Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why I've Been Incognito

Besides being buried under final exam and paper grading, here's the other reason why you could hear the crickets chirp around my blog the past few weeks. Yesterday, Santa came a little early to our house--the girls received completely redecorated and relocated bedrooms after several weeks of decor purchases and forty-eight hours of crazy remodeling a la Trading Spaces. And it was all worth it--because they were beyond thrilled. Here were the end results:

4-year-old Julia's room:

6-year-old Cara's room:

These rooms will never be this clean and organized again!!!! LOL

So, phew! Now that's behind me, and grading will be within the next two days, so hopefully I can start paying some attention to the writing life, again.

Thanks for reading,


Lisa said...

Nice work, Laura! The girl's rooms look awesome!!

Patti Struble said...

Those are some awesome, girly worthy rooms. Bet they'll remember this holiday for years to come.

naelany said...

Wow! Trading Spaces or any of those other programs don't hold a candle to the job you've done there! Lucky, lucky girls!

Merry Christmas!

Laura Kaye said...

:) Thanks everybody! They're still getting used to these being their rooms. It's so much fun!