Sunday, September 19, 2010

My First Foursome!

Is it my imagination, or did a stampede of people come running to my blog at that title???  ;-)

Well I did have my first foursome, in a way (you pervs, like I was going to blog about my personal sexploits!  For shame!).  This week, I completed a 15,000-word short erotic romance entitled Just Gotta Say.  The story features long-time best friends and roommates Callie Davis, Noah Ryder, Jack Fenton, and Lucas Branson.  I am totally in love with these four and feel really good that the heart level is as high as the heat level in this little story.  This was my first sex scene featuring multiples, and I have to say the most interesting part of it from a craft point of view was simply managing the choreography of four people being together.  There are just a lot of tab As and Slot Bs lol!

Now, the big question is:  where to submit these bad boys, and girl?  I solicited opinions on the best erotic romance epublishers on some of the listservs I belong to.  And I seem with the help of a lot of generous writing friends to have narrowed it down to three possibilites:  1) Harlequin Spice Briefs, 2) Samhain, 3) Ellora's Cave.

Harlequin appeals to me because I'd very much like to become a Harlequin author.  I've got a Nocturne Bite (a paranormal short) under consideration right now, so I am actively pursuing that as a goal.  I don't know much about their sales history with erotic romance though, particularly with the Briefs, which is a new-ish endeavor (began 2005 or 2006, I think).  Samhain appeals to me because, according to some data an erotic romance blog has compiled, Samhain erotic romance authors have the most sales and make the most money over the course of 1-2 years compared to about 8 other publishers.  Finally, fans and authors of Ellora's Cave are diehard loyal, and Ellora's Cave has a great reputation as an erotic romance publisher, plus ranks right behind Samhain in sales/income.
In the end, I think they're all great choices, but that isn't keeping me from stressing over which is the best one to make.  Anyone have personal experience, thoughts, recommendations they'd like to make?

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PurdueLiz said...

Being as yet, unpublished, I have no opions, but I can't wait to read the story!! Multiples are quite difficult, eh? I can't imagine 4, I've only ever tried 3. ;)

Laura Kaye said...

Yes, it was a challenge, but so much fun! Glad you stopped by!

Lisa said...

Oooooh spicy! I've heard good things about Samhain and Ellora's Cave. Can't wait to read this shmexy nugget of goodness :D

Laura Kaye said...

Mmm...shmexy nugget of goodness with a side of hot tamale naughtiness and oohlala de la creme! Okay, I have no idea what that means hehe!

Taryn Kincaid said...

Not sure...does Harlequin do multiples? In any event...I'd send 'em out to all and see which bites. Don't forgot CarinaPress. (It's the digital first imprint of Harlequin and might be a toe in the door. It launched in June which is why it's not on your chart.) You can't multiple submit to Carina & Spice Briefs, but if one passes, you can then try the other.

edwardsisobel said...

Sounds interesting Laura. I've written a threesome and that was hard (lol) enough to know where to put what where. Can't wait to read it, make sure you let us know when it gets published.

My validation word was so fitting for this blog post - it was comer - no kidding!

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for reminding me of Carina, Taryn. I really like Angela James, Carina's editor. Spice Briefs says "Authors should feel comfortable exploring any and all sexual scenarios, even ones considered 'taboo,'" so I'm assuming they're okay with m/m/m/f.

Thanks for making me laugh, edwardsisobel--too true! And will do, just keep your fingers crossed for me!

kellicollins17 said...

Ménage à quatres are slooowly becoming more popular. My best unsolicited advice: Watch your pronouns. (He? Which he? Him or him...or him? Gah!) From a reader's perspective, it's so hard to tell which hero you're talking about when there are two or three. I think they get lost in all the limbs. :)

(Ellora's Cave "ranks right behind Ellora's Cave in sales/income"? Nice to know we're keeping up with ourselves. Lol! Hey look, you haven't even subbed and we're editing for you already!)


Kelli Collins
Ellora's Cave

Laura Kaye said...

Gulp. Hi Kelli--what an incredible honor to have you here! And, of course, I would make a typo on the post you've come to read lol! Thanks for your caution on the pronouns--that is one of the things I'm working on in my edit right now. It's challenging but also a lot of fun--it really forces you to be creative and precise at the same time.

So, which publisher would you recommend? ;)

Thanks for dropping in!
[who is now heading stage left to squee and jump and "oh my God" like a teenage fangrrl!]

kellicollins17 said...

Oh, you never know where I'll pop up.

Okay, okay...EC is on my Google Alerts list. I tried putting "Kelli Collins" on the list, but as it turns out, no one's talking about me. Ah, the Interwebz; so humbling. :)

I'm honored you'd squee for me. Lol! Maybe you'd be more subdued if you knew I was commenting in my rattiest sweats, my snoring dog stretched out next to me.

And yes, you have to be attentive and astute to pull off both choreography and the pronoun issue in a foursome. Creativity is indeed the key; most authors end up using the heroes' names repeatedly to be clear, which should also be avoided.

You erotica authors really love to challenge yourselves. Lol!

Good luck, Laura, no matter where you submit. I'm more interested in authors than pub wars, so I'll just say do your research on each publisher, of course; talk to authors while remembering every person's experience is unique; don't discount your gut.


Kelli Collins

Francine said...


Depending how purved you want your erotica I recommend Samhain for the really hot hot hot too hot to handle stuff, next to Carina Press.

HM&B Blaze are great but there are restrictions on content that do sometimes restrain the characters both mentally and physically and don't allow them to get too heavy with handcuffs and the like.

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Francine. Very helpful!

Laura Kaye said...

Your post made me laugh, Kelli! Just know that, when those Ellora's Cave references pop up, people are talking about you (and your great staff)--they just don't know it! ;)

And, I have a great appreciation for ratty sweats and snoring dogs, as that pretty much describes my nightly writing environment as well...

Thanks again for stopping by!