Saturday, January 1, 2011

Writing Goals for 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends! This day is starting busy for me--with a house full of my husband's family, today is also the first day of Savvy Author's 30-day Editpalooza, and I'm putting my WIP, The Fantasy Life of a Middle-Aged Wife through the editing ringer with the help of an editor mentor and a crit buddy. The hope is it'll emerge at the end of the month ready to submit.  So, before I get lost in the busy-ness of it all, I wanted to put my 2011 goals down in black and white:

1) Achieve RWA PAN status (PAN status is reserved for published authors who have made at least $1,000 on one published work)

2) Edit and then sell Fantasy Life of a Middle-Aged Wife (thus, Editpalooza)

3) Land an agent

4) Write at least 3 short stories/novellas (one, Snow's Man, is already started and needs to be completed/submitted to The Wild Rose Press by March 1 for consideration for holiday 2011 release)

5) Draft new novel by RWA Nationals (June 28) that I can pitch there--still figuring which story to start on next

6) Attend RWA Nationals

7) Attend Iowa Summer Writing Festival workshop

8) Serve my new VP role in the Maryland Romance Writers

9) Blog at least once a week

10) Be there for my crit partner and crit group members

That list is as exciting as it is daunting! Better get back to work, then...

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year, all!


naelany said...

Good luck with your goals! Especially the PAN one!

Robin Covington said...

Laura: Great goals! I'm cheering you on in 2011!

Nina said...

Good luck Laura! Awesome goals.

Kimberle said...

Great goals, Laura. Anxious to help in any way I can. ;-)