Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet an Author Monday! And on New Beginnings!

It's Monday, so I'm hopping, thanks to the lovely Lisa Sanchez, who hosts this blog hop each and every Monday.  Drop in on her and all these other great authors (links below) and don't be shy about saying hello or clicking on that little Follow button. We love visitors!

I'm excited today to be starting a new story.  After finishing the monster novel, which I'm letting marinade for a few weeks before tackling The Big Revision, it's so refreshing to be talking to new characters, immersed in a new world.  The words are coming quick and easy again, and it's just so nice!  The new story is a light paranormal romance with a Christmas theme and, though I'm only three chapters in, I'm already in love with it!  Which is good, because if I want to submit it for holiday 2011 publication, it needs to be done and revised before March 1.  Yikes! :)

Author friends, what's it like for you when you switch from one story to the next?  Easy?  Rough transition?  A great relief? :)

Thanks for reading,


Sharon Buchbinder said...

Hi Laura--Richard Russo once said in an interview that by the time he was done writing a novel and revising it a billion times that he was "glad to see those characters in his rearview mirror." LOL! I always liked that quote. It is exciting to begin something new--and good that you're letting the BIG book marinade for a while. Stew tastes better a day later. ;) Sharon

Jennifer Lane said...

Oo, "THE BIG REVISION" sounds daunting! Good luck with your new story. Jen xx

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks Sharon and Jen!