Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet an Author Monday! And Eating Crow...

It's Monday so, that's right, I'm hopping. And so should you! Drop in on some of the new-to-you authors below and say hello, follow along, and join in the fun!

So, I'm eating crow today. And boy is it a bitter pill to swallow. (Can I mix those metaphors??) A week ago, my editor on Forever Freed emailed to say, on her latest pass through the manuscript to prepare the galleys, she thought the book needed some tightening here and there. And there. And there. And there.

You get the picture.

To be honest, I alternated between crushed, outraged, indignant, frustrated, and overwhelmed for a good forty-eight hours before I got over myself. While I wish she had identified these issues earlier, I've spent the day editing and am about half way through the manuscript.  And, she was right.

A-a-a-ahem. That is to say, she was right.

So, thanks to my editor for not taking the easy road and just pushing on to production despite a gut feeling about some weaknesses in the manuscript. It's going to be all the better for it. It's nice to know someone's got your back and knows what you need even when you don't.

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Kittie Howard said...

Happy your editor caught those minor problems. You're a lucky gal. And thanks for hosting the blog hop. Should be fun!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

That's a very cool story. It can sometimes be so hard to make those changes, but good for you for not giving up. Yay for great editors, too, who push us beyond ourselves.