Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes

  • I wish you a delicious meal
  • I wish you good times with family
  • I wish your team wins. Big.
  • I wish your pumpkin pie comes with whipped cream
  • I wish you lose weight in direct proportion to how much you eat
  • I wish you reconnect with an old friend
  • I wish your weather is crisp and sunshine and colorful leaves
  • I wish all the kids in your family play so hard together they sleep all the way home
  • I wish that the wine is good and plentiful
  • I wish you a happy thanksgiving.
Thanks for reading,


naelany said...

Happy Thanksgiving, bb. Thanks for everything you do :-)

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks nae! Part of what I'm thankful for this year is that, through the Twilight fandom, I've met so many cool women like you! :)

naelany said...

Right back at you :-) It's one of my favorite things about being in the fandom :-)