Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentines First Kiss

What could be sweeter than a first kiss?

The fluttery anticipation that fills your stomach.  The tingles that run down your spine.  The dizziness of pure joyous sensation that grips you as your lips meet.  The sexy tentativeness.  The thrilling newness.  The promise of more.

So, since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd treat you all to Lucien and Samantha's first kiss in Forever Freed.  To set the scene, Ollie is Samantha's 5-year-old daughter, and neither Sam nor Ollie know Lucien's a vampire, or an empath. dundundunnnn!

Read on, and enjoy!


“Ollie told me you play the violin. I hope she didn’t bother you by coming over today, by the way.” Samantha moved a full step closer to me as we spoke.

“No, she didn’t bother me at all. We had fun. I gave her a quick violin lesson, and then she twisted my arm and got me to play for her.”

She smiled and more affectionate warmth flooded me. “She told me all the songs you played. I would love to hear you play some time.”

“I would love to play for you. Any time.”

She stepped forward again and stood just at my knees.

I watched her movements with wonder and need. The atmosphere between us thickened and sparked. Samantha looked up at me shyly, but with clear purpose.


“Hmm?” I gripped the edge of the table lest I reach out and pull her flush against my body.

She leaned in further and placed her fingertips on my knees. Electrical impulses ripped up my thighs and settled into the thick organ between my legs.

“Kiss me?”

My breath caught in my throat. My original plan for her made it blasphemous for me to consider accepting her affection. But I wanted it desperately. Wanted her.

We leaned towards one another. I strained to be vigilant in my control. I met her lips tenderly, not wanting to take more risk than I already was. But then she took another step forward and fit herself tight between my legs. She moved her hands to my shoulders. Her heart hammered between our chests.

I needed to be careful, but I had to hold her. I released the table’s edge and wound my hands around her, tangling one in the soft, fine hair behind her head and snaking the other around her narrow waist. Her life thrummed in my arms. I had gone so long without affectionate touch that this felt beyond miraculous. It was simply irresistible.

I was so hungry for her, but not for her blood. I deepened the kiss and stroked my tongue with need and want against hers. Exploring her mouth with abandon, I groaned at the sweetness of her taste and thrilled at being inside of her.

Oh, dolcezza. The taste of her joy, her vivacious personality, the way she loved Ollie, her acceptance of me—everything about her bespoke her sweetness. Her heat seared me. I pulled her in tighter and relished the throb of her pulse against my skin.

She moaned. Her hands found my hair, stroking, pulling, fisting. Had my eyes been open they would have rolled back into my head. Hot feelings of ecstasy roared out of her and into me, and I groaned as I struggled to keep my fangs from stretching out. I pursued her touch, her kiss, again and again. She returned what I gave her with equal fervor.

       Minutes passed before she finally pulled away. I released her reluctantly and smiled when she bit her lower lip and grinned up at me. I tasted her happiness and her exhilaration, but some of what I was feeling was my own. And that was a miracle.

Mmm, mama!  Hope you liked!  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get a release date this week!

Of all your first kisses, which was your favorite and why? 

Thanks for reading, and Happy Valentine's Day!


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Totally hot...can't wait to

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Wow, love it. So hot. I can't wait to read more.

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oh yum, very nice!

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Oh. Oh. Oh. Yummy!

And that picture....soooo sweet.

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