Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lucien!

You know you're a writer when...the day dawns and you think, "Oh, it's [Character Name Here]'s birthday!"

In that vein, today I'm wishing my first fictional hero, Lucien Demarco, a happy, happy birthday.  Lucien is the hero of Forever Freed, my paranormal romance to be released in 2011 from The Wild Rose Press.  He was born on a farm outside of Modena, Italy, on November 2, 1868, then turned into a vampire on May 13, 1895, in New York City.  That would mean, today, this 27-year-old-looking vampire would be turning 142 years old.  :)

I chose November 2nd as Lucien's birthday because, in Catholic tradition, today is the Day of the Dead, a day when people remember ancestors and deceased relatives.  In a scene from the novel that has long since been left on the cutting room floor, his birth date offered a subtle foreshadowing that something bad was going to happen to him when, during his 1894 birthday celebration in a New York tenement, an old Italian woman came to their door to chide the partygoers for the noise, then was scared for Lucien when she learned he'd been born on this day.  She considered it a bad omen and crossed herself before beating a hasty retreat from his presence.  It's always interesting when you put so much thought into choosing a date, justifying it, and building a small scene around it, and then it never appears in the finished work!

So, happy birthday, Lucien.  Know I think of you often.  You'll always be my first ;)!

Thanks for reading,


naelany said...

Haha, yes, I do that, too. It's Jasper's (from Marked) birthday on the 4th, so 2 days after your Lucien's).

Happy Birthday, Lucien! ;-)

Shellie said...

Happy B'day to Lucien! You put a lot of thought into that day. It's fitting too, since he's a vampire. The name reminds me of Lucifer. Hope Lucien is nothing like the devil.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

whoa! I came for the gorgeous dude. Happy Birthday Lucien.

Laura Kaye said...

LOL, Terry. Always come for the gorgeous dudes! ;)

Thanks for sharing in Lucien's birthday celebration everybody! And, Shellie, nothing like the devil at all :)