep us company and help celebrate the release of HEARTS IN DARKNESS in just **2** days!

2) I sold my Christmas fantasy SNOW'S MAN to Entangled Publishing - it will be the first in a 4-book series and will release 11/11! Woot!

3) It's Monday, so I'm hopping! Check out these great authors, follow and comment, and join along in the fun!

Thanks for stopping by,


YACWW said...

Congrats on selling to Entangled! Can't wait to hear more about the book series.

Gabriella Hewitt

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks Gabriella!

Jennifer Lane said...

Congratulations on selling your story! Heading over now to read about disabled/disfigured heroes.

ketch1714 said...

CONGRATS on selling Snow's Man!!! That's Awesome!