Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet an Author Monday! And on the Community of Writers

The Meet an Author Monday blog hop (courtesy Lisa Sanchez!) is just another example--there are so many wonderful communities of writers in the romance genre. Time and again, I'm so impressed with the writer friends I meet. The way they encourage and support one another, plug one another's work, turn out to comment and tweet and Facebook.

Lately, I've found some new communities that have come to mean so much to me:

Six Sentence Sunday--The brainchild of Sara Brookes - a fun way to get together, share a bit of our work, generate interest, and have fun on a Sunday morning

RWA PRO 50K Challenge--My second year participating in this group that offers so much encouragement and motivation, they push you to write at least 50,000 words before the annual RWA conference each summer.  Last year I hit almost 60K.

Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival--I sure hope they do this again! Former Golden Heart winners sponsored 6 weeks of goal-oriented writing-related inspiration, and gave away prizes and swag to boot!

Writing GIAM--"Where Writers with Goals Make Friends"--GIAM stands for Goals, Inspiration, Amity, Motivation--and boy do these authors turn out to celebrate every achievement you make. So glad to have found this group.

MRW Critters--My monthly critique group, 12 fellow members of the Maryland Romance Writers. My work is already the better for hanging out with these fine ladies.

What groups are infusing you with motivation, helping celebrate your major milestones, and just all around building up the sense of community among us writers?

Thanks for reading, and join the hop whydoncha?


Sharon Buchbinder said...

Hi Laura--I came to romance after some time in the trenches with horror and mystery writing. It was a breath of fresh air to meet people who didn't belittle me or my writing aspirations. I think romance is one of the few genres that helps develop new writers--instead of eating their young!

And yes, MRW Critters ROCK!


Jennifer Lane said...

Laura, thanks for the info on these inspiring groups. I too have been impressed by romance writers. I get some encouragement from my fellow authors at Omnific Publishing, as well as my two book clubs.