Monday, April 25, 2011

For Meet an Author Monday: Reviews & What's in a Title?

It's Monday, so I'm hopping along with Lisa Sanchez's weekly Meet an Author Monday bloghop! Go follow her, chat with those on the bloghop, and join in the fun!

I've got news to share today, of the exciting and useful variety! :)
1) HEARTS IN DARKNESS has earned so many great reviews so far, including a new 5-STAR review from One Great Book Deserves Another. My favorite part of this stellar review was:
The sensuality and sexuality truly made this novella shine. It's been quite a long time...if ever...that I've read sex scenes that were just as emotionally moving as it was physically passionate. I freely admit I'm greedy. I wish this story had been longer. I just adored Caden and Makenna together and would really have loved spending more time with them. The ending though, was as poetic and hopeful as it was perfect for a conclusion. It capped a truly spectacular reading experience that just made me hungry for more of Laura Kaye's work. I'll be watching and eagerly waiting for more!
2) HEARTS IN DARKNESS is available on Nook and Kindle! Plus, of course, you can always buy it on my publisher page!
3) Don't forget--if you purchased HEARTS IN DARKNESS to forward your purchase receipt to to enter to win a Hearts-inspired charm bracelet! [See rotating pictures over in right column!) Getting close to the 50-entry mark for the first bracelet! [And, yes! Friends are totally welcome to enter!]
4) Come visit me over at The Book Boost today where I'm blogging on the significance of and tips for book titles!

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Jennifer Lane said...

That's a wonderful review, Laura--congrats! May you receive many more like it.

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks Jennifer! It's fun seein' them come in!

Patricia Preston said...

Congrats on the great review!

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks so much, Patricia!