Saturday, January 8, 2011

94 and Counting

I can't tell you how many times this week I've said, "Just two more chapters, I think." LOL Coming down the home stretch with the WIP (currently at 94freaking000 words--yep, this is the one I'd estimated at 85K) and cheese and crackers it's as slow and painful as giving birth.

That's the why-for on my end.  What's up with you?

Thanks for reading, and now I'm back to it,


Kittie Howard said...

Good luck with your WIP (but it sounds like you've rounded the bend and are near the barn.)

Hub's sick, not that guy thing sick but really sick, flu, I think. Lots of down time so I'm living in my head, pondering what to do with my stories.

Jennifer Lane said...

Ah, 94K is not too long at all (though it does feel like a 30 hour delivery!) My first novel was 175K hee hee. Luckily my editor whittled it down to 145K. I'm kinda wordy. good luck with your writing!