Thursday, March 3, 2011

Romance Trading Cards!

If I didn't already love historical romance author Jeannie Lin for teaching me book trailer making, now she's gone and come up with an awesome promo idea for the upcoming RT and RWA conferences--romance trading cards! Jeannie's set up all the logistics--a card template, instructions on how to set the cards up (see here), even found a designer willing to help or do the design for a small cost (see here).

I'm going to design cards for both Forever Freed and Hearts in Darkness and have already come up with what people/items the cards will feature:

 From Forever Freed:

Lucien Demarco (hero)
Samantha Sutton (heroine)
Olivia "Ollie" Sutton (Samantha's daughter, will be a rare card!)
Antoine Laumet (villain)
Lucien's violin

From Hearts in Darkness:

Caden Grayson (hero)
Makenna James (heroine)
Caden's dragon tattoo
The elevator (rare!)

When I get them created, I'll post so you can see the goods! Find me at the RWA to trade for these awesome playing cards!

How cool is this idea?

Thanks for reading,


naelany said...

that's a unique idea

Sharon Buchbinder said...

I LOVE IT!! I want in! Isabel, Sean, Sarah, Dan--the dead Nanny (rare!) are waiting to be put on their own cards. PUHLEEEEEEEEASE!!!

Laura Kaye said...

Go check out the links, Sharon--the second one has the info for a woman who'll do it for you, if you don't wanna do it yourself. So fun! said...

Sounds like a fantastic idea.
I like the design